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Zona Nudista, Playa del Campo de Golf, Málaga, Spain

May 28, 2001

As I mentioned in my last trip report (posted here on June 15), I visited two nudist beaches during my just completed 15-day trip to Spain's Costa del Sol. The first beach was Benalnatura in Benalmádena Costa and the second was the nude beach more recently officially established by the Málaga city government (ayuntamiento) on Playa del Campo de Golf. Playa del Campo de Golf is the western most beach within the city limits of Málaga and is adjacent to the Parador del Golf (a highly rated golf course which also provides lodging for golfers). According to a large sign placed by the ayuntamiento at the western end of the beach, the beach will be maintained in a semi-primitive state by the prohibition of urbanization in order to preserve the existing ecology. In addition, a section of the beach will be officially set aside for use by those individuals who prefer to enjoy the sun and the sea free of the restrictions imposed by clothing. The beach is 2000 meters long and 60 meters wide. Just past the halfway mark walking east is a sign that says, "Ayuntamiento de Málaga Playa Naturista," and has an arrow pointing east. About 200 meters further east is another sign saying the same thing but with an arrow pointing west. Those signs define the limits of the zone. I noticed that the limit is adhered to on the east because of numerous clothed beach goers coming from the Málaga urban area but the limit to the west gets stretched considerably because that end of the beach is all but deserted.

There is a beach bar (chiringuito) in the middle of the zone named Mi Gema. It may be a gem in the owner's eyes but it is rather roughly constructed as compared to the chiringuitos along the more urbanized beaches. It does serve beer, wine, mixed drinks and a good selection of food at reasonable prices. There are dining table inside and shaded tables outside. Hamacas (lounges) are for rent at a reasonable daily rate and they may be placed under the palapas (thatched beach umbrellas) as desired. You must wear at least a bathing suit to be served in or near the bar; I learned that rule the hard way.

The beach was nearly empty on my first visit with just two hardy nudes trying to rough it out during a cloudy, windy day. On my second visit the beach was fairly heavily populated with a male/female ratio of about 70/30. There were some couples but mostly singles of both sexes. There were quite a few people wearing bathing suits. I attributed this to the very easy access of the nude zone by private vehicles, rather than an invasion of gawkers. This is the only point on the 2000-meter beach accessible by vehicles, other than the extreme ends.

Unlike my visits to cozy Benalnatura, everyone on this nude beach was a stranger to me. I didn't feel comfortable starting a conversion with anyone. I did talk to the English couple on the hamaca closest to mine about the U.K. elections he was reading about. He said he didn't give a damn who won because they were never going back there to live. By the way, they were both textiles.

This beach was within easy walking distance of my hotel, if two miles under a hot sun is considered an easy walk. At any rate, from Torremolinos, walk east along the beach road to the city limits where Torremolinos ends, Málaga begins, the road turns sharply north along the golf course, and the beach begins. Note that parking of RV's and campers is permitted at the west end of the beach. The beach promenade (Paseo Marítimo) will end well before you reach that point but continue on the dirt side of the road or walk with caution on the pavement. By vehicle, turn off N-340 at the Parador del Golf exit and proceed east on the side road to the end of the golf course property. At that point you will see a red and white communications tower on the far side of the highway and looking to the right towards the beach you will see the ruins of a building and also the back side of Chiringuito Mi Gema. Drive down the next paved road and park just about anywhere along the nude beach zone.

On my walk back after my second visit I stayed nude well past the western limit on a very deserted beach until I reached a point where I felt it was prudent to don my bathing suit. I've already told you probably more than you wanted to know about this nude beach but, at the risk of being labeled a homophobe, I should tell you the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey says. On my first trip down the beach I inadvertently walked into a rendezvous point for cruising gay guys. They were doing their thing in almost full view of the golfers on the other side of the fence separating the golf course from the beach. The nearest golfers were a foursome of middle-aged ladies who seemed intensely focused on their golf game. On each of my subsequent trips to and from the nude beach there were guys gathered in that same area. I walked along the water's edge and looked out at the sea and the beach ahead. This problem, if it may be considered as such, might go away sometime in the near future as the current planning calls for the Paseo Marítimo to be extended all the way from Málaga to Torremolinos. The land for the paseo would have to be taken from the golf course, or the beach, or both. This would take away the gay rendezvous point, along with the few existing sand dunes and sparse vegetation; so much for ecological preservation. I hope the ayuntamiento doesn't change its collective mind about the nude beach too.

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