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There are THREE reasons why you may not be able to get into the chatroom or message boards.

Note: if you just set up a NEW name and can't log in, close all your browser windows, and then try logging in again. This usually fixes any problems with the creation of a new name.

1. You have been locked out.

2. You do not have your cookies enabled correctly. See the cookie explanations below. You MUST have 'per session' cookies enabled to use the message board.

3. Your IP number is on the lockout list (message board and HTML chatroom only). We have been forced to create a more sophisticated way of locking out people. Because of this new system, NEW people who have the SAME IP number as the people who have been locked out, may be locked out from creating a new alias. If you are not on the lockout list and have your cookies enabled... fill out a problem report HERE. We will create an alias for you. This does NOT affect the current message board names/aliases, only the new ones.

Due to the increasing complaints, the chatrooms are now being monitored. If you sex chat, or solicit sex chat, or talk about young children in a non-naturist context, you will be locked out of the room without notice.

If you feel you have been locked out in error, email NetNude HERE.

If you would like let me know about abusive members, email NetNude HERE. Include the exact names, the date and the time of the problem. You will remain anonymous.

Cookie Information

Here are three cookie sites where you can learn everything you ever wanted to know (or didn't want to know) about cookies.

NetNude and Cookies

At NetNude we've avoided using cookies whenever possible, however to keep everyone's enjoyment of the site at it's highest level there are some places where they are needed.

First I'd like you to note that there are two basic types of cookies.
1. The ones that are utilized by "spyware" programs which are saved on your computer.
2. Unstored or "per-session" cookies.

Saved cookies have a legitimate use. They are most often used to store your user preferences so that when you return to a website the software on that site can identify you and create pages based on your preferences.

Per-session cookies are must less complex, and simple to understand. When you first access a page on NetNude or any other site a number is assigned to you and passed to your browser, after that point each time your browser requests a page from the host computer that number (cookie) is also sent with the request.

The iChat chatroom software requires store cookies, this is not something we can change or have any say in. If you wish to use the iChat chatrooms you will have to enable stored cookies on your browser.

The message board and HTML chatrooms use a single "per-session" cookie (not stored on your computer). You'll need to have per-session cookies (called unstored in Netscape) enabled to use those two systems. Again this is simply a requirement that cannot be changed, a login system cannot operate without being able to identify who you are each time a page is requested.

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