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Our stay at Cabanas Copal, Tulum, Mexico, March 2006

Geographical situation

Cabanas Copal are located a little after the southern limit of Riviera Maya into the peninsula of Yucatan in Mexico. The cabanas are part of the group EcoTulum Resorts & Spa which includes various types of lodging and restaurants and accessible beaches. You can reach Tulum via the airport of Cancun and from there by road until you arrive at the cabanas, villas and hotels places after a 90 minutes ride.

A different stay

Because there are few hotel complexes of usual large resorts type in this area of ecotourism, you have to expect an variable offer of residences which standards are not the same ones from those of you will see in the tourist zones with great density. It is advisable to prepare well for this stay by consulting the various Web sites on this area and the trip reports.

What doing in Yucatan

The peninsula of Yucatan is offering a multitude of outdoor and outdoing activities. The visit of the various archaeological sites Maya like Tulum, Coba and Chichen Itza is enthralling. The presence of several Cenote, immense fresh water wells, and lagoons allows you nice swimming and snorkelling. A biological reserve, Reserva de la Biosfera Sian Ka' an, is easily accessible. For those who like hunting for art crafts, many stalls are present along the roads and downtown. The restaurants are multiple.

EcoTulum and Cabanas Copal

EcoTulum proposes three types of lodging with a progressive degree of rusticity. With the quasi-absence of electricity, there are no air-conditioners, television sets or refrigerators present into the proposed rooms. The sealing of the places is variable and noise, smell and wind from outside are part of your inside life as for small lizard and insects in some cases.

At Cabanas Copal our huts were located directly on the sea front with a small terrace and coconuts at our door. No electricity and you profit from the refreshing breeze of the ocean and the constant music from oceanic waves. The water of the shower and the sink is salted but hot water is available for the shower. A bottle water fountain is judiciously installed in each cabana. Candle lighting is the rule at night. At our request the bed mosquito net has been installed to enable us to sleep without fear of not announced visitors. The bed of size "king" is very firm.

Sand is omnipresent in the complex. Heat and moisture are very bearable at this period of the year (March). The weather was perfect except for two short episodes of five minute rain in one week. The sun can be particularly strong in the interior sites of the peninsula. Hats, sun lotions and water bottles are much recommended.

Diversified services of massage, holistic therapy and yoga are offered by EcoTulum. The prices can be seen as rather high according to our standards however.

Naturism with Cabanas Copal

One of the interesting advantage of Cabanas Copal is the possibility (clothing optional) of practising naturism within the beach and the cabanas areas.

You can walk along the beach for little over 700 meters which represent a total distance of 1.4 kilometres with the return. The sand fine and is well packed facilitating displacement. The number of naturists varies from day to day and all the age groups including children are well represented.

Both textile and naturist worlds cohabit with harmony and courtesy. Cabanas Copal personal are accustomed to cope with its naturist clientele.

The hotels village

Cabanas Copal share a small hotel sector made up of villas, cabanas and other lodging which is charming and easily accessible by foot. Restaurants, small store and handcraft stalls are present there and you can circulate in quietude and safety. The atmosphere is very Bohemian. Tourism is young but sophisticated.

Due of the particular context of the sector, early sleeping and wakening is observed as a general rule. The sunrises to the beach directed towards the east are much appreciated.

To conclude

Our stay carried out in pleasant company enabled us to escape completely from our daily routine and the harassing context of our media culture. That remains very different from the usual resort offer which one finds everywhere now. If you are already an outdoor amateur and that you have a good adaptable capacity, it is surely a destination to be considered. It is an aspect of Mexico that can be very different and relaxing.

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