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This page contains ONLY the reports from the past FIVE years. If you wish to see an earlier report CLICK HERE.

o Singles Information. This is a list of the singles policies of the clubs and resorts in the United States. (This list is being updated constantly.)

o Arcadia Naturally. Arcadia is a romantic getaway resort and private nudist club in Shelton, WA. We are unique offering not only cabin lodgings complete with kitchens and access to propane barbecues but also have RV and camping, a large Grecian designed solar heated pool and a 24 hour indoor hot tub lounge all located in a 6 acre garden and cedar park setting. We cater to couples getting away from children as also we welcome the single nudist. We have been open 14 years. Visit the website for more information.
o Forest Murmurs Travel Club. (No current website. If you know the address of the website, email me via the contact page on this site.) FM is a non-landed travel club and accepts all persons regardless of marital status. We are affiliated with the American Association for Nude Recreation and the Northwest Nudist Association. Our members live in every corner of the Puget Sound and the Olympic Peninsula from Everett to Elma with the highest concentration being in the Olympia, Wa (southern Sound) area. All ages, occupations, political & religious persuasions are welcome. Address: P.O. Box 5113, Lacey, WA 98509-5113. Singles Friendly!
o Fraternity Snoqualmie. Park Forestia is a private cooperatively owned landed club with over 45 acres of beautifully wooded property. Located about 20 miles east of Seattle. Open all year with organized social events occuring all year long. The club is currently accepting new members. Families, married couples and selected singles are encouraged to apply. Hiking trails, solar-heated heated swimming pool, a HUGE children's wading pool, hot tub, wood sauna, volleyball court, basketball court, badminton court, shuffleboard, horseshoes, pool table, community kitchen. Address: P.O. Box 748, Issaquah, WA 98027. Phone: (425) 392-NUDE. Singles Friendly! Visit the website for more information.
o Fraternity Snoqualmie Report - Part 2. (Part 1 is below.) Written in 2002 but still valid in June 2008. Some thoughts on my first visit to the Fraternity Snoqualmie nudist club. I always wanted to jump out of an airplane with a parachute – so I did it. I’ve always wanted to visit a nudist club – So on a warm fall Friday I did that too. I’m glad I’ve now done both but for very different reasons. Both were great experiences. Parachuting was more exciting but I permanently injured my ankles and knees. Visiting the nudist club was far more relaxing and I didn’t injure anything... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o Fraternity Snoqualmie Report - Part 1. (Part 2 is above.) Written in 2002 but still valid in June 2008. I wrote this quickly after my first visit to a park in 2002. Did you ever want to try something, just once? Ever challenged to try? Travel the world, Teach at a University, Invent something, Visit a nudist park, be a famous writer, Vacation in Tahiti be a pilot, take up skydiving…. Take skydiving for instance. In a bull session at work the subject came up and I ventured that I’d probably like to try it once. One of the guys handed me a slip of paper with an address on it. He said: "Just show up Friday evening at 5." So I did… and the next day I was at the airport encumbered by innumerable pounds of equipment waiting for a flight. Thirty minutes later I began the experience of my lifetime enjoying the sport that gives you the most fun you can have with your clothes on. More about that later. Here’s how I filled another one of those goals... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o Kaniksu Ranch. A member-owned landed club affiliated with the American Association for Nude Recreation and the Northwest Nudist Association. The club will be open from May 29 through October 23 in 1999. 240 acres of breathtaking forest on a serene mountain top 30 miles North of Spokane, Washington. Heated swimming pool, sauna, hot tub, sand volleyball courts, hiking trails, horseshoes, bocce, children's playground, week-end restaurant, large campground with RV hook-ups, sleeping rooms, washer/dryer, two sets of rest rooms, four sets of showers, two natural ponds. Address: 4295 N. Deer Lake Road # 5, Loon Lake, WA 99148-9650. Phone: (509) 233-8202 Singles Friendly! Visit the website for additional information.
o Lake Associates Recreation Club (LARC) is a clothing optional campground and RV park located in Skagit Valley between Seattle and British Columbia, Canada. The members of Lake Associates Recreation Club are planning and building a place that embraces the great outdoors with indoor and outdoor sports facilities and activities. Other features include RV sites, an organized youth group, entertainment, hiking, social and holiday parties. LARC provides a safe and secure place for family recreation situated on 65 acres in Washington State. The grounds include streams, waterfalls and nature trails. LARC is a friendly, family-oriented club with couples and singles always welcome. The lifestyle here is clothing-optional and we believe such an environment is ideal for family recreation. Visitors to our park are not required to disrobe, but weather permitting, nude recreation is the norm. Address: PO Box 654, Conway WA 98238. Telephone: 360-445-6833. Singles Friendly! Visit our page for more information.
o The Naturals Club of Spokane. (No current website. If you know the address of the website, email me via the contact page on this site.) We believe that recreation through exercise, relaxation and socialization is enhanced by the nudist experience. This non-landed club hosts nude swims at a local pool from October through April, and enjoys potlucks at members' homes on most major holidays. Visits to landed resorts and nearby Hot Springs. Located in Veradale only a half hour from Spokane. Affiliated with the AANR and NWNA. Singles Friendly! POB 554, Veradale, WA 99037. Visit the site for additional information.
o NorthWest Naturist Boating Club is the first new AANR non-landed club of 2011. We are also affilated with TNS, AANR-NW and AANR-WC. We are featured in the March (2011) edition of AANR's Bulletin. We are a group of boating enthusiasts that enjoy and appreciate the many opportunities for nude boating available to us in the Northwest. We welcome all sailboaters, powerboaters and non-boat owners who are interested in and enjoy boating au naturel. Visit the website for more information.
o SLUGS (Sun Lovers Under Gray Skies). The SLUGS are a naturist travel club located in the Puget Sound area in the State of Washington. Most of our members live in the greater Seattle area, but we have members from the Olympic Peninsula to Ellensburg, the Tri-Cities, and as far away as Pullman in eastern Washington, and from Vancouver, B.C. to Oregon. Our activities cover all of these areas, and occasionally longer trips to destinations in California or other parts of the country. Singles Friendly! Visit the site for additional information.
o Central Washington and Vantage. April 2008. A great place to be comfortable wearing only a thong swimsuit. Many female / male thong-suited people. The thong swimwear idea is popular here. We're learning that the Vantage, WA, Riverstone Resort as well as the Getty's Cove Resort / Campground are great places to be a bit free - - -. Also, go across the bridge to Silica Road Exit. Stay left. Go down to boat ramp. Plenty of parking for all. Best practice to not get nude until you arrive at path way to nude area. However, in past years, it has been quiet there - - -. Use your good judgement on this. The infamous "Nude Beach" on the Columbia River ( now known as Wanapum Dam - - - after the latest dam was built in 1959 - - - named after the Wanapum Tribe - - -) has become more and more co-ed. Not bad. For the past few years it became a male dominated place. That's OK. However, these past two summers we are seeing more and more "explorers" from Central Washington University, in Ellensburg, WA., 40 minutes away. Great to see the increase of nudists at this place these past two summers among college aged people and above. We have done the Hawaii thing for years; been-there-done-that, etc. It has been so great to be back home in Washington State !!! Thanks DJ for the report!
o The Nude Beach at Vantage in Central Washington. 2006. This is a popular watering hole for CO and Textiles so it might be advisable to use the farthest beaches on the weekends. The area has beautiful basalt rock formations good for rock climbing. The area also has good sailing and other water sports. It is also a popular spot for trail bikes along the sandy roads and trails. The beach front is owned by the Grant County PUD and they have no objections to its use for nude sunbathing as long as there is no over night camping. Also the Grant county sheriff department has said the nude use is recognized and allowed as long as one uses commonsense when near others as not to offend any one. The owner of the adjacent property that is next to the beach itself has no problem at all with naturists. The only issue with him is that all people treat the property with respect by not defacing or littering. It is best to avoid being nude in view of the parking lot.
o Wanapum Dam State Park near Vantage, WA. September 2008. We have discovered a rather nice C/O area just south of the official boundaries of Wanapum Dam State Park near Vantage, WA. Wandered upon two couples and one teen boy at different spots while there. We were told by them good idea to disrobe further away from nearest to state park boundary, however. Also, as many people are aware of, another great C/O area across the bridge going east to Silica Road Exit, go left and left again all the way down on old Vantage Highway to rivers edge. We like the newly found place next to State Park better, for now. Less driving and fresh drinking water,etc., at state park. Just to be sure re stuff, wife asked if any problems with being nude beyond the state park boundary, a park aide said they had heard that folks go nude there from time-to-time. Not a problem with them, we're only guessing, however. Enjoy what warm weather remains !! Thanks DJ for the report!

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