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If you would like a text file on 'Free Beach Etiquette' to print it out and take with you to your beach. Download it here.

Many people will insist that rules for proper behavior are not necessary since any decent or intelligent person should know how to act. On the other hand, naturist organizations constantly contact unfamiliarized individuals. We want to leave no doubt as to what kind of people are advocates of clothes-optional recreation! Yes, naturists are nice people and we aim to keep it that way!

+ STAY OUT OF DUNES and other environmentally sensitive areas.

+ OBEY PARKING REGULATIONS and other posted rules.

+ HELP ELIMINATE LITTER by bringing along a trash bag. Carry out more than you brought in.

+ DON'T GO OUT OF TRADITIONAL ESTABLISHED NUDE AREAS. To wander nude into a clothed beach or parking area will offend many people who have equally viable options for beach recreation. It undermines our objectives to cause an unnecessary confrontation.

+ NO OVERT SEXUAL ACTIVITY. Leave this activity for the privacy of your home. Nude is not lewd, but combined with sex, undermines our image.

+ RESPECT THE PROPERTY OF OTHERS. And this includes Mother Nature's property, too!

+ ASK PRIOR CONSENT FOR PHOTOGRAPHY. You cannot legally stop someone from taking pictures in public places. However, asking permission is common courtesy. Not everyone wants to end up in a stranger's photo album. Parents should also be asked before children are photographed.

+ PRIVACY IS FUNDAMENTAL! Many are at the beach for quiet time and don't want to be disturbed. It is not wrong to go to the beach to make new friends -- but it is rude to monopolize a person's time when the welcome mat was never put out.

+ COME PREPARED. Bring beach supplies -- beverage, food, chair, sunscreen, and towel. Don't expect others to share these items. Mooching is offensive.

+ SPEAK UP FOR STANDARDS. If a person seems unaware of beach etiquette, explain it, kindly and plainly. Give them a copy of "FREE BEACH ETIQUETTE". Don't let uncouth individuals ruin our fragile and beautiful place under the sun.

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