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This appeared on the message board in May 2006.

Question posted by capebare:

Does anyone in Ontario know of anywhere to go camping where you can tan almost nude or nude? It doesn't have to be a resort like the Four Seasons, Ponderosa, Glen Echo. I am just looking for somewhere to spend a few days this summer camping and just relaxing! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Answer posted by gouvernail.

There are many possibilities provided you make an effort and make a few sacrifices. Some naturist clubs have rustic camping.

The ones that I am familiar with are Lakesun, Sunward and Jewel Lake. Drive-in campsites in Provincial Parks are possible, but you have to search them out. I spent a few naked days on my site in Restoule Provincial Park several years ago, but I had to camp as far away from the beach as I could - where there were no other campers. Strategic placing of my tent and car and I was comfortably nude. Just had to get dressed if I had to go anywhere.

Bon Echo Provincial Park might be a good place to check out, but not the main campground. You may as well pitch a tent at Yonge and Bloor for all the privacy you will find there. Go to the Hardwood Hills campground west of Hwy 42. I have never camped there, but I have been through it and I think that those are most secluded campsites I have seen in any park. A few were not even visible from the road. However, this area is heavily forested, so I donít know how much sun you will get. Donít even want to think about mosquitoes, but later in the summer, it should be great.

However, for me, camping means getting the canoe/kayak in the water and getting as many portages or as much water as I can between me and the rest of civilization.

McCrae Lake is often mentioned as a good spot for Canuding or just canoeing in general. I would give it a very wide berth. McCrae Lake is a cesspool! Over used and over abused. I did a cleanup weekend there last fall and was completely disgusted with what I found and had to carry away.

I love Georgian Bay. If you can paddle out to any of the Thirty Thousand Islands you can have entire islands to yourself and pretty much be as naked as you want. There will be other paddlers around so a bit of discretion might be necessary, but if you camp on some of the smaller islands, you should have them to yourself. Go north of Parry Sound (and the farther north the better). Donít go south: the cottage virus has severely infected that area.

Any interior campsite in Algonquin, Killarney or Temagami would work. I would stay dressed on the portage trails, but once on the water or on your site, nudity should not be a problem. I have on occasion paddled across naked people on their sites in Algonquin and it was no big deal. Just put a few portages behind you. The farther in you go, the more serious the paddlers you will meet and the less likely they will be offended by nudity in any way.

I would personally love to get back to Lake Superior. Pukaskwa National Park and the shore down around to Michipicoten have some excellent beaches. Oiseau Bay has a gorgeous beach. Just picture Wasaga without a human soul on it except for yourself. The only problem is that it is about a two-day kayak paddle (three by canoe) or at least a three-day backpacking trip down the coast to get to it.

The south shore on Manitoulin Island has some isolated beaches as well and I have been meaning to take a trip along it to check it out. I have wanted to get into Halfway Lake Provincial Park north of Sudbury as well. The campground is not much but the park does have several interior lakes with about a dozen designated campsites. This place does not get a lot of traffic and if I had made it in last year as I tried, the park staff said that I would have been to only person in the interior.

I think I am getting carried away, but I like this topic. Like I said, there are many possibilities if you search them out, but that is also half the fun.

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