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The following is an article written by Patti Logan which appeared in the
January, 1997, AANR Bulletin. Reproduced here with permission.
A brief bio provided by Patti: 
Patti Logan was a plainly-dressed, stay-at-home, straight-laced 
homemaker with a large family.  Now she's a full-time secretary with 
silver-streaked hair, attends a liberal church and practices 
assertiveness skills in even the simplest situations.  The nudist 
lifestyle has enhanced this transformation, and is symbolic of the 
change.  She's naturally optimistic, enjoys crafts, and thrives on 
being with people.   Her home club is Forest Murmurs Travel Club based 
in Lacey, Washington.  A spokesperson for women and nudism on the 
Internet and in print, Patti has been a member of the Northwest Nudist 
Association for over seven years. 
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Nude Time 
by Patti Anne Logan 
"Two days relaxed me like a month of vacation."  "Time stood still!"  
"It seemed that we had all the time in the world."  "I don't ever want 
to leave."  Time and time again, I hear similar statements from those 
who have experienced even a few hours of life at a nudist resort. 

Nude time IS different time.  When we take off our clothes (and forget 
our watches), we function under different time rules.  It's like 
moving into a time-warp where clocks are no longer important.  Time 
slows down for attention to people and relationships...or relaxation 
and play...or meditating and walking...or resting...or painting or 
crafts... or whatever YOU like to do when you are nude.  What makes it 

The Greeks had two words for time, chronos and kairos.  Chronological 
time is what most of us contend with most of our days.  Rush to make 
the meeting at 10:00 a.m.  Go to lunch at noon.  Hurry and fix dinner 
before the family arrives at 5:30.  Turn on the TV so you won't miss 
your favorite show at 7:00 p.m.  And so on.  Kairotic time is spiral, 
chaotic, intuitive, spontaneous, and unquantifiable.  Events occur 
according to some unexplained, illogical, interconnected, but 
nevertheless progressive clockwork.  One can almost feel the Master 
Time-Keeper behind the scenes. According to Sam Keen in Hymns to an 
Unknown God, in the chapter called, "Taking Your Time:  Kairos and 

Chronological time is what we measure by clocks and calendars; it is 
always linear, orderly, quantifiable, and mechanical.  Kairotic time 
is organic, rhythmic, bodily, leisurely, and aperiodic; it is the 
inner cadence that brings fruit to ripeness, a woman to childbirth, a 
man to change his direction in life at just the right moment.   

Pass through the gates of almost any clothing-optional resort, and 
chronological time ceases to exist. The whole picture changes.  We 
slip into kairotic time.  People look into the eyes of those they are 
talking with.  Friends pitch in to help someone in trouble.  Members 
spend hours together sharing a project or problem, never thinking of 
the passing of time.  Conversations continue until they end naturally, 
and may resume at any time that either party wishes.  Silence is 
possible.  Solitude or fellowship can be enjoyed to the fullness.  
Everything switches from Pacific Daylight or Eastern Standard to a 
Clothing-Optional timeframe. 

Sam Keen says this about kairos time: 
The realm of the spirit operates on kairotic rather than chronological 
time.  Nothing graceful happens by the numbers.  .... It is certainly 
a mistake to expect the Holy Spirit to arrive on schedule, either in 
the form of the assurance of pardon at church at eleven on Sunday 
morning or as a simultaneous orgasm at 9:41 on Saturday night. Great 
and soulful events -- falling in love, openings to the Beyond-Within, 
the birth of ideas and babies -- march to no tick-tock but appear in 
their own good time, when the heart is prepared and the moment is 
One reason I enjoy going nude anytime is this acknowledgment of and 
relaxation into kairotic time.  Have you noticed that even planned 
events at nudist resorts rarely begin on time?  If something planned 
doesn't quite work out and a substitution is made extemporaneously, 
the participants most likely relish the new activity. And no one 
complains.  They're running on Clothing-Optional Time! 

One more observation on nude time:  eventually, it escapes the place 
of origin.  When I first visited a clothing-optional resort, I noticed 
a difference in my own actions immediately.  I had fallen into nude 
(kairos) time.  I liked the feeling and it refreshed my body, my mind, 
and my spirit.  I began to look forward to those times of inactivity 
and relaxation.  But something greater happened in the process.  
Through the passing of time, the Star Trek warp-like change from one 
sense of the passing of events to the other--from chronos to 
kairos, and then kairos to chronos--finally became irreversible for 
me.  After several years of spending my weekends at our club and 
traveling to Nude Swims in our area, I catch myself living in kairos 
time when I have my clothes on! 
Sam Keen gives special instructions for encouraging kairotic practices 
to end his chapter on Time: 
Set aside regular times for meditative thinking, recollection, and 
silence.  As a practical matter, it is good to rise early enough to 
set the tone of your upcoming day by enjoying leisurely moments -- a 
graceful caress, a ritual shower of purification, a consecrated 
breakfast, a conversation about what matters with family or friend.  
Practice or omit whatever formal rituals you like --  meditation, 
prayer, tai chi, chanting, reading of texts --  that will remind you 
to enter the day with a spirit of gratitude and devotion. 
And I would add, live by nude time whenever possible!

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