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o Singles Information. This is a list of the singles policies of the clubs and resorts in the United States. (This list is being updated constantly.)

o BARE BUNS Family Nudist Club. Serving nudist families, couples and singles, primarily in the areas of Washington, DC; Baltimore and Annapolis, MD; and Richmond, VA. BARE BUNS was founded "to provide opportunities to enjoy healthful, wholesome, and relaxing clothes-free recreation in a family environment without any appearance of shame. We are a non-landed group of approximately 250 men, women, and children, mostly in the Washington - Baltimore - Richmond -Annapolis area, who enjoy getting together for a variety of social and recreational activities, both clothed and unclothed. And although our office is in VA, most of our activities are in VA, MD or WV, and we attract people from those areas plus South Central PA, SE PA, the southern half of NJ, and all of DE. People are willing to come a longer distance because our activities are so varied and we have so many families, couples and single women. Address: 2700 Glengyle Drive, Vienna VA 22181-5535. Phone: 703 281 4035. Singles friendly. Visit the site for additional information. (See our listing in
oChesapeake Bay Flotilla. (No website at the current time.) We know you're out there in the Chesapeake. Have met a dozen boats over the years and seen small groups anchored up in those out of the way places. Any support in establishing a Chesapeake Bay Naturist Flotilla contingent? If you are interested join our one list to share the weekend schedule of events and keep suggesting those great spots. Chesapeake Bay Motto ..."Best Sailing in the World".
o Columbia Area Naturists (CAN) exists to provide information on area naturist activities. No website at the current time. All events are hosted; the guest list is determined by the host. CAN's Swim & Sauna events are open to anyone. Most activities are in Howard or adjoining counties, but a few are elsewhere (e.g., trips to the beach or mountains). Hikes, Walks, Picnics, Beach trips, Swim & Sauna. We do not ask about religion, politics, gender, sexual orientation, national origin. Singles friendly.
o MARNA (Maryland ARea Naturist Association) is a MD based naturist Club serving Maryland and surrounding states in the Mid Atlantic Region. Providing a family oriented and kid-safe atmosphere for singles, couples and families. No discrimination based on marital status, sex, sexual orientation, race, color, or religion. No quotas are applied to MARNA sponsored events. Links to our affiliates, co-sponsors and other naturist resources. Add your own links on our guestpage. Singles friendly. Visit the site for additional information.
o Pen-Mar Club is a family-oriented nudist club located on a rustic 58-acre tract in the mountains of Appalacia in south central Pennsylvania. Wildlife and plantlife abound. Fish jump in a pond. Stars fill the night sky. Pen-Mar offers privacy, friendliness, recreation, relaxation, and a quiet place in which to enjoy nature. Pen-Mar is a relatively small club owned and operated by a cooperative group of nudists who elect a volunteer Board of Directors. We believe we have one of the most congenial groups that you will find anywhere. Activities and Facilities: As in most nudist camps, our swimming pool area is the center of attraction. In addition, we have a sand volleyball court, a horseshoe pit, and several lovely hiking trails. In the evenings, members gather around the campfire or in the clubhouse for conversation, card playing corn roasts and pot luck dinners, casino night, dances, theme nights, or bingo. Rental trailers; campsites; water and electric hookups, and showers and restrooms. The Pen-Mar Club is primarily a weekend club, open from May through October. Singles friendly. Visit the site for additional information.
o Pine Tree Associates. Set on 96 acres of forested hills, Pine Tree is a shady getaway just miles from the attractions of the nation's capital. Members and visitors come to Pine Tree for its beautiful setting, plentiful modern facilities, and warm family atmosphere. The club centers around a grassy common area with pool, courts for tennis, paddleball, and volleyball, and luxuriant lawns for sunbathing. The nearby clubhouse offers a large dance floor, indoor pool, hot tub, and saunas and a shady terrace for get-togethers. Overnight campers and RV owners will find ample facilities, including restrooms and outdoor showers. Visit the site for additional information.
o Potomac Rambling Bares has since its founding in 1984 provided a comfortable atmosphere for nudists in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, Maryland and Virginia areas. PRB is a very active member-run AANR clothing-optional non-landed or "travel" club. PRB's activities include a variety of house parties (such as pool parties, backyard barbecues, massage workshops, and annual Super Bowl and homespun music parties), rambles to landed nudist clubs, and outdoor nude activities such as forest hikes and beach trips. Singles friendly. Visit our website for membership and other information.
o Swimming Holes East. You have found THE web site for over 150 beautiful, natural swimming places in 20 States in the Eastern U.S. - Maine to Florida. A cool, refreshing swim in a river, creek, spring or waterfall is the perfect compliment to your favorite outdoor activity - be it hiking, camping, canoeing, rafting or just exploring. Our focus is on moving, fresh water spots, like creeks, rivers, springs and waterfalls. We will also list swimming places on lakes, quarries or bays which have unique features that make them especially beautiful or fun for swimming, but not the typical state park lake or ocean beach. Visit the site for additional information.

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