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This report is brought to you by David Basford, president of the Federation of Canadian Naturists, who attended the Fun Run.

Bare Buns Fun Run/Walk on Wreck Beach
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

July 11, 1998

Wreck Beach on the Bare Buns Fun Run day was cloudy and cool with the threat of rain never far away. However, that said, it was a fun day, and perfect for us runners. The run took place at 1.00 p.m. when the tide was far out enough to expose the firm wet sand. It was hard going though, especially the longer 7.0 km. course (the shorter one was 3.5 km.), which included a stretch of barnacled boulders and several knee-depth water inlets from the ocean.

Over 80 athletes took part for this unique "Greek" style run. A variety of prizes were presented both for the runners, and for those with decoratively painted buns. Some native Indian style artwork by Judy Williams won first prize - and was especially appreciated by the slower participants (who naturally had the best view). Finally though, the gods who watch over the beach could not hold off the rain any longer, and the imminent threat turned into a downpour - but very refreshing for the runners who needed a shower anyway.

The 1998 Bare Buns Runs was the second of what will hopefully become a regular annual event. It was organized jointly between the Greater Vancouver Recreational District (GVRD), and the Wreck Beach Preservation Society (WBPS). GVRD officials gave invaluable help bringing in supplies on the Coast Guard hovercraft (which included the FCN's Bare Boutique tent and for-sale items). Two friendly RCMP officers chatted with the nudists as they did their patrol, clearly enjoying the whole occasion.

While organizers were rather disappointed that the weather had deterred many from coming to the beach and reducing the several thousand expected to a few hundred, it was certainly successful as a unique fun occasion.

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