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This page contains ONLY the reports from the past FIVE years. If you wish to see an earlier report CLICK HERE.

o Singles Information. This is a list of the singles policies of the clubs and resorts in the United States. (This list is being updated constantly.)

o Armadillo Resort spans 50 acres of beautiful, wooded land just 20 minutes north of Weatherford, Texas. It caters to the needs of families as well as couples and singles. Children are welcomed, protected and encouraged to blossom in the wholesome, family environment. The facilities and activities at Armadillo Resort reflect that. The amenities include: two in ground swimming pools; air-conditioned clubhouse with sunken dance floor; 34 Campsites 10 Sites for mobile homes; 5 Pull thru sites with 50 amp service; unlimited tent sites; horseshoe pit; ladder golf; movie screen for Friday night movie and popcorn; 50 Acres available for hiking; small restaurant serving breakfast and dinner on weekends. Singles-friendly. Visit the site for more information.
o B.B.'S Hideaway is closed.
o Bexar Recreation Society is a Non-Landed travel club meaning we don't have grounds. San Antonio, Texas. Bexar is pronounced 'Bare' or 'Bear'. It's the name of the county we live in. Isn't that cool? We are an American Association for Nude Recreation (ANNR) club which includes being part of the Southwest Sunbathing Association (SWSA) which is the regional organization of the AANR. We are also affiliated with The Naturist Society (TNS). TNS lists us in their magazine Nude and Natural (ada N) in the "Other Contacts" section. Bexar Recreation Society subscribes to TNS/AANR principals...not a sex club nor do we tolerate swingers. We are basically a backyard nudist group. The nearest facilities are Riverside Ranch in Elmendorf 35 miles SE of San Antonio and Star Ranch near 30 miles east of Austin. Being a cooperative club, activities are only as good and varied as the membership makes them. There isn't anyone "on staff" to entertain us. We have had activities at member's homes and visited Riverside Resort and Star Ranch as a group. We meet at member's houses and travel to locations around Texas. Singles-friendly. Visit the site for more information.
o Bluebonnet. Nestled in the rolling hills of North Central Texas, warmed by the hot Texas sun, shaded by ancient native oaks and cooled by gentle breezes rests Bluebonnet, a naturist Park. Freed from the cares of the textile world, nudes, visitors and members alike, play and relax in the natural setting that Bluebonnet affords. Some of the facilities: Adjacent to the swimming pool is a fiberglass hot tub and a free standing cedar rock sauna. The outdoor swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, volley ball and tennis courts, horse shoe pits and nature trails beckon to those who enjoy an active lifestyle. Those wishing to spend the night can tent out or hook up their R.V.'s. Singles-friendly. Visit the site for more information.
o Bolivar/McFaddin Nude Beach is located on the Southeast Texas Gulf Coast and is 5 miles north of High Island, TX along State Highway 87 in Jefferson County, approximately 80 miles from Houston. Information on the beach is listed on this page. Visit the page for more information.
o Central Texas Nudists invites your family to join ours for wholesome activities, done without the bother of unneeded clothing. Our parties are held mostly at member's homes, where we swim, share meals, play games... just about anything that normal families do, because we ARE normal families! CTN is affiliated with The Naturist Society and the American Association for Nude Recreation. Ours is a group that consists of singles, couples and families with children. Singles-friendly. Visit the site for more information.
o Chaparral Resort - The Unique Bed and Breakfast. North Central Texas only clothing optional bed & breakfast, is now open. Located 6 miles from beautiful Lake Granbury, nestled in 25 acres of secluded countryside. Heated pool, private bungalow type suite with covered patio, 180 channel satellite TV, full exercise gym & equipment, campfires, breakfast served in rooms or at the cabana, fenced & gated for security. Day visits or overnight accommodations available. Visit our web site for more information or call Pat at 817-594-0210.
o Chinati Hot Springs. We are a rustic oasis in the desert with modest accommodations. We have five rooms and camping for overnight guests. There are three private indoor baths for bathing or soaking, and one outdoor tub for soaking only. All of these tubs have the hot mineral water piped directly to them. And, of course they are all clothing optional. We have a community kitchen for all our guests, but provide no meals, so bring your food. Check out our detailed website for more information.
o Emerald Lake Resort. Welcome to the Houston area's newest nudist resort. We are currently inviting nudists from the area and beyond to take a tour of our facilities and see what we have to offer for nudists and naturists of all ages. Come play in our 12 acre lake! Emerald Lake Resort is dedicated to the promotion of wholesome family nude recreation and living. We will form a partnership with our members to create an environment that is relaxing and enjoyable for all. Singles-friendly. Visit the website for more information.
o Emerald Lake Resort, Porter, Texas. July 2008. This was the perfect place for the kind of weekend I was looking for: a quiet, relaxing and nude weekend. And, that is exactly what I got, so I wasn't disappointed. This is probably the most natural of the clubs and resorts that I have thus far visited in Texas, as Louisiana really doesn't offer much in the way of nude recreation. This is the only resort I remember visiting that didn't have a swimming pool, although they have a marked off area for swimming in the lake itself. The lake also offers fishing, possibly jet skiing (presumably you could bring your own for this, check with the office), they have some paddleboats available, and a canoe. There is also one of those 'zip lines' that you can ride into the water if you just have to make a big splash. There's a boat ramp at one end of the lake, so presumably you could also ski here if you brought a power boat, although it would be pretty tight for slower boats to get up to speed... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o Free Spirit Nudist Club. An exclusive couples non-landed nudist club in Dallas, Texas. Visit the website for more information.
o Gulf Haven Resort is closed. It has been taken over by bank and no nudity is allowed.
o Healthy Hides of Houston. is an un-landed nudist club that sponsors monthly house parties in the greater Houston, Texas area. Well established in the Houston community, Healthy Hides of Houston (HHH) is a health oriented, social, positive thinking group devoted to nude recreation. Affiliated with the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR), the oldest and most prestigious nudist organization in the U.S., as well as the Southwestern Sunbathing Association (SWSA), we can assure our members the finest standards of representation in the nation's fastest growing sector of recreation. Visit the website for more information.
o Hill Country Nudists is dedicated to the wholesome acceptance of the human body and the enjoyment of nude recreation. Nudism / Naturism is not about sex, it is about freedom and acceptance. HCN is not a sexually oriented club and all ages are welcome. Our membership consists of a mix of couples and singles and includes families with children. We provide a means for people to get together and enjoy recreational activities in the nude and experience the support of a like minded group. We do not own our own club facilities, but operate as a 'travel' recreation club, meeting at designated recreation sites and member's homes. We have a great variety of activities, ranging from trips to nude resorts in Texas to a simple afternoon of skinny dipping at Hippie Hollow. Singles-friendly. Visit the site for more information.
o Hippie Hollow. April 4th, 2006. This was my first visit to Hippie Hollow, and it was a wonderful afternoon There were a few people, and they were quite friendly, but there were a couple of things that happened which helped me understand why children are no longer allowed there. To begin with, I accidently started out in an area I would later discover was mainly gay...and I felt like a raw steak surrounded by vultures, so I moved to an area where a few of the locals greeted me and explained the park to me. While they were telling me about the area we noticed quite a few guys fully clothed, but they were interesed in other guys. When one of the women decided to take a dip in the lake she spotted a man masturbating while looking at her. She got all over him and threatened to call the Park Rangers, and a few of us let him know we were there too. I asked her if she has to put up with a lot and she said "every time I come here I have to put up with this. Fortunately, I can take care of myself, and the regular guys chase them away." A little further down on the water front I saw a pretty good sized gathering of all ages, but mostly hippies. There were also several younger couples enjoying the park and enjoying the true nudist lifestyle. Hippie Hollow is a treasure for Austin, and an example of what a City or County can do if they are so bold. Would I visit there again? YES. Would I take my spouse? YES. Would I take my children (if they were allowed)? HELL NO! Unfortunately, the true nudist ideal has been lost at Hippie Hollow, and it is those who believe that nudism = sex that cause the problems. Thanks Dave for the report.
o Kamp Au Naturel. This is a marketing survey for the establishment of a family oriented, gated, naturist site southwest of Houston, Texas, to be tentatively located in Wharton County off Highway 59 between Wharton and El Campo. Currently only one resort is located in this area and land values make new sites a costly venture. A marketing survey is being conducted to appraise the feasibility of this undertaking. Especially if you are located in the SW Houston area, please visit the site and participate in this survey.
o Lone Star Resort. It is a rising star among Texas nudist resorts. Family and singles friendly, Lone Star is set on 45 acres of towering pines and majestic oaks. The grounds are absolutely beautiful, and the amenities are first class. Lone Star is located just 35 miles northwest of Houston, only one hour from Houston Intercontinental Airport, and minutes from the Texas Renaissaince Festival. Check the website for more information.
o Lone Star Resort Report. September 2012. I had a few hours before my next mid-week meeting in NW Houston, so I decided to drive over to Lone Star Resort. It's an easy drive, only about 30 miles northwest of Houston. Once I left the main highway, it was a startlingly quick transition to the lush east Texas countryside. The hustle & bustle of a big city was left behind, replaced by spreading green meadows and towering trees. A few turns led me to the country road which meandered around, gently encouraging me to slow down and look at the countryside. The fragrant aroma of pine forest began to creep into my vehicle, and there by the roadside, was the oversized "Texas Star" that marked the resort. I got a quick tour, filled out the obligatory paperwork, and stripped off. The bathhouse is immaculate and modern. Beautiful tilework, spotlessly clean, its' quality is at the top of resort facilities. Amenities and activities abound, ready for participation. I chose not to play Petanque solo, & just head straight for the pool. The pool, hot tub, deck, furniture and accessories were of equal quality and cleanliness (although the rectangular design is not as pleasing as some free-form designs). The in-house sound system was pumping out the music, and the stress was quickly melted away. How soon can I schedule a few more days of conferences in Houston? Thanks Big_Al for the report.
o Lost Parrot Cabins Bed and Breakfast near Hippie Hollw in Austin, Texas. We offer nightly lodging in our secluded rental cabins within minutes of Hippie Hollow. Singles friendly bed and breakfast with tropical gardens, pool, hot tub, outdoor grill, private decks, nature trail on 8 acres of the Texas hill country. Our kitchenettes are great romantic getaways. Many of our guests enjoy the nude beaches at Hippie Hollow. We donít advertise this but discrete nudity is allowed on the premise. Check with the innkeepers to see if itís appropriate during your stay. Visit the site for more information.
o Natural Horisun, Inc. is a family oriented nudist park that has been in operation since April, 1992. Dedicated to a wholesome and safe environment for the enjoyment of nude activities, the club is a member in good standing of the Southwestern Sunbathing Association (SWSA) and the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR). Nestled among 32 acres of pecan and oak trees just outside of Houston, Texas, the club provides a beautiful resort community to weekend visitors as well as some full-time residents. Natural Horisun is dedicated to providing a safe haven for families and couples who enjoy the nudist lifestyle and wholesome recreation. Singles-friendly. Visit the site for more information.
o North Padre Island, Texas, Report. October 2008. I was there with my wife and a friend of ours in October after finishing the MS 150 Bike to the Beach (San Antonio to Corpus Christi). Nothing has changed in terms of clothing-optional use, but there was a lot of trash from Hurricaine Ike. I recently read in the paper, however, that the National Parks Service is getting some of the stimulous money specifically to fund cleanup of Ike trash along the National Seashore. Thanks Bill for the report.
o North Texas Naturists is a non-landed club, meaning we do not own any club facilities. We operate as a nude recreational travel club meeting in member?s homes and traveling together as a group to North Texas area landed clubs and resorts. We are single friendly and open to singles, couples, and families. We are active participants in naturist gatherings and hold regular meetings open to all club members. You will find the NTN membership to be an accepting and sociable group. We eagerly welcome new members and encourage involvement in AANR and TNS. Please visit our web site for additional information or to contact us.
o Pondarosa Resort. It is our dream to provide Nudists with a private retreat in a country setting but with upscale country club facilities. Pondarosa Resorts, Inc. is such a facility. It's ten acres is a 55 space R.V. Park planned with ten 60' pull-throughs, five 50' pull-throughs, 35 back-in spaces and five rentals, plus the owners home and motorhome. Each space is 40' x 50'and are provided with sewer, water and in the case of temporary spaces, also electricity. We offer a 12' fenced and secure gated environment to provide privacy and security for our members and guests. Any one wishing our newsletter can send their address and we will be happy to sent one. Singles-friendly. Visit the website for more information.
o Pondarosa Resort at Will's Point, Texas. July 2008. I tented here for the 4th of July weekend, 2008, which is my favorite way, as close to nature as possible. My plans had changed on short notice and yet the owner and management here were still able to book me with but two days notice. As a single nudist with my dog, I was truly surprised that they were able to do this so quickly. My first impression was the cleanliness of the grounds, as I arrived Thursday evening less than an hour before sundown, and they were as spotless as you could possibly expect after a day's use. And, they WERE spotless at the beginning of each day I was there... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o River Hills Nudist Resort is closed.
o Riverside Ranch Resort. This site no longer considers Riverside a nudist resort due to their open sex policy. As of December 2008, Riverside has been removed from the Naturist Network and is no longer recognized by The Naturist Society.
o Roamin' Bares. (previously the Travelin' Bares). We travel to a different resort (they must be single friendly or we as a group do not go) each month. We are looking to attract more members to our group, we have about 80 right now, and are affiliated with TNS, AANR. Mailing address is Box 61, Gorman, Tx 76454. phone number is 254-734-5989. Singles-friendly. Email for more information.
o The Sahnoans at Star Ranch in McDade, TX. Sahnoans means "The Healthy Ones." Star Ranch is the home of the Sahnoans, a family-oriented nudist club. Texas' oldest nudist club founded in 1957, Sahnoans offers visitors a rustic escape from the sounds and distractions of civilization. Photography is not permitted. Star Ranch has over 111 acres of heavily wooded grounds offering hiking trails, meadows, and countless trees for privacy and reflection. Clean, refreshing air, country water, and peaceful tranquility enhance the stress-free environment enjoyed at Star Ranch. Discounts are available for AANR, INF, and TNS members. Please call for other discounts. Admission Policies: Clothes-free, Singles friendly, Credit Cards Accepted (Visa, Mastercard, Discover), Personal Checks accepted. Pets: Leashed only. Amenities: Restaurant (seasonal, weekends), Snack bar, Laundromat, Community kitchen, Picnic tables, Fax/copier, Computer port, Cable TV. Accomodations: 9 cabins, 2 rooms. Camping: 48 Tent spaces; 50+ RV Spaces with electric, water and septic; Disposal station; 7 showers with hot/cold water. Recreation: Swimming Pools (Indoor/Outdoor); Indoor hot tub; Tennis court (lighted); Volleyball (lighted); Shuffleboard (lighted); Horseshoes; Petanque (lighted); Table Tennis; Darts; Pool table; Hiking/Nature trails; Recreation hall; Covered Poolside Pavilion; Playground; Children's Activities. Visit the site for more information.
o Sandpipers Resort is a clothing optional resort with visiting and resident members from all over the United States, Canada, and Europe, for lots of very good reasons, not least of which are the excellent facilities! Facilities include: Rental Units (1 & 2 Bedrooms); 100+ RV full hook-ups; Telephone Service Available; Heated Olympic Style Swimming Pool; Deluxe Hot Tub; Children's Wading Pool; Large Shaded Poolside Pavilion; Two Lighted Tennis Courts; Fully Equipped Exercise Room; Shuffle Board and Horse Shoes; Four New Petanque Courts; Sand Volleyball Court; Club House with Library and TV Room and Seasonal Restaurant; Poolside Snack Bar; Laundry Facilities; Large Video Library; Winter-Texans/ Snow Birds love the warm weather here in south Texas with 315 days of sunshine per year and January temperatures averaging 65 degrees. Near by are nature preserves and local parks for bike rides and world-class bird-watching; Mexico, just minutes away, for special excursions and bargain shopping of all kinds; and South Padre Island for beach-combing, surf and deep-sea fishing, horseback-riding, skinny-dipping, and even bungey jumping. Visit the site for more information.
o Sun Singles of Texas. Yahoo group no longer exists.
o Sunbirds Sun Club is a hetero couples-oriented non-landed nudist club comprised of more than 60 couples and singles in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas Metroplex who enjoy social nude recreation. The Sunbirds have been together in various forms for more than 10 years, and our friendly group of North Texas nudists keeps on growing! As a non-landed club, Sunbirds does not own any property, operate a resort or have any permanent physical facilities. Our activities consist of parties at the homes of our members around the D/FW Metroplex and planning group outings to local resorts. Visit the site for more information.
o Texas Nude Recreation. This page contains links to various Web resources that provide information about nudist clubs, resorts and other groups that cater to the nudist lifestyle. In the case of the locally-maintained pages, we depend on user feedback to keep the information as accurate as possible. Also included are the public nudist destinations in Texas. By virtue of its warm climate and the friendliness of its residents, Texas offers many opportunities for nude recreation across the state. And, by virtue of its size, the Lone Star State offers almost every kind of terrain imaginable for naturists to choose from. From the flat plains of the Texas panhandle to the mountains of west Texas to the lowlands of the coastal bend, Texas has it all. Some of the opportunities for nude recreation in Texas are provided by commercial nudist resorts and travel clubs, many of which provide the amenities of a full-featured resort in a quiet rural setting - yet are located within a reasonable driving distance from the nearest metropolitan areas. Their geographically diverse locations provide a good sampling of the natural diversity of the Texas landscape. For those who desire a more natural setting, several locations in Texas have become popular among those who prefer being "clothed by the sun". Some of these locations on public lands have been designated for clothing-optional use or are remote enough to provide ample privacy. Visit the page for more information.
o Vista Grande Ranch was sold and is now closed. The new owners did not want to keep it as a resort.
o Wildwood Naturist's Resort is located on 120 beautiful acres just north of Decatur. This is a new resort in the Dallas / Fort Worth area and it is a place where you can share in the joys of being clothing-free. Open year round, members and guests enjoy lounging in the fresh country air of Wildwood, soaking in the hot tub, or taking a dip in the swimming pool . The woods and meadows provide ample opportunity to hike in the great outdoors clothed only by the sun. Singles-friendly Resort. Visit their page for more information.

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