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o Willkommen bei! - Welcome at! (Click the 'Europe' link on the main page to go to the Mediterranean map.) Naturism is practical. There is no swimsuit which pinches or tweaks, there are no embarrassing deathly pale spots on the backside. Naturism is also healthy, because one can rapidly catch a cold in wet bathing suits. Even Biblicaly there is nothing indecent about nudity: "They were both naked, the man and his wife, and they were not ashamed." On these pages all friends of naturism will find a lot of information about beaches, indoor baths, camping-grounds, and saunas for naturists in Germany, Europe and other parts of the world. This site is in German and English. Visit the site for additional information.


o Nautical Pages. For a list of the yachts, charters, sailing websites in Croatia, click the preceding link.
o Croatia Boat Charter. Wide selection of motor yachts, crewed, skippered or bareboat sailing yachts, catamarans, gulets during the whole Croatia cruising season. Visit the site for additional information.
o Croatia Naturally. Naturism has a long tradition in Croatia. Naturists spent their summer holidays in Istria and Dalmatia as early as the 1930s. Here you can find guide to all Croatian naturist resorts and beaches with descriptions, maps, links and photos. Plus general information about Croatia, trip reports and a message board. Visit the site for additional information.
o Croatia Villas Online. Croatia villas for rent and for sale. For many years we have lived in our own Croatian villa in Istria and as a result have an indepth knowledge of this region. We therefore take great pleasure in assisting others with either the purchase or rental of properties in Istria, providing you with the perfect Istrian experience. Specializing in Istria. Istria is the biggest green oasis of the north Adriatic with its rolling hills overlooking fields and valleys with small peaceful walled hill villages perched on the peaks. Views are both sweeping and at times breathtaking, ranging from white topped mountains, vineyards, olive groves and orchards on hillsides, through to the crystal clear sea blue waters that wash its shores. Visit the site for additional information.
o Croatia Yacht Charter. Adria Cruising is professional Yacht Charter and charter Broker Company with motor and sailing boats, exclusive crewed power. We offer nudism possibility on our cruising yachts and renting skipper. Visit the site for additional information.
o Murter and Kornati - Travel Agency Amfora. This web site which will guide you through touristic offer of Murter and Kornati islands. Here you can find information about this destination and find appropriate accommodation, excursions, rent a boat. The island Murter is connected with a bridge to mainland. There are 4 small touristic towns on the island: Betina and Murter on the north-west and Jezera and Tisno on the eastern side. Murter and Kornati arhipelago consist's of 189 islands, cliffs, reefs and rocks and it is one of the most beautiful areas on the Mediterranean. National Park "Kornati", National Park "Krka", Natural Park "Vransko Jezero", National Park "Paklenica", Natural Park "Telascica", Historical town Sibenik. should be strong arguments to visit us. Visit the site for additional information.
o Plavetnilo d.o.o. is a highly professional and modern Croatian yacht charter, charter broker and yacht broker company. Wide range of yachts in our fleet, from small, motor and sail bareboats, various types of powerboats and sailing boats to exclusive crewed power mega yachts and luxsus sailing yachts together with beautiful Croatian coast and islands. Guarantee pleasurable nautical holiday and vacation in Croatia. Navigation in the Adriatic Sea can be more fun on our cruising gullets or motor sailers. Nothing can give that feeling of old Mediterranean spirit like lying on the sun deck of a spacious wooden gullet with open sails while our crew is taking care of everything. Our Company tries to satisfy everyone with acceptable charter prices and special last minute charter offers. Except chartering we offer used motorboats and sailboats for sale , charter management program , yacht management , skipper sailing school, weddings, romantic honeymoon and any other celebration on our yachts. Yachting is a unique lifestyle with a wide range of activities and also develops lasting friendships and family unity. Let us make your dreams come true. Visit the website for additional information.

oCroatia - Istrao

o Croatia Villas Online. Croatia villas for rent and for sale. For many years we have lived in our own Croatian villa in Istria and as a result have an indepth knowledge of this region. We therefore take great pleasure in assisting others with either the purchase or rental of properties in Istria, providing you with the perfect Istrian experience. Specializing in Istria. Istria is the biggest green oasis of the north Adriatic with its rolling hills overlooking fields and valleys with small peaceful walled hill villages perched on the peaks. Views are both sweeping and at times breathtaking, ranging from white topped mountains, vineyards, olive groves and orchards on hillsides, through to the crystal clear sea blue waters that wash its shores. Visit the site for additional information.


o Cyprus Naturists. Information About Naturist Life In CYPRUS. Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Reports on these beaches: Avdimou Beach; Agios Georgios Coves; Capre Gata/Ayia Napa; Pissouri Beach; Governors Beach.... and more! Visit the site for additional information.


o Amorgos in the Cyclades. We are British but run a holiday operation on Amorgos in the Cyclades Greece, indeed we are the only holiday company based on the island. It is a walking and special interest programme but many of our clients like to relax on the beaches in the afternoons. We live on the island and I do not think it is an exaggeration to say we probably know every beach on the island and how to get to them. We have on occasions even guided islanders to places they have never been to. The main nudist beach on the island(where nudism is tolerated anyway) is a few minutes walk away from the hotel we use. However we know of many more beaches which are extremely quiet and we are often there on our own. Some have to be reached by boat including three on an adjacent uninhabited island. A boat runs across there in the peak season but we have a boat available all the time. Visit the site for additional information.
o Athens, Greece. June 2007. On a trip to a meeting in Greece, near Athens, I found a number of interesting nude beaches. None were official, but several were wonderful. The best was Ramnous. This is also the hardest to find. It lies on a wild coast east of Marathonas, a coast so wild that Google Maps does not display any roads in the area. Take the road to Schinias, a large sandy beach. You will see a sign to Agyas Marinas FB, a ferry port. You might also see a sign to the archeological site of Ramnous, the Temple of Nemesis. On the road from Schinias to Agyas marinas you will see a left turn to Grammatico. Take it. Before you reach Grammatico you will see a a very sharp right turn, close to 145 degrees. The road is marked to Limounas . Coming from Grammatico you can see the sign... (click link to read the rest of the report.)
o Athens Report. June 2007. Last June we set off - 5 travelers from the U.S.A. in Athens! Picture a breakfast balcony with stunning view of the Acropolis, sunset views of the lit Acropolis, and well situated between the Acropolis and fabulous Natural History Museum, with various ruins in between. Mecca. We felt welcome, warm, and in awe of our explorations. That's all before the captain sent a cab to gather us from our hotel and deliver us to his dockside. We were off for a week on the water, visiting various ports along the way. The cabins are all smallish but each has a private toilet/shower. The $2400 price tag is not high, considering the places you visit, feeling like an extended Greek cousin in Captain Jonathan's care. You'll take a turn at sailing while Captain Jonathan rustles up lunches with recipes he learned at his Greek grandmother's elbow. We sure appreciated her! And each morning he was off to select the freshest breads, yogurt, fruits,vegetables, and more, to keep us well snacked. Dinner was done family style at restaurants each night, allowing us all to experience more Greek foods than we'd have known on our own, and keeping excellent food at a reasonable cost. We experienced that a great many of the locals spoke at least some English. Your captain was educated in English schools, so Americans will feel well-tended. Jonathan is an excellent guide, showing you which direction to head at each stop, and what is worth seeing. He'll arrange taxi for you, to ensure you're not paying too much, and kick you out of bed one morning early so you'll get to see Epidaveros before the tour buses are unloaded. All in all, it's a grand time, and gives one a taste of many well-known spots. If you've time after all that, there's also Vritomartis Naturist Resort on Crete, and Vassaliki Naturist Club on Kefalonia. Each is special for their own reasons - available in issue #64 of Naturally magazine. This report is brought to you by Sherry.
o Welcome to the Greek Naturists Website! Here you will find some interesting information about naturism in Greece and also you will have the possibility to get acquainted with other naturists and exchange your views. We will be waiting for you. For more information, please visit the website.
o Mykonos, Greece. I took a cruise in June 2008 which stopped in Mykonos for the day. There are two clothing optional beaches which I visited.

Paradise Beach (above), on the south coast, is accessible by public transit with a bus running every half hour from Mykonos Town. The bus station is only a few parking spots on the south end of town. The east half of the beach seemed to be textile and the west half clothing optional. There are shade structures all along the beach, and lounge chairs are available for rent. There is also a full restaurant.

Super Paradise Beach (above) is a bit farther on the south coast, and a bit smaller. I was in a rental car, and the roads are well signed to get there, although they are narrow, winding, and steep. Thanks John for the report.
o Naturist beaches in the Greek Islands. Cap'n Barefoot's Naturist Guide to the Greek Islands, the most comprehensive collection of information about naturist beaches in Greece on the Net. Reports on all beaches! Visit the site for additional information.
o Sougia, Crete, Report. May 2006. In May of 2006, my wife Barb had a chance to visit Crete. We were in Europe for a wedding and decided to extend our stay a bit and take a week beforehand and try to find some warm weather and a chance to get in some nude sunning. Southern Crete seemed like a good choice. We originally were going to stay at the clothing optional Vitromartis Resort on southeast Crete, but a delay in a response from the resort owner forced us to change plans (turns out he was on his honeymoon so it was not his fault). Anyway, we looked around some on the web and decided on a little village on the southwest shore of Crete called Sougia, accessible by either a very winding mountainous 3 hr road trip from Chania (which we did in a rental car), bus or by ferry. If you do rent a car, make sure you have a full tank of gas before leaving northern Crete. Gas stations are just about non existent along this route... (click link to read the rest of the report.)
o Vritomartis Naturist Resort. Situated on a promontory overlooking the South Cretan sea Vritomartis is a very special naturist resort and like no other you will experience. It takes its name from an ancient Minoan Goddess who was much-revered and worshipped in the area of Crete where Vritomartis is situated. And 'special' is a word that applies to so many aspects of this family-owned Naturist hotel. Visit the site for additional information.


o Vassaliki Naturist Resort on the Greek island of Kefalonia. January 2009. VASSILIKI NATURIST CLUB It s a wonderful place for a relaxing naturist holiday. There are 11 air conditioned self-catering apartments, luxurious by general Greek accommodation standards, most with garden, mountain or sea views. Nearest textile beach is half a mile downhill, and nearest naturist beach Paleolinos 10 min drive or you can ask Mark or Sam to drop you down to the beach. There is a pool, gardens, ample sunbeds, shady gazebos for sitting, a pool bar serving breakfast and lunch, and a dining area. It feels very remote and well off the tourist trail but is only 15 minutes drive both from the airport and from Argostoli, the capital. Shops are 4 minutes away by car (mini markets) and 10 minutes to 4 supermarkets, and near a petrol station as a car is essential. Mark and Samantha, the English hosts at Vassiliki, are welcoming but not intrusive; you can join in or be as independent as you like. They do weekly barbecue evenings onsite and meze evenings at local tavernas, and boat trips to remote beaches unreachable any other way, which are naturist once the harbour is left behind. They also have a masseuse who visits weekly, and an order service for take away taverna meals. They will arrange car hire for you, and taxis to/from the airport, though we picked up our car there. Nudity is acceptable anywhere on the site and expected dawn to dusk, and during the evenings weather permitting, certainly in summer people only dressed to go out of the site! There were mostly couples staying; There was a 12 year old and she never seemed bored even though she was the only child on site for the 2 weeks. We've already booked 2 weeks next summer. Highly recommended for discerning naturists who want to relax, chill, explore the locality, and enjoy! This report is brought to you by The Naked Knight.


o Malta Information. February 2014. I received an email saying that my report on the Meditterenean listing for Malta as having tolerated beaches is incorrect. "Police regularly take action against naturists making Malta the only EU country where this happens. We are trying to change this with our FB page at . We also have a blog at: . Some reports in a local newspaper which may be of interest to you: and . I personally witnessed 12 police court summons handed down to naturists in one day and in one spot. " Report by Gregor.
o Gozo Island Report. May 2010. On our island of Gozo, we have some remote beaches where naturism is tolerated. In the North we have 'Ghajn Barrani' (Foreigners' Spring). This stretch of sea-level blue clay rock is situated between 2 of the most popular bays in Gozo, Marsalforn & Ramla il-Hamra (the Red Sand Beach). To reach Ghajn Barrani you have to pass through the Village of Xaghra (the village of the Ggantija Temples). Coming up from Marsalforn Bay, as soon as you reach the first buildings of Xaghra, you meet some 'traffic islands', you just turn left through the fields, turn left again and park your car or bike there. If you have a Jeep, you can go a bit further down, but this is not recommended on the first time. You can then walk down all the way to the sea through passage ways in fields and down some clay slopes. This area is best when wind is blowing from the South direction. In the South East we have an area known as 'Zriezaq' (Slopes) or 'tal-Blata' (of the Rock, because there is a rock like Fungus Rock known as 'il-Gebla tal-Halfa') In the village of Qala, on your way down to 'Hondoq ir-Rummien Bay', you pass by a small Chapel and Cemetary, enter the second (2nd) road on your left had side just before the main road turns right overlooking the old hard-stone quarrey. Entering on the left, go down the Road through the fields and park in one of the last fields before the road ends. Then you have to walk through a tight passage way on the left of the road ending, turn right and proceed aproaching the sea. You can either stay in 'Anchor Bay' (you will notice a large black sign with an Anchor) or continue walking on the left hand side to the saltpens and discover yourself Gozo's Paradise!! A great area for snorkling passionates. Best when wind is coming from the North and West directions. These two beaches are among the best areas you can find for bathing in a more natural way. Among others you can even try a rocky area underneath Fort Chambray. This is fortification overlooking Mgarr harbour. You can rewach this area either from the parking area in Mgarr or from Ghajnsielem village through 'ix-Xatt l-Ahmar'. Just follow the 'Ship Wrecks' diving signs from Mgarr road. Once you are down at 'ix-Xatt l-Ahmar' walk to the far left hand side underneath the Fortifications. Ideal in North wind. Another place might be in Xlendi bay. Going up St Simon street on the left hand side overlooking the bay, you park your car, and proceed on foot to the Tower area, preferibly on North-East wind days. This is a great place for Snorkling. The two main Reefs cannot be missed. One is in the middle of the Bay entrance, where there is the signaling light, and the other reef at the far end. You can even try an area underneath the Tower of Dwejra, facing the Fungus Rock on Easterly winds. My most favourites are 'Ghajn Barrani' in Xaghra in South winds and 'Zriezaq' in Qala in North & West winds. Hope everyone reading, find this information interesting and helpful! If you need more help, please just let me know.. A warm welcome from the island of Gozo. Trip report by GozoNaturist. Email him for more information.



o nocover Clothes optional life in Turkey. NEW GROUP. NOCOVER is a mail group of Turkish Nudists/Naturists. It is a platform for the nudist/naturist Turks to organize their gatherings, to discuss and share their experiences. nocover is planning to provide information of location and tips for any one who would like to visit Turkey. Any pornographic or sex oriented mails/informations will be deleted immediately. This group is for the clothes optional life. People who don't like to cover their body under fashion. All know that we are born without clothes and will die like that too. Bu group yasamini textil urunleri ve moda tasarimcilarinin etkisinde olmayanlar icindir...dogal kiyafetsiz yasami tercihen eden ve insanlari oldugu gibi kabul edenler... "Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature, characterized by the practice of communal nudity, with the intention of encouraging respect for oneself, respect for others and for the environment. (Quote by the International Naturist Federation.) Visit the site for additional information.

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