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o Where to Stay in the Caribbean! No matter where in the Caribbean you go, there's one place you've got to visit first...and that's Where to Stay in The Caribbean. We're the most comprehensive guide to Caribbean accommodations on the net, providing objective reviews on everything from budget hotels to 5-star resorts and lots of island information too! So go ahead and dive right in. You'll get the inside story on accommodations, including hotels, resorts, apartments and condos, and you can even check out what the current weather's doing on any island! You'll also find plenty of maps to navigate. Where to Stay in the Caribbean is your first resort for planning your trip, and the final word on all the islands have to offer. If you have a particular Caribbean island in mind, know the name of a special hotel or other place to stay or just have an idea of the type of Caribbean get away you'd like, you've come to the right place. Search, Hotels A to Z, Island List, Island Maps, Weather, Links, Message Board, Reservations plus the Get Away, Give Away Sweepstakes. Visit the website!



o Aruba. 2008. I was able to travel to Aruba in February for work and had a wonderful opportunity I want to share. I travel to Aruba every now and again, but rarely have any time for serious relaxation or other distractions. I have heard the many reports about the lack of nude or top-free opportunities on the island, but hidden among these reports, there have been a few notes of promise. One place mentioned is Bachelor Beach. I have been to this beach a few times and have witnessed nude use there. It has a sandy beach, but swimming is not recommended due to swift currents. On my last trip I did some exploring north of Boca Grande beach, where the wind surfers frequent and found paradise. I was determined on my next trip (this one) I would set aside some time to get acquainted with this spot... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)



o Belize, Caribbean. January 2009. Belize is a beautiful country with the friendliest people we have met. We started our trip on the western side of Belize near San Ignacio. The main attraction in the west is the mayan ruins and caves. Xunantunich is the first mayan ruin we visited and it was an amazing site. The temples are huge and the grounds are very well kept up. You can climb to the top of the south temple which is 13 stories and view the surrounding valleys. Make sure to hire a guide who will keep you informed and maybe will coax a tarantula out of her hole. Also the ferry ride across the river to get to the ruins is pretty neat. Our next ruins was in Guadamala and named Tikal. This is a huge ruin site and well worth the two hour car ride to get there. Again hire a guide to learn the history of the ruins. We walked about 3 miles to cover this site and climbed numerous temples. We spent about 3 hours there and covered most of it. We then headed south toward the Placencia penninsula. We took the Hummingbird Highway which runs through the heart of Belize. Along the way one passes through citrus and banana plantations. The highway is in a valley between two mountain ranges and all is lush green and gorgeous. Placencia Pennisula is now the hot spot of Belize. The Caribbean sea is on one side and the Placencia lagoon is on the other. The caribbean is fronted by sand beaches along the length of the pennisula. The sand is pretty coarse and hard to walk on though. The town of Placencia is at the end of the pennisula and is a very sleepy mild town. There are lots of restaurants and little shops to explore and lots of things to do. One cautionary note though was that the sandfleas were horrendous. That might have been due to rain every day for a week, but bug repellant was a must to be on the beach. Due to the rain we could not get to our next destination of the Manatee lodge so we ended up in Belize city. The city itself did not have much to offer, except that it was a good starting point for two more mayan ruins, Altun Ha and Lamanai. Altun Ha is a smaller ruins, but very nice and well kept up. The ride to the site provided much bird watching and possibilties of wildlife sighting. Lamanai was a really great site to see as it is very large and one has to take an hour boat trip to get there. Numerous crocodiles, iguanas and various birds were pointed out to us on the boat trip. The guide was also extremely knowledgable. Nudity or toplessness was not present anywhere in Belize and when I asked if these were acceptable a firm 'no' was the answer. We did not make it out to the cayes and the barrier reef. We did meet folks who did and they said the snorkeling was fantastic. Thanks for listening. Thanks grower53 for the report!



o Cayo Largo Report. February 2006. We left Toronto an hour late on Feb 25, 2006 arriving in Cayo Largo at 10:05 local time as the pilot must have known that we were in a hurry to get to the resort and scout everything out. Couldn't do much of this in the dark but believe me the staff at THE SOL CAYO LARGO made up for that. We've been going to Cuba for the past 5 years and by far this has to be the BEST one that we've ever had... (click link to read the rest of the report.)
o Cayo Largo Report. Cayo Largo Revisited. Jan & I went back to Cayo Largo this December 2006, and I’m sorry to say it didn’t live up to the last two perfect experiences we had there - 2001 and 2004 (see previous trip reports). A lot of our disappointment had to do with the weather; it rained several times, including the last day of our vacation. But some of it was due to the state of the resort - the Sol Pelicano - and the absence of many naturists... (click link to read the rest of the report.)
o Cayo Santa Maria. March 2008. We just returned from a one week vacation in Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba and had great weather for most of the week. Even when it turned a bit overcast, the temperature was warm and the water was great for swimming. While we stayed at Melia Las Dunas (two resorts down from the nude beach), we spent most of our time at the beach at the nude area adjacent to Sol Cayo Santa Maria... (click link to read the rest of the report.)
o Melia Cayo Santa Maria. Updated 2008. I was there in November and walked the entire beach, about an hour from Sol to Barcelo. Whenever I encountered a nude person, I did likewise, and when seeing a group of textiles I covered up again. So just pick a spot an appropriate distance from the hotel's beach area and you should have no problem. From Las Dunas you could borrow a bicycle. Those 3 properties are all the same parent company so it shouldn't be a problem going through the grounds to get from the road to the beach. Otherwise, walking the 20 min along the beach has no restrictions. ((click link to read the rest of the report.) November 2007. I returned to this resort in November 2007. It has just become an adults-only property, but the spa on the property is still available for those on the adjacent resorts. The towel exchange booth has now moved into the former kids building, and a pool table and pingpong table have also been installed, along with some loud musicmaking machine. The kiddy pool has not been converted into anything else yet. A volleyball court was being dug during my stay, and subsequent reports indicate it is complete... (click link to read the rest of the report.)
o Melia Cayo Santa Maria. November 2006. I just came back from a week at Melia Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba. The nude beach is supposedly at the far end of the next hotel to the left (West), but that hotel was closed for renovations, so I had the whole beach to myself. One other couple was there regularly, and by the end of the week there were 6 of us. When the Sol reopens, I'm sure they will rake up the seaweed on the beach and return it to the beautiful white condition similar to the Melia beach. The Melia property has 2 main pools, one kiddy pool, and a gazebo with a small hottub. They also have 6 tennis courts, squash wall, basketball court, rock wall, batting cage, and full fitness centre, none of which were used by anyone while I passed by. Each guest can also get one hour free at the spa, consisting of a dry sauna, steam room, warm tub (where they serve you tea), 2 hot tubs, a cool- down room, and another small pool. (Massages are available at a normal price). It is clearly stated that bathing suits must be worn. But the funny thing is that there is only one co-ed change room. While I was changing, a husband and wife came out of the shower. They were not amused. I guess the facilities make it the 4.5* rating, but it is Cuba, so don't expect perfection. Go to the briefing. The accuracy of the printed information, the tv info channel, and signs is not guaranteed. Make your own list of which stations are on what channels. If you try to book a dinner at one of the specialty restaurants, there will be "no space". You then need to use whatever trick works for you -- beg, sad face, give a tip -- then a "cancellation" may appear or other "reassignment" may take place. When I finally got in, of the 15 tables, 6 remained empty the entire time. The food is slightly better, but like typical expensive restaurants, the portions are extremely small. Fortunately there's a 24 hour snack bar you can go to afterwards. Overall, I'd say it's a good place to go to get away from the freezing temperatures, down to where it's around 31C/88F. P.S. If you're south of the .ca border, ignore all this; your "Land of the Free" government won't give you the freedom to go there. Thanks JohnQ for the report!
o Santa Maria Report. December 2009.

There are currently three hotels on this section of beach: Barceló Cayo Santa Maria (first and most western). Melia Las Dunas (middle) Melia Sol Cayo Santa Maria (last and most eastern). The nude section of the beach begins where the Sol Cayo Santa Maria's second last boardwalk enters the beach. Let everyone be warned: use the boardwalks - the tall grass that separates the beach and the resort is like waking thru a mine field! There are these small razor sharp burrs growing in the grass and you don't want them stuck to your feet or your shoes! They're nasty and down right evil little things! If you stay at the Barceló (first hotel to the west) it was quite the walk - about 50 min (Google Earth plots the distance at around 3 km). However, the beach sand is really packed and great for walking until you pass the Las Dunas (middle hotel) where the sand becomes much softer (less packed) and hard to walk on without sinking. If you stay at the Melia Sol Cayo Santa Maria (last hotel to the east) it would definitely cut down the distance to walk. From here even with the sinking/soft sand, it is about a 10 min walk. The nude section starts after the 2nd last walkway (of the Cayo Santa Maria resort), with the absolute last walkway leading to set of bungalows that nobody ever seems to be staying in. There were quite a few nude people using this section of beach, with many being the same familiar faces each day. There are plenty of white plastic chairs and a few of the nicer blue mesh ones located here. Everyone seems respectful enough to use the garbage cans (which is awesome). And finally, for those who like shade, there are those palapa things randomly placed and some longer rectangular structures also covered in thatched leaves. While there is no "magic line" separating the beaches, you'll notice less clothing after passing the second walkway.

It was quite liberating to stand nude or swim nude, while not far away you can easily see the clothed beach and those people can see you. Every now and then an individual or group of beach walkers will stroll by the nude section, but nobody seems to mind. Most keep their gaze forward as they walk by. And a few were became adventurous enough to shed their suits after walking by. You could see their initial hesitation, but a few seems to warm up to the idea quite quickly (liberation is a wonderful thing)! You can keep walking east if you'd like; the beach continues for quite a distance. Just around the corner there are two chairs with a sign saying "reserved for police" yet they never seemed to be occupied? Other people did mention seeing a security guard, but he didn't stop them from walking past him. I met some people who have been to this section of Cuba in previous years, stating the beach sand was much higher and wider before. With all the recent wave/storm activity a lot of the beach has been carried out to sea, leaving the beach lower and less wide. Without the ability to reclaim, or bulldoze it back - each year the nude section will get narrower and narrower. The going joke at our resort was the name for this section of beach... nobody admitted it was "nude", so they called it the "far beach". You could spend all day at the "far beach", and when asked where you were? - you could simply and honestly reply - "oh, I was at the far beach" without drawing any attention to yourself. So, check out the "far beach" and remember to pack your sunscreen! Thanks Kevin for the report.


o The Natural Curaçao. We are proud to present the only "Clothing optional" resort on the beautiful island of Curaçao. Our characteristics: space and personal attention, so you can optimally enjoy a relaxed holiday. We can offer you the following accommodations: A fully furnished house for 4 persons with all comforts. There are two bedrooms with air conditioning, a bathroom with hot and cold water, a dining room, a living, a fully equipped kitchen, television, internet and safe. An apartment for two persons with air conditioning, television, internet, safety deposit box, a bathroom with hot and cold water, an outdoor kitchen and sitting area. A detached apartment for two persons with a porch, on the porch is a lounge set, there is a kitchen/dining area, a separate bedroom with air conditioning, a bathroom with hot and cold water. Television, internet and a safety deposit box are also present. The five new luxury detached bungalows are intended for 2 persons, but are also suitable for 4 persons, if the sofa bed in the living room is used. There is a separate bedroom with air conditioning, a bathroom with hot and cold water, a fully equipped kitchen, television, internet and safe. The spacious porch offers you a wonderful place to relax on the luxury sun loungers, meanwhile, enjoying the expansive views. There is a lot of care given to the furnishing of the well-developed bungalows. The use of quality materials gives a luxury atmosphere, where you can fully relax and enjoy the birds and the nature around you. The view is fantastic. Wireless internet and TV with Dutch, German, Spanish and English language channels, as well as various movie channels are free. The entire complex is built eco-friendly. We use solar panels to provide as much as possible in our own energy needs. The water is collected, purified and re-used for the plants. As far as possible, all materials are produced in an environmentally friendly way. Naturism is possible in and around the pool, on the sun terraces and on the porch of your bungalow. Naturism is not mandatory. We respect the choice of our guests. The Natural is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Curaçao, where crime is a rare occurrence. We have a closed area of 1 hectare and own parking within the port. Your hostess Hélène and host Paul live in the main house with their 2 children Sam and Max. Currently, we have built 5 holiday bungalows, we hope they will be ready in January 2012. In 2012 we want to build another 11 bungalows and we also realize a second swimming pool and whirlpool. All bungalows will be sold. The new owners can use their bungalow up to 8 weeks a year. The rest of the year, the bungalows will be rent for Holiday use This will leave an expected profit for the owner of the bungalow of approximately 8.3%. At this moment you can already rent a 4 person House and 2 apartments for 2 persons. The size of the swimming pool is 10 x 5 m. On the two sun terraces you can find luxurious sunbeds. You can also enjoy the beautiful views over the salt pans of Jan Kok and the overwhelming nature. At the swimming pool is sufficient seating and there is also a bar. There is also a BBQ, which you can use free of charge. Because The Natural is high located and because of the great location of the bungalows, you’ll always have the cooling of the trade wind. It is even pleasant on very hot days. The evenings are great to be outside. The bright sky and beautiful illumination around the swimming pool will give you a complete holiday feeling! To ensure the peaceful atmosphere at our resort we apply a minimum age of 16 years. Visit the website for additional information.

oDominican Republico

o Eden Bay Nudist Resort. October 2006. The latest news and huge discounts from Eden Bay Nudist Resort. My wife and I just returned from Eden Bay. I am happy to report that the resort looks better then ever. Air conditioning is installed in all the accommodations, all the rooms, all the furniture are upgraded, freshly painted. WiFi internet available throughout the resort. Needless to say a lot of guests were hesitant to come to the resort during the renovation. To celebrate the completion of renovation Eden Bay announced 50% discount plus 7th night free at Eden Bay clothing-optional resort in Dominican Republic. Limited time offer. Visit my website HERE for offer details. The website will also contain the pictures from our latest trip and information about the real estate available for sale at the resort. Some resort information: Eden Bay is located on the North Shore of Dominican Republic, near the famous Playa Grande golf course, designed by Robert Trent Jones. Eden Bay is a all-inclusive resort featuring sixty luxury villas and 66 hotel accommodations all surrounded by lush tropical forest, three pools, two hot tubs, a restaurant and a beach bar. Resorts friendly staff will do everything to make your vacation the most pleasant and enjoyable experience. All the meals are served. The number of activities is offered at the resort free of charge. Do it all or nothing at all. For additional cost you can also enjoy Jeep Safari, Boat ride at Gree-Gree lagoon, try local food on beautiful Playa Caleton, horse back riding or scuba diving. Massages, manicure, pedicure are offered at the resort as well. Fig Leaf boutique is offering a wide variety of local souvenirs and famous Dominican jewelry. Once again for various Eden Bay Special Offers, Pictures, Local Attractions and Real Estate visit: HERE. Thanks Yefim for the report!


o Grenada. 2006. We were in Grenada (Greeenada) in 06 for two weeks. This was one year after a hurricane demolished 90 percent of the island. The island had recovered quite nicely and everyone had great stories to tell. Most hotels were open for business with the exception of the larger hotels along Grand Case Beach which is the most popular beach. Grenada has lots of activities and sightseeing adventures and the people are very friendly. Not once were we hounded to purchase anything. We spent the first week just north of St. Georges which is the capital and main city. It is a beautiful waterfront city with plenty of shopping and restaurants. Make sure to find and drive thru the tunnel which divides the main part of the city and the north part where the open market is located. The open market was wonderful with lots of spices and fresh fruit and fish. Grenada is known as the spice island. The second week we spend in the north at Almost Paradise Resort. I only mention this as there are not too many resorts in the north and this was a really nice place. The north is like being on a different island. It is a beautiful lush area with lots of trees and vegetation. The beaches are mostly secluded and the best ones need to be walked to. Although nudity is not the norm on this island the beaches in the north are so secluded there was no problems. There was quite a bit of anti american sentiment, but directed toward the U.S. government Not U.S. people. This distinction was made clear on many billboards which thanked the American people for all their help and pointed out very little help was given by the U.S. government. One thing not to miss is Fish Friday. One little town on the west coast has a feast every Friday nite serving lots of different dishes mainly fish freshly caught. Also there are lots of side dishes with a local flare. As you drive into town it looks a little scary, but there are 4 or 5 elderly ladies whose job it is to welcome you and to make you feel at ease. Overall Grenada was a great experience and a friendly place to visit. Thanks grower53. If you wish to contact the person, post a message to that 'exact' alias on the message board.



o Carib Beach Apartments, located at Point Village in Negril offer oceanfront apartments for romantic couples (singles and threesomes also welcome). The nude beach is superb and uncrowded, and the uninhabited island of Booby Cay, with three clothing optional beaches is just a 5 minute swim away - or you can take a boat from Carib. ’Accommodation only’ or an ’all-inclusive package’ is available, the meals and drinks being provided by Point Village resort hotel. Carib’s accommodation is in the best location and has the best facilities of the studio/one bedroom units, including self-catering. Tennis, swimming pools and other beaches are included. You can even book for accommodation only and then pay extra on those days that you will use all the watersports and meals and drinks facilities, for great values. Transfers from Montego Bay airport are usually included in the low price for these highly recommended apartments on the shore. Visit the website for additional information.
o Firefly Beach Cottages, regarded as one of the most relaxed, laid-back resorts in the Caribbean!!! All our cottages, apartments and penthouse suites are nestled in an idyllic garden setting with carefully tended tropical flowers and fruit trees. Our ocean-front property opens onto Negrils famous white sand beach, stretching 7 miles along the turquoise Caribbean shoreline. Our sea and beach are very safe for swimmers and non-swimmers, children and adults. Enjoy a cool tropical beverage at the Firefly Beach Bar and view a beautiful Caribbean sunset. We are a clothes optional resort in Negril, Jamaica and have advertised in N mag and Clothed with the Sun for about 16 years. We are singles friendly, couples friendly and families friendly. We can manage small groups up to about 10. Visit the website for additional information. "Secrets" is the very low-priced, simple wooden cabin beach property next to Firefly, the latter being composed of 18 accommodation units each with bathroom, kitchen and veranda. Visit the website for additional information.
o The Jamaican Waterslide Team is comprised of a group of fun loving people from all walks of life and from all over the US and other countries that is going back to Hedonism II in Jamaica. We also represent all ages and form an interesting mix of couples and singles. Visit the site for additional information.
o N Resort. From email: "Unfortunately the N-Resort is closed and we will not be accepting any bookings for the remaining months of 2014."

oPuerto Ricoo

o PUERTO RICO and its Nude Beaches. January 2007. We called it The Enchanted Island of Puerto Rico others called us The Continent of Puerto Rico but we the natives or Puerto Rico preferred being called “Borinquen” as the native Tainos Indians used to call us since before Christopher Columbus discovered our coasts way back Oct. 19, 1493. The island has a rich Spanish heritage that fascinates every visitor. Following the Spanish-American War in 1898, Spain ceded the island to the United States, and in 1917 Puerto Ricans were granted US citizenship. Today, there is a harmonious mingling of Spanish and American cultures. From laid back to beachfront deluxe, Puerto Rico is an island offering so many vacation experiences. In the busy capital, San Juan, you'll find sightseeing attractions, luxury hotels, superb restaurants, exciting nightlife, and dazzling casinos. Out in the countryside, the mood is quite different it's another world, several other worlds, actually. Spanish colonial towns, a lush rain forest, quiet seaside restaurants and golden beaches await you... (click link to read the rest of the report.)
o San Juan, Puerto Rico, Report. January 2007. Met a couple who saw one of my previous reports, which wanted to go to a nude beach in Puerto Rico and I told them I would take them. I was able to have time to take them and decided to take them to Fajardo and went to Playa Colorá which I have reported on a report previously. I always carry a cooler in my trunk, filled it with beers, ice and I took something to munch on. It was supposed to rain but as it turns out here in the Caribbean you never know. We got there around 11 AM after picking them up at their hotel in San Juan. Once there, we walked through the path to the beach. Instructions to get there are as follow: Take route 3 to Fajardo (east), once you hit Wal-mart on the right turn left on that traffic light, (route 194). About 3 miles down that road you will see a sign to get to route 195, make a left and when you reach the traffic light to route 987 turn left... (click link to read the rest of the report.)

oSt. Johno

oSt. Kittso

o St. Kitts. This information may be useful to cruise ship visitors or others. Although nudity is officially not allowed it is tolerated on several beaches, the best one being Sand Bank Bay beach on the southern peninsula. It's about 800 meters long with the far end being used for nude sunning and swimming. Quite nice. If it's windy the far side of Friars Bay beach may be used also, good swimming. From Club Orient to St. Kitts is an easy flight, about 25 minutes and 85$ (USD-1998 fare) round trip. This report is brought to you by Barry. Email Barry for additional information.

oSt. Luciao

oSt. Martin - Sint Maarteno

o Club Orient is a unique clothing optional resort on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin, French West Indies. Our resort offers 136 rooms situated on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. White sand, crystal clear water, a barrier reef, and three uninhabited islands in close vicinity make our bay the ideal tropical setting for a most relaxing naturist family vacation paradise. A full service restaurant, a general store, and a wide variety of other facilities are there to serve your needs. Visit the website for additional information.
o Le Galion Hotel is near Club Orient. Google it to find the accommodations as I can't find a website for it. If you find the website, email me through the contact page.

oSt. Thomaso


o Tobago. 2007. We spent two weeks in Tobago and what a laid back and wonderful island. We stayed midway up the leeward side of the island in a little fishing village called Castara. The village is very quaint and two things not to miss are when the fishermen pull in their nets at about 2p.m. and snorkeling with the sting rays. The sting rays are constantly gliding the shoreline waiting for handouts from the fishermen. Although nudity is not allowed on the island, two beaches afford one an opportunity to go nude. Englishmen beach about 1 mile north of Castara is a very nice beach with topfree and some nudity at both ends of the beach. Also King Peters Beach about 2 miles south of Castara is very secluded and had topfree and nude beachgoers. The road to King Peters is narrow and steep so caution is needed. The lush jungles and mountain roads are beautiful and pretty well maintained. If you are looking for a quiet getaway away from the all inclusives, this is the place. Thanks grower53. If you wish to contact the person, post a message to that 'exact' alias on the message board.

oU.S. Virgin Islandso

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