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A Naturist holiday on the island of Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.

Spring 1999.

The main industry in Fuerteventura is tourism. The main tourists are Germans. The German attitude to nudity is reflected over the whole island. There are no naturist resorts as such but.....

The Beaches

In a nut shell.... The beaches of Fuerteventura are ALL okay for naturist recreation with the possible exception of the main hotel beaches.

There are three main areas to be aware of...

1) Corralejo

The most commercialised area of the island is also a huge national park. Fortunately there is only one road into the area which keeps the commercial stuff to one corner. There are a series of huge hotels at the northern end, but there is also a wonderful area of coastline that is mainly used by naturists. Park your car by the side of the road anywhere between Barca Quebranda and Corralejo itself. Going from south to north the area is split into Playa del Poris, Playa del Moro, Playa Bajo Negro and the commercialized Playa De Corralejo. The best parts of the beach for naturists are the areas with some dunes, rocks and rock igloos, but they aren't so good for swimming. There are great areas for swimming, but they have fewer naturists.

2) The north coast of Jandia

Fuerteventura 2

This is the north coast of Jandia... Playa de Cofete and Playa de Barlovento de Jandia. The beaches are almost deserted. Any people encountered along these beaches are likely to be nude.
Click image for larger photo.

This area is difficult (but great fun) to access. Four wheel drive vehicles are recommended. Playa de Cofete is reached by following the track from Morro Jable, through the tiny village of Cofete and down to the beach. It's quite a hairy drive through the mountains. There will be one or two jeeps parked on the beach but the further you walk the fewer people you will encounter. The people you do see will probably be nude. Apart from a bar in Cofete there are no facilities of any kind here. Playa de Barlovento de Jandia is a little further north east. It is supposed to be accessible from Playa de Cofete but we failed to find a track that we could get the jeep to negotiate. It can be accessed from the other direction. We didn't go there in the end but we could see it well enough from the top of the mountain and it's even more remote and deserted than Cofete. These beaches are wonderful and if you want solitude I recommend them. We found them a little boring and swimming here is dangerous.

3) The south coast of Jandia

Fuerteventura 3

This is a picture of naturists sunbathing on a sand spit. It was taken on the south coast of Jandia near the islands main windsurfing centre.
Click image for larger photo.

Playa de Matorral, Playa de Butihondo, Playa de Sotavento de Jandia and Playa Barca. These beaches cover a distance of about 10 miles. I personally walked along 90% of those 10 miles and most of the time I was nude. I walked one section on a day when it was a little cloudy and VERY windy, so I was dressed, but there were nudists sheltering in the igloos along the whole of that stretch. In other words, I can confirm that the entire beach is okay for naturist use. The areas in front of the hotels had few nudists but I was still comfortable remaining nude as I walked through.

This entire section of beach is just wonderful. There's safe swimming here. There are quiet stretches and there are several communities of naturists with the most incredible structures of stone shelters. There are a enough beach bars to keep you fed and watered but not too many to make the place feel commercial or touristy. Every naturist beach-lover should visit this place at least once <s>. Highly recommended.

Our Hotel

Our hotel (The Jandia Princess) was situated on the south coast of Jandia. It was NOT a naturist resort. However, it must be remembered that the island is largely a holiday retreat for the German middle class and it's obvious that their preferences will be catered for.

The hotel had five swimming pools and access to a public beach. Most of thewomen were topless around the swimming pools and sun-decks. Above one of the swimming pools was a gym, a large sauna, a steam room (which was not in operation), a massage room and a changing area. The sauna has a window which overlooks the pool and the sea beyond. While there were no published rules, clothing was NEVER worn in the sauna or changing room areas. The pool is often used after a sauna and no one bothered to put on swimming costumes.

There were sunbeds around the pool... I saw several women and one or two men use the sunbeds without getting dressed.

(I wrote this article during the holiday. On the last day, I noticed a small sign saying that nudism was not permitted in the swimming pool area. The staff obviously don't apply the rule as I often swam there while they were present. I've since written to the Manager asking for the pool to be designated for naturist use).

The beach below the hotel had areas of sunbeds surrounded by windbreaks and there were a few stone igloos at the back. I suspect that there would have been few naturists in this area but I never did anything other than walk past there. Nudity was the norm as soon as you moved away from this small area of beach.

Walking south there were some nice areas of beach with igloos and the odd beach bar. I only went that way once because I preferred the area to the north, but it was still a great beach and at least 50% naturist.

Walking north took us to the best beaches on the island, IMO. There were two beach bars, both of which had sunbathing areas that were used be nudists, and both did great food. There were also several clusters of igloos and naturally sheltered coves. The swimming was safe and fun. Most of the people on these beaches were nude.

The Stone Igloos

Fuerteventura 1

It's a row of smallish igloo thingies. The better igloos can be seen further down the row. It's high tide so the beach isn't looking too good either. This was the beach near our hotel on the south coast of Jandia.
Click image for larger photo.

Fuerteventura is a windy island, there is no getting away from that fact. On a good day there is a fresh breeze... on a bad day the sand will take the skin off your legs <G>.

The stone igloos go some way to resolving that problem. They are constructed from rocks and range from a simple semicircular wall of 12" high to a virtual village of elaborate design. Several of them have a roof, some have a garden path, one or two were made so that there was a spiral entrance. Most of the elaborate ones had a plaque naming the 'owner'. I saw one with a wall that had a concrete panel with the builders name drawn into it, and another with a chain across the entrance.

Often, they were interconnected and had common walls. Many were built in terraces on the side of a sand dune. One had a cavity built into one wall... it was used as a refrigerator. Some were equipped with chairs, sunbeds, tables and parasols.

On a calm day, we preferred not to use an igloo. The breeze was refreshing and we had no desire to hide ourselves away. On the other hand, on a windy day, you couldn't use the beach without them.

We soon discovered that the communities created by the clusters of igloos always had a Beach Mayor. How that came about, I can't explain. On one occasion we looked into an igloo in the hope of finding somewhere to shelter from a brisk wind, but found that there were some beach mats in there. We assumed that someone was using it and had gone for a walk. A German lady further up the beach gestured to us... we couldn't understand a word, but her gestures indicated that we were free to use the igloo. We saw her frequently over the next few days and it was quite obvious that she was the centre of the social scene there. She knew exactly who was where, and who was doing what <G>. I saw a young couple panning the beach with a video recorder. The Beach Mayor soon sorted them out <G>.

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