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o China Sea Island. You dream of a private all inclusive vacation on a secluded island, you are looking for a beach house rental, a beach front house for your vacation in tropical southeast asia, including staff and meals. You want to rent a villa on a private tropical island for your holiday or a private vacation rentals in Asia directly by owner or a quiet seaside honeymoon package getaway : we take guests. Time Magazine says: "For those who like their vacations quiet and their luxury discreet, part of an island in the South China Sea can be rented by the week. Boayan Islet, just off Palawan Island, comes with a staff of six and a speed boat. Home is a palatial wooden bungalow on stilts, the playground a private lagoon, an there are any number of pristine snorkeling holes waiting to be discovered. And the cost ? Less than the price of a five-star hotel, say the owners. Check out your very own fantasy isle at Visit the site for additional information.


o Unseen Bali. Unseenbali is the direct representative of four exclusive nudist/clothing-optional luxurious accommodations with personal attention in Bali. Besides hotel/accommodation, we also offer a one-week guided tour of Bali (with accommodation in clothing-optional resorts), as well as Balinese massage. Check our website that also provides more practical and up-to-date information, visas for Indonesia and more. Do not hesitate to contact us. A must and not-to-miss opportunity for those who like it in the buff. Visit the site for additional information.




o Naturist And Nudist Web Association of Nature" or "Nanwan". We promote nudism in Taiwan for all of Chinese, let Chinese people understand about nudist/naturist. We have more than 600 Chinese members, they are from Taiwan, Mainland China and Hong Kong. My name is James and I live in Taiwan. I'm a naturist and a web master of this naturist website which is a Chinese Big5 site. I have promoted naturism in Taiwan for 1 year, with a lot of good effect but not good results. Because our laws and folks are way conservative, my site can not put real nude pictures on. See photo in the Far East & South Pacific photo gallery. This website is not in English. Visit the site for additional information.


o Thai Naturist Organization in Thailand is the only organization committed and working to bring naturism to Thailand. We have achieved solid and continuing growth over the last 3 years and hopefully we will continue to do this. The more people that join as members the stronger we will be, it is free to join. If you are member already tell a friend. You can help naturism bloom in Thailand, join today. Visit the site for additional information.
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Thai Beaches visited by Thailand Naturists (including myself, my wife and members of Thailand Naturists). Summer 2010.

Koh Larn - Samaee Beach, south end and Nual Beach east end, accessible from Pattaya.

Koh Rin - The whole island, with a wonderful beach, accessible from Pattaya.

Koh Mak - Right around the point from Cococape Resort going west is Ao Pra beach, 1 kilo long beach, beautiful and deserted. My wife and I have visited all three many times as do many members of Thailand Naturists, for an all over tan, swimming, and even a nude cruise to Koh Rin.

Nude Cruise Boats
The Edina out of Pattaya will provide a nude cruise for the day or longer. Our organization has hired the Edina two times and both times had a wonderful cruise. You can bring your own food or a menu is provided.

Fast Boats We have hired Fast Boats for trips with the understanding that we are naturists. Some will accommodate and some shy away. If you donít have enough meat on your bum it can be a bumpy ride that you could feel the next day. Also use caution as many of the fast boats do not have night running lights. My wife and I used the services more than once, as have members of Thailand Naturists.

Thailand Naturist Member Clothing Optional Resorts
Chan Resort is building a new resort, nearby to where he was located. He has consulted Thailand Naturists about the basic design and how it would fit the requirements for naturism. Many Thailand naturism members stayed here. My wife and I have stayed here 3 times for one month each and met some wonderful naturists from England, India, Sweden, Singapore, and Switzerland, in addition to our regular Thailand Naturist member friends. This was the one of the first resorts to work with Thailand Naturist to become a clothing optional resort and help build the network.

Other Resorts - we are in a continuing process of face to face research of other appropriate resorts and making arrangements with the owners for accommodating naturist. If we feel a resort does not meet what would be required for naturists, if we donít make a personal visit, and have an understanding with the management we do not recommend it, no matter how good it might seem to be. The management of the resort has to be very committed and comfortable with the naturism concept or it is a no go.

Thailand Naturist Events
We have naturist picnics, swimming in mountain lakes, seaside beach barbeques, nude cruises for a day and over a weekend, regular monthly meetings at a Bangkok private spa, and larger semi-annual Meetups. Thanks Bruce for the reports!

o Phuket Beaches. Jade waters and white sands... everyone recognizes a Phuket beach when they see one. Join me (Rob) as I introduce you to the best Phuket has to offer. Palm fringed crystalline beaches, white powdery sands and calm tranquil waters. Makes you just want to take off all your clothes and plunge into the ocean. And if that's you... find a secluded beach (Mai Khao) or rent a yacht (from Sunsail) and do your own version of a bare-boat charter, sailing around all the nearby islands in the au natural. Or if you want lots of company while you're sunbathing in the nude, check out nearby Koh Phangan where you'll find Europeans, Americans and Australians all sharing your passion in a beautiful, natural setting. While you're here in Phuket, find out about all the best resorts, restaurants, places to go and things to do. You'll be amazed at what this tropical island paradise has to offer. Visit the site for additional information.

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