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This page contains ONLY the reports from the past FIVE years. If you wish to see an earlier report CLICK HERE.

o Singles Information. This is a list of the singles policies of the clubs and resorts in the United States. (This list is being updated constantly.)

o Burning Man, Nevada. September 2008. Burning Man is, for a week, the fourth largest city in Nevada. It is an alternative arts festival in which everyone participates to some extent, and few if any are merely spectators. It is a clothing optional place. A few people tend to be nude all the time. More often people are nude when it is appropriate - in the human carcass wash (where first you wash people, then get washed, having first established everyone's boundaries - what they want to touch, what they want to be touched), or on line for the steam bath, or for massages, or taking a sun shower. Many women are topfree. This year they had the world's largest Teeter Totter ('The Titty Totter of Death') which men and women had to ride top free. The key thing is that nudity is neither mandatory, nor unusual, nor noteworthy. It just is. In previous years water trucks would spray the roads with clean water and people would run nude behind the trucks, taking a shower on the run. This year the water was not certified clean, so no one did it. Thanks Mickey for the report. If you wish to contact Mickey, click HERE. Make sure you mention the report you are referring to in the body of the email and that you want the email forwarded to Mickey.
o Burning Man 2006. September 2006. Burning Man, ( ), is an alternative arts festival in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, 127 miles northeast of Reno. It is a festival of radical self-expression, with a philosophy of no spectators - everyone contributes something (we contribute medical care), leave no trace, no commerce (you give things away), dedicated to transient art, most of which is burned on the final two days. It is clothing optional. Most people wear clothes most of the time, although a number of events, like the human carcass wash, are nude... (click link to read the rest of the report.)
o Nevada Sun Rancho. (Formerly the 'Las Vegas Sun Club'). This club no longer exists.
o Our House Las Vegas has been sold and is no longer a nudist facility.
o Sea Mountain Resort has moved to Palm Springs, California. Check the California section for more information.
o SNNN Southern Nevada Naturists and Nudists. This is a place for families, couples, singles and those newcommers who are interested in nudism. Meet and greet other nudists and naturists here. Exchange Information on local events and the best places to enjoy the unclothed lifestyle. Visit our website for more information.

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