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o Cabañas Copal in Tulum, Mexico. We have 43 rustic cabañas along a nude beach. Our cabañas sit on a natural terrace and overlook the spectacular Caribbean Sea. An inexpensive, romantic, and beautiful vacation awaits you in the heart of the Mayan Riviera. Cabañas Copal is nestled in a small clearing in the tropical forest on top of a natural terrace which overlooks the most private beach in Tulum. Copal has a secluded feeling, quiet and tranquil, though it is located at the entrance of the hotel zone of Tulum. Its central location also places it at only 3 km. from the seaside Mayan ruins of Tulum, and within walking or bicycling distance from many of the area's crystal clear cenotes (natural freshwater pools that are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, or diving). Visit the website for additional information.
o Cabañas Copal in Tulum, Mexico. March 2006. Cabanas Copal are located a little after the southern limit of Riviera Maya into the peninsula of Yucatan in Mexico. The cabanas are part of the group EcoTulum Resorts & Spa which includes various types of lodging and restaurants and accessible beaches. You can reach Tulum via the airport of Cancun and from there by road until you arrive at the cabanas, villas and hotels places after a 90 minutes ride. A different stay. Because there are few hotel complexes of usual large resorts type in this area of ecotourism, you have to expect an variable offer of residences which standards are not the same ones from those of you will see in the tourist zones with great density. It is advisable to prepare well for this stay by consulting the various Web sites on this area and the trip reports... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o Casa Encantado Bed and Breakfast has closed its doors.
o The Caribbean Reef Club has closed its doors.
o Hidden Beach Resort Au Naturel Club is an All Inclusive – Adults Only Resort located in Kantenah Bay Riviera Maya, one hour south of Cancun International Airport, 25 minutes away from the renowened Mayan ruins of Tulum. The Resort offers 42 beautifully appointed All Beachfront Suites in two-storey buildings and it is focused on personalized luxury service. Set amidst exotic gardens and facing the beautiful Mexican Caribbean Sea, Hidden Beach Resort features a unique beachfront swimming pool with a lazy river and a huge beachfront hot tub. It is a perfect intimate, upscale and secluded hideway for a naturist travelers only. Visit the website for additional information.
o Ixtapa Island (Mexico) Trip Report. July 2007. There is a nude beach in Ixtapa Island which is sanctioned by the government. The beach is about 100 yards long, fine tropical sand at one end, rocks at the other, with a wading pool beach entry and coral right after that. We were served by the local restaurant and enjoyed the place. It was safe and fun. This report is brought to you by Gabef.
o Mexico Cruise Specialists. Our staff has been trained extensively on the ports of call and the cruise ships traveling to Mexico. We offer 3 to 11 night cruises in length and some ships that offer topless decks for suntanning! Visit the website for additional information.
o Puerto Morelos, Mexico. February 2008. This one was a real surprise. My wife and I were in Puerto Morelos on a personal matter. We rented a house north of the town (Casa Mendoza) to share with lots of people. The house had a private swimming pool usable without clothing, and the beach was quite private, so we ended up swimming without clothing here as well. I walked further north on the beach. There is a huge construction zone, where they are building the next round of hotels or condos (hard to tell from the concrete shells, but I suspect the former). Walking north I passed a small hotel with very textile people (all the women wore one piece bathing suits), a large pink house, and a bit of wild beach. Then I came upon a sign telling me to stop if I was offended by nudity. It turns out that this is the swinger resort Desire, a clothing optional resort which shares nothing with the AANR except for the dress code. Net Nude has a report from 1999 about Desire, which at that time was isolated on the beach. Now it is about 300 meters north of the Pink House, and about 75 meters south of the next resort, Azul, which has a sign saying that nude people are not welcome there. People did walk nude about 200 meters towards the Pink House. But the empty mile north of the resort is now filled. The beach adjacent to Desire is used by a few nude people. The people at Desire were almost entirely nude on the beach. In Mexico the beach itself is public, and anyone can walk through Desire, with or without clothing. You have to ignore the occasional Public Display of Affection. So, if you don't want to do an all inclusive resort and you want to spend a lovely week on a not-too-crowded beach (this year. I suspect next year it will be a lot different) go to Puerto Morales. Before it goes away. Thanks Mickey for the report. If you wish to contact Mickey, click HERE. Make sure you mention the report you are referring to in the body of the email and that you want the email forwarded to Mickey.
o Punta Serena Report, near Manzanillo. Third Trip. November 7. English and Spanish Versions. (Spanish) Una vez más, mi esposa y yo tuvimos la oportunidad de disfrutar cuatro días en Punta Serena, que ya es sin dudas nuestro destino nudista favorito.EL VIAJE. Siete mil espectadores ovacionamos las últimas interpretaciones de Alejandro Fernández después de casi tres horas de concierto en el palenque de las fiestas de octubre, en Guadalajara. A las 3:15 de la fría madrugada del viernes 2 de noviembre, Anabel y yo nos dirigimos a paso presuroso a nuestro carro, para iniciar el trayecto hacia Punta Serena y cambiar en unas cuantas horas el gélido viento tapatío, por la cálida y húmeda brisa marina. Una brevísima escala en la casa nos permitió cambiarnos de ropa y subir el equipaje al coche. A las cuatro en punto salíamos del fraccionamiento en que vivimos y tras una visita a la gasolinera para llenar el tanque y comprar un par de cafés, tomamos la autopista hacia Colima... (English) Once more, my wife and I had the opportunity of enjoying four days at Punta Serena, which is, doubtless, our nudist favorite place. THE TRIP. Just after the Anabel's favorite singer show, at 3:15 on the cold early morning of November 02, we got in our car and started on our way to Punta Serena, stopping briefly at home just for change clothes and pick the luggage up. So at four o'clock we were at the gas station, filling the tank and buying two cups of coffee. Minutes later, I was driving on the toll road to Colima, with my wife sleeping deeply. 220 miles ahead the paradise was waiting for us. The journey was very pleasant, with my favorite music, little traffic and excellent weather conditions, I stopped a lot of times either to buy Cokes and to relieve my bladder. The first light of dawn coincided with our arrival to the Pacific coast; a short time later, Anabel eyes contributed to illuminate a splendid day of incredibly blue sky. At 8:15 we were checking in at the Punta Serena reception desk... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o Punta Serena Report. December 2006. Wow, what a great place Punta Serena is! I think it's as close to paradise one can get on a budget! My wife and I spent 5 wonderful days there, including New Year's, Dec/Jan 06/07. One thing is for sure about Punta Serena, it is not one of those crowded mega-resorts. There were days when we hardly saw anyone around. There is definitely a more private and intimate feel to the place. The views of the bay are so gorgeous especially from one of the two hot tubs. We arrived by bus to the little beach town of Barra De Navidad where we caught a cab to Punta Serena (I believe it was around 40-50$) I am pretty lucky because I have a Spanish speaking wife who was able to translate and make most of the arrangements. Once we arrived we both booked an open air aromatherapy massage, got a few drinks and a snack of ceviche (really good) and settled into our rooms. All in all the rooms were nice and comfortable. I especially liked our balcony and the soothing sounds of the waves. Be careful not to leave fruity drinks lying around because they will attract ants. We left our balcony sliding doors open all night and never had a problem with bugs getting in. The staff at Punta Serena were very helpful and friendly. There was a bartender and one waiter who spoke a little English to me but it would be a good idea to brush up on your Spanish. Also, it would be good to acquire several 10 peso coins (about a dollar each) to use for tips before you arrive. Which brings me to the food. In my opinion, everything on the menu was superb. Lots of delicious beef and shrimp dishes, sandwiches, snacks, wines, and a very unique Caesar salad. All of it very fancy and well done and especially enjoyable under the palapa restaurant overlooking the bay. I was so stuffed most of the time! Be sure to order room service at least once. Drinks flowed non-stop too. One of my favorites was a Paloma ("Dove" in Spanish) a mix of tequila and citrus soda with a little lime and salt. Although Punta Serena is not party central, a short walk down the hill to Blue Bay will provide all the mega-resort fun that you may be after. It's all free to Punta Serena guests. We had a fabulous New Year's party at Blue Bay, right after a delicious lobster dinner at Punta Serena! As for the nudity, this was our first experience at a clothing optional beach and it was great! My wife was a little apprehensive at first but with a little coaxing beforehand, she agreed to go nude with me on the beach. It's really a liberating and exciting experience to frolic in the sun, sand and water au naturel. There were maybe 5-6 people on the beach at a time, most nude. I saw some nudity at the pool and hot tubs too but mostly just the beach area. One thing we enjoyed very much was an early morning skinny dip in the ocean. The water is very warm even at 7 AM! The massages were nice and relaxing. The Temazcal sweat lodge ceremony was an interesting experience, definitely do it if you can. The jungle boat ride was cool. We even made a few friends. Thanks again Tom for the ride to the bus station! Can't wait to go back! This report is brought to you by Mark.
o Tulum Mexico. Entering Tulum's destination, last spot in the Riviera Maya, is entering a no comparison magic zone. Through the jungle we walk up to the beach, ending in a cliff that shows us one of the greatest jewels of the mayan civilization: Tulum's fortress city. Domaining the mexican caribbean ocean, this mesoamerican port's splendor is a living witness of the post-classic mayan period. Visit the website for additional information.
o Zipolite Beach. Zipolite offers the best of the modern and ancient worlds. It has become a Mecca for budget travelers from all over the world, who reach it easily by modern transportation systems and find a variety of inexpensive accommodations on and near the beach. At the same time, it has been spared the environmental destruction of modern "development", which would crowd Zipolite's beautiful beach with expensive hotel rooms, bars and parking lots. And in keeping with its nonconformist history, Zipolite continues its tradition as a "clothing optional" beach -- now officially tolerated by the government. We are living and working in zipolite, mex for the ngo diwanistan ( Actually we are constructing an info page about the beach and village here. This should also help the people to present themselves and we are thinking in presenting a lot of links about interesting information in the internet. The internet-medium is growing fast here, for countryside people a good chance to have access to more information than reading (stupid) newspapers ... Visit the website for additional information.
o Zipolite, Mexico Report. April 2008. In April 2008, we had the privilege to spend a wonderful time at Zipolite, Mexico.

El Alquimista Front Beach

Far West Part of Zipolite Beach

During that week of unforgettable serenity long away from our actual standards of tourist living, we rediscover how it is pleasant to fully consecrate our stay on essentials as the beauty of the site and the people there.

Relaxing Zipolite in the nude

For sure Zipolite as already mentioned will never compete with the present level of hotel installations of our usual sunny destinations. It is still a small Mexican beach village mainly constructed on sand. In fact all our activities during this week have been focused on the beach and the direct surrounding.

Zipolite typical Internet Coffee Shop

For the night and part of the meals we have chosen to be located at the El Alquamista complex at the far west of the beach.

El Alquimista - our cabanas was located on the far right of the picture (white hammock)

This the ideal place to spend time in the nude right from your cabanas up the beach. You just need to partly cover yourself at the restaurant.

El Alquimista Cabanas Interior with full front opening to the beach and the ocean

The beach is a marvelous curvy band of sand 2 kilometers long that you can walk fully naked without constant harassment from vendors or others. There are a lot of small restaurants, hotels even urban campsites available right there. They can be explored all day and evening long. Everything is mostly bohemian style as for service.

Zipolite Center and East part of the beach

The village is located just few steps from the back of the beach. Again small restos, coffee, shops can be found there like a small frontier Mexican village. The lazy atmosphere is the norm and it is an excellent way of reducing our minded speed. Hours or days of opening are completely improvised so we suggest you to get use of it at the right moment you have found it.

Many visitors from Europe are tending to spend long stay there and it is not rare to encounter owners of restos or cabanas that are Europeans.

Front Hammock Chamber from Poseda Mexico, another fine Zipolite place to stay

The Pacific Ocean is magnificent and the wave is incredible and may be dangerous as for the undertow. At the end of the day, many suffers are taking advantage from it.

Zipolite example of fully provisioned store

In brief, we loved the place and as naturists we really appreciated the clothing optional opportunity of it.

Hasta luego Zipolite! This report is brought to you by Michel.

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