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o Singles Information. This is a list of the singles policies of the clubs and resorts in the United States. (This list is being updated constantly.)

o Bluegrass Naturists is a non-landed (or travel) club for the purpose of organizing family oriented social nudist activities and to provide information to those interested in the nudist lifestyle. We are located in the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky. The club is organized to introduce people to the nudist lifestyle and to provide members and guests with opportunities to participate in various clothes free activities. It is recognized the removal of clothing is both symbolic and beneficial in overcoming many social inhibitions and low self-esteem and allows the individual to reach his or her full potential. We do not choose to impose rules that would destroy our efforts to provide a wholesome and relaxed atmosphere. All club functions are to be family oriented and will be attended by people from all walks of life and religious faiths and representing single or married persons of all ages, levels of education and ethnic backgrounds, as well as, people of many shapes and sizes. Singles Friendly Club. Visit the site for additional information. (See our listing in
o Kentucky Nude Recreation (KCNR). This site now contains naturist listings in Kentucky. Kentucky Nude Recreation was originally "Kentucky Campus Nude Recreation" which was created in response to apparent low participation rates of young adults in North American nudism. At one time, there were limited student naturist gatherings at a few Kentucky universities, including an unofficial group at Western Kentucky University. Since then, these students have graduated/moved on in life. However, students at any Kentucky school and young adults in general interested in nudism are invited to contact Kentucky Nude Recreation. Interested persons are also encouraged to get in touch with sources such as Young Adults for Nude Recreation within the American Association for Nude Recreation, and College Nudist Seminars. Visit the site for additional information.
o Swimming Holes East. You have found THE web site for over 150 beautiful, natural swimming places in 20 States in the Eastern U.S. - Maine to Florida. A cool, refreshing swim in a river, creek, spring or waterfall is the perfect compliment to your favorite outdoor activity - be it hiking, camping, canoeing, rafting or just exploring. Our focus is on moving, fresh water spots, like creeks, rivers, springs and waterfalls. We will also list swimming places on lakes, quarries or bays which have unique features that make them especially beautiful or fun for swimming, but not the typical state park lake or ocean beach. Visit the site for additional information.

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