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Skiathos, Greece

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Little Banana Beach

Little Banana Beach - Skiathos, Greece

Skiathos is an island off the east coast of Greece in the Aegean Sea. Surrounded by crystal clear blue water. An ideal holiday island about 20 km long and 6 km wide it has one main town and several villages along it's southern coast. In it's south east corner is the naturist beach called Little Banana, so called because of it's shape.

Little Banana is reached from the bus stop for Koukounaris beach, the last stop on the main bus route on the island. Walk up hill along a tarmac road which leaves the main road to the right, follow this for about 300 metres, ignoring a road of to the right, our road, by now a dirt track, bears to the right then straightens out and drops down a little. At the end you will see a house with attractive gardens.

Just before this is a double gateway on the left, with a side entrance to a path/track which drops away into an Olive Grove. About another 300 metres and the path splits, straight on to Big Banana a clothed beach (with a clothes optional section at southern end, but nowhere near as good as Little Banana!), bear right and uphill to Little Banana. Follow the path up the hill and down the other side and here you will find a gap in the bushes to Little Banana. Alternatively go onto Big Banana and having turned right on the beach follow the waters edge around a small rocky headland onto Little Banana. Either way it's about a 20 minute walk.

Once on the beach, about 800 metres long, you will find plenty of sun beds and umbrellas, for which a small daily charge is made, plenty of sand, lovely clear sea (populated by small fish which will eat bread from you hand!), and a small cantina which offers refreshments, beers, wine, salads and snacks prepared by the owners, a Greek guy and his English wife, whose slightly precocious daughter has free run of the beach!

In our humble opinion this is an excellent beach, seemingly safe (but of course always be careful in or near the sea and watch children's safety), backed by trees with a great view to the mainland. At each end are rocks, and rock pools, which can be explored naturally without the fear of being gawped at, and remember to take your mask and snorkel to see the fish around the rocks and swim with them.

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