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This information is brought to you by Peter Mayes. Please email the preceding address if you have any questions or comments.

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100% pure is the claim of the advertising and with the exception of the major towns and cities which have some pollution from traffic, so it is. With a population of 3.5 million (1.5 million in Greater Auckland alone) spread over the two main islands, both of which are some 600 miles from one end to the other it is easy to see how pollution free it all is. The sheep and cattle remain in the fields all year round living on the lush grass, electricity is generated from either hydro-electric or thermal sources, abundant water comes from the mountains.

Yes there is a large amount of rainfall but this tends to come in short heavy bursts, rather than continuous light rain. The North East of the North island is sub-tropical and dense rain forest is found in many areas, yet the Canterbury Plains can be very dry in summer.

The home of Bungy Jumping, Adventure Capital of the World is the attraction for the young and young at heart, Excellent Sailing, Fishing, Surfing, Scuba Diving in fact any activity that takes place on or in water is well catered for.

For Nudists/Naturists there are miles and miles of beaches where by walking a short distance from the main approach going au naturel is easy. Where textiles do appear then they accept the naturists and usually just ignore them. So long as there is no threatening behaviour, in other words textiles being approached by nudists, even to ask the time, there are no problems. In any case the nearest policeman will be so far away that even if a complaint were received nothing would happen. There are many recognised 'free beaches' clothing optional around the country, mainly near large conurbation's. The Free Beach Group is a part of the national organisation who organise 'meets' at various points during the summer.

There are a good number of Naturist or Sun Clubs, mainly near the main centres of population that have their own sites, usually including club house, pool, sauna,, spa pool, sports facilities etc and in some cases they have a limited amount of accommodation for hire.

2 New Zealand Dollars are roughly the same as 1$U.S. Backpackers accommodation which I have found to be excellent in most cases costs around $15 in bunk rooms, $18 to 25 in single double or twin. All have kitchen facilities and often cycles, sailboards, surf boards, snorkels etc to hire or loan.

Motel units cost from $70 to $120 per unit per night. These often sleep up to 6 persons. There is a good network of Bed and Breakfast and Farmstay. Petrol is around $1 per litre and diesel 70 cents. Car Hire. Cheapies from $25 per day, through the usual range of prices from Hertz, Avis etc. If you are staying for more than three months it is possible to have a purchase and buy back arrangement. This can bring the cost down to around $10 per day. In Auckland it is possible to buy a car privately or at a car fair for between $1000 and $2000. By law this must have a Warranty of Fitness of at least 6 months. At the end of your stay, put it in an auction and take whatever you get.

I spend the Northern Hemisphere winters in New Zealand mainly because I have family connections. While I am there I take special interest groups on a tour of the two islands for between 25 and 28 days. It is impossible to see all of NZ in this time but at least the best bits can be included. For Naturist groups, we stop, wherever possible, some time during the day for a swim at a beach or Naturist Club.

Come with me for a typical tour. A map would be handy if you can find one. Your journey from USA will be by whatever route you choose. There are direct flights from many major cities to Auckland, but why not stopover somewhere on the way. Bali, Fiji, Honolulu are but a few that spring to mind. Australia can be used as a stopover, with ground or air transport between cities before reaching Sydney for an onward flight. From Auckland where in most cases the arrival formalities take place (don't even think about having any food or fruit in your luggage, let alone drugs as sniffer dogs patrol the arrivals hall) then a free bus to the Domestic Terminal for onward travel to Christchurch.

Here I make arrangements to meet you before we set off in our comfortable mini-coach (12 seats but a maximum of 10 passengers) heading southwards. The itinerary for each trip is variable, depending on the group. It can be changed to suit any circumstances or wishes as accommodation is only found on arrival in the town chosen to overnight or at the most booked by mobile phone a couple of hours before arrival. The only proviso is that a change does not mean that at a later time we will have to travel excessive hours in one day.

Normally 6 hours travel is maximum. Taking a break for Coffee and Muffins and to purchase a filled roll, sandwich or pie for a picnic lunch later, a break at lunchtime then arriving at the destination around 4pm we travel at a leisurely pace. We have no timetable, like a large tourist coach and can stop anywhere along the road as we wish.

The first overnight is often Oamaru. An attractive town, the main street being mainly built of stone from local quarries. An evening visit to the local penguin colony is a rewarding one as we watch the penguins returning from their long day at sea with food for the chicks who are in protected nesting sites in the cliff. Dunedin is the next stop for a couple of days. Albatrosses, seals, penguins can all be seen as well as the beauty of the city that is so reminiscent of Edinburgh in Scotland.

Yes as you travel, several times a day you could think you were elsewhere in the world.

Te Anau is the next stop with a day visit to Milford Sound for a boat trip, accompanied by dolphins.

Onwards up the West Coast to Franz Joseph, where with luck you can take a helicopter trip up onto the glacier and over Mount Cook. Landing on the snow, even in mid-summer, have a snowball fight or just drink in the peace and quiet.

Before delivering you to your chosen overnight spot, I make sure that you have the opportunity to buy any food that you need if you are going to cater for yourself. Part used packets and jars are put into a cold box for you the following day to travel with us.

Twisting our way through gorges, we head towards Nelson where we spend a couple of days or so at one of my favourite spots, Mapua a clothes optional resort with swimming in the estuary, pool, sauna etc plus some good restaurants in the area. A side trip up to Golden Bay with a walk one way and boat trip back makes a good day.

Short stop in Nelson before making our way to Picton, via Queen Charlotte's Drive, a real high spot of the tour, where we take the ferry to Wellington. Here we stay for a day or so, depending on the group, before heading North or North East. North for the mountains of the National Park, where the active volcano Tongariro still gives forth steam or to Hastings and Napier for the Wine Trail.

Next stop is Rotorua for the stories of Maori life, the mud pools, hot pools, geysers and all that goes with a very active thermal area.Rototota is a large naturist club in this area. Very basic, no electricity and water straight from the mountains. A large lake for swimming, with thermal streams warming the edge, a hot tub filled with water from the hot spring at 60 degrees C, a natural pool and waterfall heated by hot springs, glow worms in the hedgerows. What could be better than sitting up to your chest in the warm water of a natural pool, sipping cool beer or wine, chatting to fellow naturists during a warm balmy evening.

Tauranga is the next spot with the beach at Mt. Maunganui a top destination for surfers and just a couple of miles along the beach one of the recognised naturist beach areas. Great for playing in the waves. Set in native bush is Sapphire Springs Motor Camp although not naturist there are three pools and often nobody else there mid-week. Yet with the Kati Kati Naturist park only a few minutes away, no problem. Further along the coast, going north we come to Hot Water Beach. Here you can borrow a spade and dig your own hot pool in the beach. Whilst this is of course very busy, just along the beach there is plenty of room to strip off. The Coromandel Peninsula with its native bush and beach, narrow road clinging to the cliff and trying to keep away from the grasp of the sea, Whitianga, Coromandel and Thames are the only towns on this two day drive.

At this point the main objective is to get to Auckland as quickly as possible, not for its lively city life but to join a large sailing catamaran for a 2/3 day cruise in the Hauraki Gulf. Keeping out of any rough water, standing at the helm as we find deserted beaches and bays where we can fall off the stern and swim around or to the beach. Snorkels, flippers, kayaks and fishing lines are all available. Having caught your fish it can then be put into the smoker for supper. Finding your land legs again, we set off up the West Coast. If the timing is right then an evening at open air swimming pools for naturists is on the cards. A Farmstay/hostel is the favoured option for that night with a large open beach not far away.

Giant Kauri trees feature the following day as we drive and use a ferry to reach the northern most point of our tour. Here the famous 90 mile beach begins. Special vehicles take groups along the beach to Cape Reinga, where the Pacific meets the Indian Ocean. Turning eastwards we come to the Bay of Islands, which whilst being rather touristy is well worth going to. A trip to swim with dolphins or just across to the small town of Russell which was at one time the capital as set up by Captain Cook. Waitangi where the treaty was signed selling the islands to the British, still a source of controversy, is also in this area.

Now it is time to make a dash back to Auckland, not without a side trip for one more beach where baring all is possible then at this point, having found your accommodation, I leave you to spend as many days as you wish, in and around the city before continuing your journey, maybe round the world or back home.

If you enjoy good food, wine and even in some places local beers, excellent and cheap eating out or takeaways, traffic free roads, great beaches, pure air and water, a relaxed life style, then why not join me some time soon. Make up a complete party or come with a partner or on your own some time in the next 7 or 8 years. (McD, KFC, BK, also available if you insist!) How much does it all cost?

You pay just a daily rate for transportation around $18US plus whatever you choose to spend on food, drinks accommodation and excursions. Want to talk about it email Peter Mayes.

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