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There are a few considerations of etiquette which are accepted among most nudists. They are listed here for reference and for the benefit of newcomers.

It is a good idea to secure an invitation before dropping in on a nudist club. This usually means writing or telephoning ahead of time. Strangers who show up unexpectedly may be turned away.

Honesty is the best policy. If you are sincere, most clubs will be happy to have you visit. Deceptive stories about why you want to become a nudist are not necessary. Give accurate information in your initial letter to a club and on your membership application.

A a lot of clubs, married people must join with their spouse. Some clubs have a no singles policy while others are more liberal towards single members. It is always better to ask in advance rather than to run the risk of being turned away at the gate. In most instances, single couples (male and female) are just as welcome as married couples.

For business or personal reasons some nudists may wish to remain anonymous and will introduce themselves using first names only. You should respect their privacy and they will do the same for you. It is you that nudists care about. Your personality will determine the number of friends you make at a nudist park, just as at any other social function.

Nudist parks seek to maintain a family atmosphere. Innocent expressions of affection among family members and friends are commonplace, but overt sexuality is not condoned. Unseemly behavior of any kind is out of place and will not be tolerated.

Photography is usually taboo. All clubs have strict rules governing photography. Most nudists are camera-shy and it is inexcusable to take a photo of anyone without permission. Don't take your camera to a club without checking all of the rules governing photography.

Observe all of the clubs posted rules. They are for your protection as well as for the safety and enjoyment of all concerned. Some of the more common rules are simple: Watch your children, they are your responsibility at all times. Sit on a towel for sanitary reasons. Shower carefully before using the swimming pools and hot tubs. Respect the rights of others. Respect the club property and keep it clean. Leave your pets at home.

Be as friendly and as open as possible and others will do the same.

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