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o Singles Information. This is a list of the singles policies of the clubs and resorts in the United States. (This list is being updated constantly.)

o Goodland Country Club & Spa, one of the nation's oldest nudist parks, invites you to experience our secluded rural setting in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains conveniently located in northwest New Jersey. Here, free from clothing and everyday stress, our spacious grounds offer you the option of enjoying Nature in the company of others or in quiet solitude. Goodland's relaxed atmosphere and tranquil setting will inspire you to recapture the freedom and beauty of the natural you. Our guests are people from all walks of life. They encompass the full political, educational, economic, and cultural gamut. And though you 'll find a wide variety of shapes and sizes, ages and ethnicities, everyone agrees: Goodland's secure and friendly setting fosters a feeling of trust and respect among old and new friends alike. So whatever your goals - physical health, personal growth, reconnecting with Nature, or just simple relaxation, Goodland Nudist Country Club really does have something for everyone. We also have Campsites for the nudist who enjoys camping. Goodland is the place where people meet by choice and friendships and memories begin. Visit the site for additional information.
o Friends of Gunnison (FOG) is a non-landed, AANR & TNS affiliated club located at Gunnison Beach (Area "G") at Gateway National Recreation Area-Sandy Hook, NJ. We have no clubhouse, no meeting place, except the beautiful beach at Sandy Hook. The clothing optional beach attracts over 10,000 naturists per weekend in the summer months. Our newsletter, "The FoGHorn" is published monthly for members to keep them informed on the club happenings. Visit the site for additional information.
o Paddling Bares Canoe Club. If you are a canoeist or kayaker who enjoys skinnydipping or a naturist who would like to go canoeing, we are the group for you. Unlike most clubs, we don't specialize in any particular type of trip, such as whitewater or sea-kayaking. We sponsor as wide a variety of trips as possible. Our emphasis is on quality trips in areas where we can skinnydip without legal hassles. We have members of all ages and paddling skill levels, from beginner to expert. They represent a broad cross-section of cultural, economic and religious backgrounds. Members include couples, singles, and families. We openly welcome individuals, couples and families as new members who have a desire enjoy the outdoors naturally via canoe. Address: P.O. Box 22, Milltown, NJ 08850-0022. Singles Friendly. Visit the site for additional information.
o Rock Lodge Club. Peace and tranquility one hour from New York. Forty-two miles from Times Square is Rock Lodge Club's secluded, unspoiled woodland. Over 1,000 feet above sea level, in the Ramapo Mountains, cool breezes tame even the hottest summer days. Heart of the club's domain is a crystal clear 5-acre spring fed lake, completely surrounded by club property and available only to members and guests. Around the lake and extending into the woods are a number of cottages leased or rented by club members. Our facilities include: A lake for swimming, boating and fishing; Row boat, sailboat, paddle boat; A hot tub; A sauna; Two community living rooms; A recreation room with table tennis; Showers, dressing room and lavatories; Picnic tables; Gas barbecue grills; Refrigerators; One rental room is available for visitors. Cabins and two large buildings afford living accommodations for a limited number of members. Good motels and campgrounds are also available in the area. There are no facilities for campers, trailers or tents. Singles Friendly. While Rock Lodge Club is family-oriented, single women and men are welcome. Visit the site for additional information.
o Sandy Hook, New Jersey. October 2006. It was Columbus Day Weekend 2006 and neither my husband nor myself were ready to give up on Summer. We are regulars of the beautiful "Ledges" in Vermont but were fearful of a cold weekend since we had hoped to camp. Cheesequake State Park in NJ is open until the end of October ($20.00 per night/ for 6 to a campsite), so we decided to take our chances and go to Sandy Hook. On Sunday and Monday my husband and I travelled to Sandy Hook, NJ. We are from NY State near Albany and most of our fellow nudists (except for 1 couple who did join us on Monday) had given it up for the summer thinking the weather would be too cold for a nude beach. Boy were they wrong!!! Both Sunday and Monday were in the high 70's with Monday being the best day. We had brought a windscreen with us but we did not even need it either day. My husband plays guitar and was able to hook up with another guitarist on both days and entertain a group of beach goers. On Sunday night we decided to go to the Seagull's Nest which we had passed by several times before thinking that it may be too expensive since it is right on the ocean at the end of the Hook. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that both meals and drinks were inexpensive ($11.00 was the highest price for a meal!!!!) and it afforded us a pleasant end to our day as we met up with other beachgoers and watched the sunset as well. Also, when we returned to the campsite we were surprised by how warm it was!! We only needed a sweatshirt which is surprising for this time of the year. Moral of the story---when the cooler temperatures hit check the local forecast and take your chances!!!! You may be in for a happy surprise. Thanks Daphidil for the report!
o Sky Farm. Nestled in the hills of central New Jersey, Sky Farm Nudist Club is America's first and finest naturist community for families and couples. Situated on 35 beautiful acres, we have promoted family nudism since 1932. We operate as a private cooperative and as such do not allow day visitors, though visits for prospective members can be arranged. Check your troubles at our front gate as you enter our little slice of paradise. Relax in our new cedar sauna, soak away your tensions in our beautiful jacuzzi hot tub, play Petanque or Miniten, or simply relax in our large heated pool. The fun at Sky Farm never ends. Visit the site for additional information.
o Tri State Sun Club. New Jersey based clothing optional activities. Indoor Swim Socials in Bergen County, New Jersey, as well as Nude Villa Vacations. Singles friendly. Visit the site for additional information.

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