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All listings all alphabetical within State.

This page contains ONLY the reports from the past FIVE years. If you wish to see an earlier report CLICK HERE.

o Singles-Friendly Locations. This is a list of the singles policies of the clubs and resorts in the United States. (This list is being updated constantly.)

o Nature's Hangout. (No current website for this place.) An Online Family Oriented Naturist Community. We offer any naturist that wants it a Free Webpage, online HTTP editor, File Upload, etc. Our goal is to build a online naturist community that feels and looks like geocities Currently besides the free webpage we offer normal chat rooms, Webcam Chat rooms, Message Boards, Picture Gallery and more. Stop by, take a look around and post a few messages. If you need help with the Webpage creation, just let us know. We are also planing on purchasing some land this spring and starting a place for anyone local to go to. (Local Being Central Montana). Stop by and say "hi" we'd love to hear from you. Also if any naturist have a website that needs promoted, we can list them with over 1000 search engines, ffl pages, etc. at no charge.
o Wyotans. A Nudist travel club affiliated with AANR and NWNA. This travel club is centrally located in Wyoming, but with remoteness of the area, draws members from surrounding states. The two primary locations for our events are the Casper, Wyoming area and Rapid City, South Dakota. Members reside in South Dakota, Nebraska, Montana, Colorado and throughout the state of Wyoming. Events and/or meetings are held monthly in members' homes with touring around that particular location including tourist stops, local camping in the Big Horns or the Black Hills, hiking, hot-tubbing, and just enjoying the companionship offered with social nudism. The members try to arrange their monthly get-togethers around special events in their home towns or area. Thus they have attended balloon rallies, sheep dog training class, dinosaur digs in the middle of Wyoming, home and garden shows, Sturgis Motorcycle Ralley, hiking up the face of Crazy Horse Mountain, and swimming in remote local waterfalls. We hold at least one event at Mountain Air Nudist Resort in Colorado. Weather is always a consideration in Wyoming and the group has learned to enjoy the peacefulness of cribbage games, darts and various indoor activities. Wyotans have approximately 40 members ranging from 8 to 85 years old, with committed couples, singles and families. A monthly newsletter is sent to members with current activities and past event reports. Singles friendly. Email Wyotan for additional information.

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