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Beaches for nudists on the Maltese Islands
September 2004

The first stretch is on the far left side of the Ghajn Tuffieha Bay itself. Here, we found mostly a group of old local Maltesians who kept the beach clean and were obviously used to gather there regularly. The beach has some sand/clay and one can easily enter the sea for swimming (sandy entrance with soft slope). Also, there is a sandbank which can be easily reached by 'modest' swimmers. Beside the local old chaps, there were some single guys, another gay couple, a hetero couple and a grandmother with son. The beach does not have sun after 5 PM (early September).

The other stretch is over the cliff ridge, and is part of Gnejna Bay. The relatively long sandy strip is however very dirty and a lot of voyeurs are looking down from the ridge. Also, it is steep to reach this beach ! You can also walk past the sandy long strip and bath naked on the rock plateaus further south. When we were there, we found two other gay couples and a pair of young men. One can go into the sea here from the flat rock plateaus (but it is a little bit slippery !).

Also parking the car at the car park of Gnejna Bay and going north (path at the right side of the normal beach), one can reach these rock plateaus (but this is a very steep descend; we did not dare to take the risk) or a small pebbles/seaweed stretch under an overhanging cliff just before the former rock plateaus (this is easy to reach). We found one couple there and a single local young guy. From here one can easily swim to the already mentioned rock plateaus.

On Gozo, and contrary to what other reports say, it is not possible to go naked at Xlendi Bay. However, the far left stretch of the sandy San Blas Bay in the north (behind some large rocks), has some tiny 'sandy' or clay islands between the rocks where nudists can do sunbathing. However, when we were there, there was one other gay couple and one local gay guy who took advantage of the other couple (as we showed dis-interest and as he could be seen when standing up from the textile beach, he chose to play with his dick (and with the two other guys) further away where those guys were laying). I can imagine that most people would not like such an experience.

We also went naked on the large rocks near Selmun Bay on Malta. Take the dirt track (you can drive with your car) at the left side of the Mercure hotel (near Selmun Palace). Drive some 2 kms until you can go no further. Then descend by foot down to the rocks. It is difficult to swim here (you can do some footbathing easily) unless you are a very experienced swimmer (due to the many sharp and large rocks). When we were there, there was only one other guy and the very few people driving down from the Mercure cannot really see much (it is a long descent to this tiny beach).

In all, very few opportunities for nudists in Malta but we have enjoyed mostly the ones near Ghajn Tuffieha Bay.

Jan and Bear

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