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St. Lucia

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The Rex St. Lucian Hotel, St. Lucia

Recently the wife and I went to the beautiful island of St. Lucia. The Rex St. Lucian hotel was accomodating to us as women were allowed to go topless in the day time while the rest of the island held a typical european attitude towards nudity.

We saw couples showering in the nude on the beach showers outside. Many men wore nothing or next to no covering while on the beach sunbathing. I myself delved in my nocturnal meandering on the beaches at night totally nude in full sight of the local guards who merely greeted me warmly and walked on.

We saw swedish couples making love on their veranda in full sight of the outside in loud and noticeable voice and after completing their tete-a-tete went for a nude swim, so policies seem quite liberal. The reason I included the comment about the Swedish couples is to show just how liberal the hotel staff was to the presense of nude people. We do not, however, know the official policy towards nudist activities on the island. But from what we saw, it was an open policy. We did notice the people curbing their activity around anyone with children, which is only prudent.

Anyone, looking to go to st. Lucia, would be advisable to call and ask what is actually available as to Nude beaches. We loved St. Lucia. Email gladly accepted.

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