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Dois Amigos Bed and Breakfast at Colina do Sol, Brazil, Report.

Summer 2001

Wow! What can we say! We just received our November AANR Bulletin. We read an advertisement that we had not seen before. We telephoned 55-51-9128-80976. We got Barbara instantly. She sounded like she was just around three corner. How surprised we were to hear that she was speaking to us from Colina do Sol on her cell phone. Colina do Sol, most affectionately called Colina is a thousand miles south of Sao Paulo and even more south of Rio.

It is a naturist village dedicated to nude recreation atop a beautiful (severe green) mountain top. A huge lake with crystal clear water and about 300 nudists last weekend greeted us. A new language greeted us too. Por-English, a combination of English and Portuguese. Everyone were friendly to us. Little kids, girls and boys, hugged us. Teens stopped to talk and practice their English with us. Older people invited us to parties, Bar-B-Qs, and just visits at their beautiful, rustic cabins that fit in perfectly with the surrounding forests and sun filled blue sky. High Humidity, no way the weather is a perfect 92 F at noon and a more perfect 70 F at midnight.

Great food at such low prices, we felt just plain guilty!

Staying at Dois Amigos B and B, what can we say! Big screen TV! HBO! NFL Football! Great company! See:

It is better than the pictures!

Tomorrow, shopping in Gromodo, a German tourist town.

Wednesday: Fritz and Barbara of Dois Amigos take us to the largest waterfalls in all the World!

Here, you just can't get enough!

Abraços! (Hugs!)

Jan and Bill

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