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o Colina do Sol is a truly naturist village, with more than 100 homes, commercial areas, camping, hotel and more than 80 year round living naturists (families). It is located in Rio Grande do Sul, southest state of Brazil. A place where you can come to live the rest of your life surrounded by a magnificent view and friendly people. The language is Portuguese, but there are a lot of English speakers and several residents imigrants from USA, England and Argentina too. Visit the site for additional information.


o Columbia - Tayrona National Park. (This report is from the trip report section on the message board.) In March 2014, my travels took me to Colombia South America. I went as part of a small group tour. The tour company is not a nudist one, and in fact searching their website I do not find a single mention of nudism. Anyway the tours provide the transportation and lodging arrangements and basic intro to an area or city when you arrive. Then there is quite a bit of time you can explore on your own, We got up to the very north coast of the country to the Tayrona National Park. I had done my homework and knew there was an official nude beach as part of the park, but did not know how to get there. My opportunity came when I was walking with our guide Daniel and we passed a sign outside an adventure tour place " Get NAKED in beautiful places" I 'innocently' asked him what that meant.

He said "there is a beach what do you call it nudisto? where you can go nude". I told him "that is where i want to go" without batting an eye he took me in and introduced me to the owner. We set a time he would take me to the proper boat to get to the beach.

The boat ride out there was very bouncy. Which I love, can't make me sea sick I thrive on it but I had no idea how far we were going. It was well over an hour to the park entrance where I paid my fee and set out to the right from the main beach area. Thru the brush on a path and out to a very nice long beach with crashing surf, but no one neither clothed or nude. I went on the 2nd beach area and again no one. At the end of the beach I stripped down and took in the sun and played in the surf as it crashed on the shore. But was hoping to enjoy hanging out with other nude folks. So I put my suit back on and walked back to the other end. As I got there I saw 7 heads and upper bodies in the water all laughing and joking in Spanish. One guy came up out of the water nude and his friends laughed like he was 'caught' by this clothed gringo. I sat my bag down and stripped off my suit and joined them.

From their body language I think that dip was their first as a group nude swim. I got one of them to take pic with my camera that, thanks to the clear Caribbean water, you can tell we are sans suits, but still discreet enough it is in the photo collage on my living room wall. If you are in Colombia be sure to get to the beach area. You can also get there by hiking about 1 1/2 hrs from the nearest car park. Thanks noodengr for the report!

oCosta Ricao

o On The Beach, the Beach Lover's Web Magazine. Costa Rica beaches and everything you always wanted to know about Costa Rica including reports, newspapers, real estate, retirement, etc. Visit the site for additional information.
o Quepos Hot Springs - Rainforest Lodge. We welcome all nudists from all over the world. We are located five miles deep in the jungles and are completely private. We have large waterfalls and the hot springs of which almost everyone sheds their clothes and enjoys the jungle while laying in the hot water springs. Visit the site for additional information.



o Nudism in Venezuela, South America, Report. June 2006. Nudism in Venezuela is tolerated in certain areas although it is not legal. I belong to a local group and we go skinnydipping every month. There is a great lodge we go to and is called Tortuga Lodge, located in Laguna de Tacarigua....for additional information please contact me. This report is brought to you by 'barehenry'. He goes by the same name on the message board.

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