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o Singles Information. This is a list of the singles policies of the clubs and resorts in the United States. (This list is being updated constantly.)

o Hiking and Canoeing in Minnesota and Wisconsin. March 2014. People may think of the sunny southwest first when thinking of nude activities; but during hot summer months, the northern areas of the country are the place to be. I've lived in the Twin Cities for 15 years, and have spent many hundreds of hours hiking naked and riding my mountain bike in the nude on the trails that follow the public lands up and down the St Croix River corridor. There are many 'official' hiking trails that see limited use, especially during the week. Also, anytime the temperature is above 90 degrees, the fair-skinned people that have lived here all their lives are all seeking refuge in the AC of their homes. During such a "heat wave," I will drive from the Twin Cities to some of my favorite hiking areas au naturel, sitting on my shorts rather than wearing them. The parking areas on days like this have always been empty - always - so I just hop out of my vehicle the way I came,! strap on my Camelback, and start hiking or riding. The shorts stay in the car. Also, the St Croix itself is a beautiful river, listed on the country's national Wild and Scenic Rivers list, and as such, is not open to development. This makes it a fantastic place to canoe/kayak nude. Plenty of sandbars for sunning, stretching or swimming; and low usage, again especially during the week. Everyone wants to canoe the Boundary Waters in MN, so this gem is often forgotten. I've spent a week in warm weather paddling down its upper reaches without ever getting dressed, which makes for a great tan. A perfect day trip when I don't have time for overnighters is to paddle from one small launch site to another taking my mountain bike with me in the front of the canoe, say 10 or 15 miles; get out by mid-afternoon, and bike back to where I parked on the trails near the river, all in the nude. So far, I've gotten my girlfriend to paddle nude. The hiking and biking are yet to come. This area is by far the best I've found in the area for nude recreation. Anyone living within an hour or so of the St Croix needs to check it out; and I highly recommend anywhere on the river from Wild River State Park in MN on up. From the park down is more developed, and therefore more trafficked. Happy hiking! Brought to you by the Twin Cities Hiker.
o Minnesota Naturists is a non-landed, family-oriented, naturist group located in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul. Our membership comes from all walks of life, religion, and lifestyle. Clothing-optional activities for the whole family: Parties, Hot-tub Rentals, Camp-outs, Picnics, Sports, Canoe Trips, Cultural Activities, Trips to area clothing-optional sites, Contact with other groups, Regular membership meetings. Singles Friendly Club. Visit the site for additional information.
o Minneapolis area, USA. June 2008. Just to let you people know who live in the Minneapolis area, Elm Creek Park on the North end of Maple Grove has many wonderful places for nude recreation. There are some 40+ miles of trails and the "horse trails" provide a good place for nude hiking. It is a somewhat busy place on the weekends however, no one goes there durring the week. I personally have hiked many miles nude there and have done much sunbathing for hours on end. On another note, the beach at Sweeny Lake in Golden Valley can still be used nude. I have been going there for 17 years and there has been a decline in nude use. However, you can still go nude. The police only come occasionaly ( I have never seen them in the hundreds of times I have gone). Good luck everyone and lets get naked Minnesota! Come on! Thanks Karl for the report!
o Naked Minnesota is a group for gay and bisexual men. We cohost some events with the Minnesota Naturists as well as have events on our own. Visit the site for additional information.
o Oakwood Club. Minnesota's oldest family oriented nudist club/campground. Beautiful grounds located 30 minutes north of the Twin Cities. Clubhouse,camping, swimming pool, volleyball, Petanque courts, horseshoes, and shuffleboard. Come out and have some fun, the natural way! Our members, like most clubs in the United States, are a cross section of Americana; diverse ages, vocations and interests. The Oakwood Club covers 40 secluded wooded acres, adjacent to a regional nature preserve. The clubhouse facilities include a full kitchen, fireplace, television and screen porch. Many social events take place here including a variety of theme dinners, card parties and casino nights. A full calendar of events is scheduled for the upcoming season.The camping and tenting facilities of the club cover three distinct areas: Bare Butt, Inner Circle and The Main Field. The club has over 60 spacious sites, most with water and electrical hookups. Reservations should be made in advance for visitors planning on bringing a trailer, tenting sites are always available. Two small rental trailers are also available for use by visitors. Singles Friendly Club. Visit the site for additional information.

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