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AANR versus TNS

(The following writeup was posted in the 'Events & Organizations' section of the NetNude message board on September 1, 2003.)

At last week's Eastern Gathering - I was asked about the AANR vs. TNS article I had written (and occasionally update).

Here it is:

mrs. oldtimers and I belong to both.

I could not rate one against the other, with the exception that politically, at least at this time, TNS seems to be a little more "on the ball" with current situations than AANR is.

I have done this before and will probably do it again -

AANR Advantages

- INF membership is included in your membership fee. At certain overseas resorts (particularly in Europe) INF membership is required for admission for single males. INF is the 'association of nudist associations' world-wide. Every country in the world that has a naturist/nudist presence has one INF affiliated group, except for Canada which has three (different story, however). The INF is the International Naturist Federation.

*DON'T* confuse the INF with the group called the INA (International Naturist ASSOCIATION), which offers extended access to its internet-based nudist paysite when you join.

- Almost every landed club in the United States is affiliated with AANR.

Many, but not all of these are affiliated with TNS. Those that have AANR affiliation will give discounts to AANR members. Those that have TNS affiliation will give discounts to TNS members. The advantage of AANR is that it is honored at a few (not very many more, but a few) more places than the TNS card.

In those very, very few clubs that are AANR-but-not-TNS affiliated, it could have a bearing at those few clubs if they have a singles restriction.

I emphasize "very few" because there aren't very many that fall in this one-but-not-the-other category.

- AANR has an 800 line. It probably offers more membership services than TNS. It's bigger than TNS. It has a larger full-time staff than TNS. Certain travel discounts are offered to AANR members. For a single, the cost isn't that much different (TNS is $50 per year, AANR is around $51 for a single).

- AANR is a democracy. It carries all of the advantages and disadvantages of a democracy. Each club (and members that do not belong to clubs) elect delegates to serve at regional and national conventions where policies and procedures are argued, debated, politicked, and hammered out. As in a parliamentary democracy, the officers are elected by the delegates. So if you have a dream of being a nudist leader, AANR offers you the chance to be the boss.

- AANR’s monthly publication is The Bulletin and is sent to all members. It is a newspaper and prints upcoming events, conventions, and club activities. I used to call it "kindling for the woodstove", but at a recent gathering, a gentleman told me he preferred it to ‘N’. "Why?", I asked, and he replied that he traveled throughout the summer, and visited many parks, and the AANR Bulletin often reported upcoming club activities. This would assist him in preparing his traveling itinerary, and also prepare him for activities at the clubs he was going to visit. So I now relate that this publication is useful, but different from a magazine format.. It is, as I learned, extremely useful to some.

AANR has made at least two attempts at publishing The Bulletin as a magazine. At first all they did was put the newspaper content into a magazine format, which really doesn't work. But on the other hand, a subsequent attempt was better, and they're going to try it again.

- Regardless of a club's admission policy, AANR members are entitled to attend regional and national conventions.


TNS Advantages

- The magazines, publications, and video tapes that TNS puts out are IMHO better than those put out by AANR.

- TNS' real gem is the quarterly magazine 'N'. Sure, it comes out to a lot per issue but it's worth it. It's coffee table material, but does not report on too many upcoming events. It still is, however, a fine publication.

- TNS organizes several naturist gatherings throughout the year. I have found the TNS gatherings to be a lot more fun than the AANR conventions.

- If you are part of a couple, TNS is cheaper. $45 per year per household, versus an $80 or so to join AANR as a couple. Lifetime membership (UPDATE - details deleted, TNS no longer offers lifetime memberships).

- TNS also promotes SIGs (special interest groups) which people can join for no fee or a moderate fee. These groups engage in everything from theatre to massage.

- TNS is a benevolent dictatorship. It has the advantages and disadvantages of a benevolent dictatorship. So, it has the advantage of being able to get things done for itself and its members without a lot of political infighting or hassles, and they don't have to go before a board to make a policy change or to implement a program. On the other hand, you can't eject the officers and leaders if you're not happy with the way things are going.

You CAN run for office in TNS’ political arm, the Naturist Action Committee (NAC).


OK, getting down to the real nitty-gritty.

AANR makes no statement on singles. This is because AANR is, in essence, an association of nudist landed clubs, non-landed clubs, and businesses catering to nudists. You can join AANR as a single. You can join AANR as a couple. Carrying an AANR card as a single is NOT a guarantee that an AANR club will admit you. Each AANR club is free to make its own decisions and policies as far as admissions are concerned.

When people ask "Why doesn't AANR **DO** something about singles?", many have tried to make it happen, and it is, but slowly. But AANR rules and policies and procedures are determined by the General Assembly (delegates) to the national convention.



The new AANR president (elected July 2002) is VERY much in support of singles and I think you will see her attempting to put through some changes that will be favorable to singles. However, AANR is very much a political organization and political battles take time to fight and win. And sometimes, compromises, etc. have to be made along the way. Above all, anyone's proposals must have a degree of realism attached to them.


As I said, AANR is an association of clubs. Club 'A' has no interest in making club 'B' accept all applicants. Even if any given club has what is called an 'open gate policy' - they will likely not want it mandated, lest they find it necessary to change their own gate policy someday. Most AANR clubs feel that every club should control their own gate and admissions policies. So they make no statement at all on it, leaving clubs to do their own thing. Why don't they get tough (answer below)?

TNS makes a statement on singles, but it is kind of an ODD statement on singles. The policy is that every club is supposed to admit everyone of good character regardless of gender, gender preference, race, religion, marital status, blah, blah, blah (everyone's welcome)

BUT......they then say that clubs may impose a single male quota if they deem it necessary. Why don't they get tough?


Well, both groups are realists, too. If enforceable abolition of singles restrictions were forced on the clubs by either organization, the clubs would probably withdraw. Many clubs have survived quite well without belonging to either group, and the leaders of both groups know that.

Which one to join? Depends. Ask thyself : - are there any clubs near you that you would visit that give discounts to one but not the other?

- will you be traveling to Europe in the next year?

- do you enjoy reading nudist literature and articles, and nudist videos?

- do the Naturist Gatherings interest you (see TNS' home page)???

- are you into special interests - photography, other single people, hiking, amateur radio, Christian naturism, etc. etc.


So in my humble opinion, both groups address the needs and wishes of singles as best as they can.


So which one to join?

Depends, I guess, on which one better suits your needs. You *CAN* join both. And if you can afford to do so, please do so.

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