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Nude Beaches of Puerto Rico. 1999.
October 1999

Basically we don't have any CO beaches, pool, lakes or falls. If caught you might go to jail because of indecent exposure.

Now, I was raised in Fajardo which is just north of Ceiba where Roosevelt Roads Naval Base is and I did start skinny dipping in my hometown beaches with all eyes open...

In Fajardo we have a couple of beaches where you may go nude being extra careful.

First, Playa Colora and Convento Beach are at the township of Fajardo. They are the most northern beaches still on the town and pretty isolated and gorgeous as well. To get there you have to go to Seven Seas Beach by car, walk to the shore. Now at your right you can see the lighthouse. Walk to the left, near the rock formation their is a trail near a lagoon. Walk through it and you wind up with two trails a few feet away. The one to your right gets you to Playa Colora, (Red Beach). Nice red sand and high surf are found here. Go to the right, which is more isolated than the rest. I love this one. For more isolation climb the rocks to your left and enjoy the view. Do it nude as I did. Do not dive in the rough waters over the cliff.

This is Playa Colora from across the Seven Seas Bay

This is Playa Colora at the far right hand side. Small Cove, you can see the Lighthouse and the beach from the first photo. It is called Veve Beach.

This is Playa Colora the Larger Cove

Back to the trail, if you keep straight on it you hit Convento Beach. It is a long beach guarded by the governors' private police. It is a hide away for the government personnel. Several nice dips in the waters I did here. Be careful with the bottom; don't walk without sandals or shoes here unless you can see the sand. Waters are serene and clear.

This is Playa Convento towards the North-east.

This is Playa Convento towards the South-west.

This is Playa Convento from the South tip of the previous photo.

A Pelican off shore Playa Convento

Back to Seven Seas, if you walk towards the lighthouse you hit Veve Beach and the extreme end of it you may go nude as well. Over that hill where the lighthouse is you hit Lighthouse Beach. Excellent as well. My favorite at one time as a teen because of being so isolated and clear waters.

This is Playa Veve. You can see The Conquistador Hotel on top of the hill. Five Star Hotel very well known world wide.

Again be careful to go nude if someone is at the beach when you get there and if nobody then do but cover yourself if someone comes.

During weekdays it is pretty safe. Weekend get a lot of strollers just for fun but most will not go nude.

Weekdays are also good to go to the cays off shore Fajardo. Nice cays are Palomino, Palominito, and Icaco. All are pretty isolated and gorgeous. We have another cay that is further out but difficult to get there. Forgot the name and nudity basically accepted. Also on the opposite end of the cay when you hit Palomino when you reach the cay.

This is Palomino Cay. Rented by El Conquistador Hotel for its guests on the south section. Here you may go nude on the North shore pretty safe on weekdays. I am standing on the hill where El Conquistador Hotel is.

This is Palomino a little closer.

This is Palominito Cay. Just south of Palomino Cay. Also nudity during weekdays only. (Click on above image to display a larger picture.)

This is Icaco Cay. Just North of Palomino Cay and same nude acceptance during weekdays. I am standing on the hill where El Conquistador Hotel is.

This is Icaco Cay closer.

This is Icaco Cay Beach on site.

This Fajardo Lighthouse, the same seen at previous photo

This is the Marina at El Conquistador Hotel.

If you get too Vieques and Culebras Island, they do have nude beaches at their cays and in Base. This Garcia Camp in Vieques and the cays at Culebrita.

Generally speaking if you go to an isolated beach here you may go nude. But must be careful.

I hope you enjoy this report and hope to be of assistance if you want to come visit. Any questions feel free to e-mail me at beachgoer.

Enjoy being nude and going places like these!!!


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