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o Singles Information. This is a list of the singles policies of the clubs and resorts in the United States. (This list is being updated constantly.)

o BARE BUNS Family Nudist Club. Serving nudist families, couples and singles, primarily in the areas of Washington, DC; Baltimore and Annapolis, MD; and Richmond, VA. BARE BUNS was founded "to provide opportunities to enjoy healthful, wholesome, and relaxing clothes-free recreation in a family environment without any appearance of shame. We are a non-landed group of approximately 250 men, women, and children, mostly in the Washington - Baltimore - Richmond -Annapolis area, who enjoy getting together for a variety of social and recreational activities, both clothed and unclothed. And although our office is in VA, most of our activities are in VA, MD or WV, and we attract people from those areas plus South Central PA, SE PA, the southern half of NJ, and all of DE. People are willing to come a longer distance because our activities are so varied and we have so many families, couples and single women. Address: 2700 Glengyle Drive, Vienna VA 22181-5535. Phone: 703 281 4035. Singles friendly. Visit the site for additional information.
o nakedissues2 Naked Issues II . Yahoo Group. The purpose of this group is to stage a naked march on DC sometime this summer (exact date to be determined) to demand our basic human right to be naked whenever and wherever we so choose. For too long, we have been brainwashed into believing that we should hide our bodies in shame behind layers of clothing. The moralists, religious zealots and the clothing industry have propogated this myth to the point where it is considered obscene to be confronted with a naked human, be it in the media or in real life, yet perfectly fine for us to be bombared with images of dead, maimed and otherwise grotesque presentations of human destruction, piped into our living rooms every evening by the same people who go haywire over a bare female breast? Am I missing something here? Anyway, the aim of this group is to organize a naked march on DC sometime this summer to push for a rationalization of anti-nudity laws (archaic and outdated) and the acceptance to be naked if we so choose. Remember, aside from a full profile, you must be willing to get naked in public. And wouldn't it be great to walk around like this and not get busted? Yes. Nudity rules-clothes suck. Stay naked! Visit the website for more information.
o Potomac Rambling Bares has since its founding in 1984 provided a comfortable atmosphere for nudists in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, Maryland and Virginia areas. PRB is a very active member-run AANR clothing-optional non-landed or "travel" club. PRB's activities include a variety of house parties (such as pool parties, backyard barbecues, massage workshops, and annual Super Bowl and homespun music parties), rambles to landed nudist clubs, and outdoor nude activities such as forest hikes and beach trips. Singles friendly. Visit our website for membership and other information.

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