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Myrtiotissa beach in Corfu

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Myrtiotissa beach in Corfu is stunningly beautiful and it needs to be because getting to it is a real challenge.

I would advise the following... Buy a good map, follow the directions (available on the internet and in most of the various guide books) carefully and then be prepared to get seriously lost. It WILL happen. Once you have found it, expect a long walk down a steep cliff and remember... the climb back up is even harder. It is worth it though.

The beach is split into two halves. To the east everyone is clothed and to the west everyone is nude. The good news is that 2 of the three beach bars are on the nude side. Treat yourself to a beer or a fruit salad with Greek Yoghurt and honey. Have a swim and rinse off the salt water in the natural spring water which falls from the cliff. Every nudist should visit this beach at least once in their lives.

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