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This report is brought to you by oldtimers and is from the Message Board, November 1999. He and his wife have been practising social nudism for 21 years.

We've seen many postings here, from folks looking for naturist activities in their areas.

In most places in North America, you will find naturist (or nudist) activities. Most major metropolitan areas have some degree of nudist (or naturist, if you will) activity available.

First, check out the following - they are the four major North American nudist/naturist organizations. They are not clubs, but they can put you in touch with clubs in your area. Some clubs and contacts are listed on line; most nudist/naturist groups now have home pages and Email boxes for your convenience and will have links on these pages. All four groups offer a wide variety of publications, guide books, and videos which can be purchased online or through telephone orders.


American Association for Nude Recreation site (AANR). Most (but not all) resorts in the United States are affiliated with this organization, as are a few in western Canada. In addition to resorts, there are also many social clubs which do not own facilities but rent them, or gather for social events, or travel as a group to other clubs and resorts. These clubs used to be referred to as "travel" clubs, but the term "non-landed" is used to describe them today. AANR members receive the monthly newspaper, "The Bulletin", and also discounts on admissions fees to affiliated clubs. AANR members also automatically hold membership in the International Naturist Federation (INF) , which is the world-wide organization of national organizations. AANR has several regional divisions which hold conventions in the early summer and AANR conducts its own annual convention in August.


The Naturist Society web site (TNS). This is a Wisconsin based organization which promotes and supports nude recreation in general - on public lands and on private property as well. It has an affiliated Naturist Action Committee and Naturist Education Foundation (read about them on their page). TNS also conducts several major gatherings throughout the year in different regions of the United States. Members receive discounts at many clubs and also receive "N", which is a quarterly full-colour magazine of very high quality.


Federation of Canadian Naturists (FCN) is one of the two Canadian based major nudist organizations. Members receive "Going Naturally", the quarterly magazine, and a membership card that will provide discounts on fees at many North American clubs. FCN members also automatically hold INF membership.


(The English name is) Federation of Quebec Naturists (FQN) - the other Canadian based major nudist organization - caters to those individuals and clubs in the province of Quebec. FQN members also automatically hold INF membership.


Hints, courtesies, a few do's and don'ts, and the way things are

If you contact the above groups, or visit their home pages, you will eventually obtain the name of a resort or club in your area. When you write to a club or group, provide return postage. Don't be upset if you do not get an immediate response. While any courteous inquiry *should* result in an equally courteous response, many clubs, particularly the social clubs, are run by their members on a volunteer basis. A reply might be dependent on someone's free time. Snail mail can get lost in the house, and E-mail and voice messages can be accidentally deleted. If you don't hear from a club in a few weeks, try contacting them again. If you contact a club or resort by telephone, do so during reasonable hours, as you are probably calling someone at his or her home.

Some groups, particularly the ones that are not resorts but are primarily social clubs, may be closed to new members, and others may be closed to or have quotas on singles joining as members or attending their events. Others may admit singles, but at the same time mandate that married persons join and attend as a couple. If you are inquiring on behalf of a couple that you are part of, say so in the inquiry.

Always call any club that you intend to visit before going. This will give both you and the club an idea as to what to expect when you get there. They will also be in a better position to show you around. It is not a good idea to just show up at the resort's gate or club's event, as some have been known to turn away unexpected visitors.

Finally, keep in mind that carrying a card from any of the four organizations above doesn't guarantee you admission to every nudist park or group. You might think that's the way it SHOULD be, but it isn't. Each club is free to set their own admissions policies and rules.

Naturists, or nudists -- forgive me, but we use the terms interchangeably -- are generally the same as folks you would meet anywhere else, with the exception that most are a bit friendlier and have a higher degree of openness than you would find in the population at large. If you attend a nudist event, be yourself. Don't be a hermit or wallflower, but then again, don't force yourself on other people. We always say that "after five minutes, you'll wonder why you haven't been doing this all of your adult life". For many, that's true.

But like any social situation - moving into a new neighborhood, taking a new job, attending your first office holiday party -- you may be a little unsettled and it might take a short time to understand the social situation in a nudist/naturist venue and adapt to it. THIS IS NORMAL. Relax, enjoy, and maybe we'll see you at the club, gathering, beach, or house party at some time in the future!

(mr and mrs) oldtimers

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