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Nude areas in the Alaska Panhandle Report.


We've been up there several times and the answer is, practically ANYwhere; the population is so low, the area so vast (more than twice the size of Texas = if Alaska were split in half, then Texas would be the third largest state), and 90% of the state is public land, so find trail map and hike away. The Tongass National Forest covers much of that area, so on Revillagigedo (Ketchikan) Island, for instance, go north up the road, then right on Ward Lake Road; along there are many spots with trails. At the end are several deserted lakes. Or, take the road all the way north to Settler's Cove State Park and hike nude there or all the way south to Trail 722 and hike nude up to the frigid lakes.

On Bell Island, just north of Revillagigedo, is Bell Island Hot Springs and we know nothing of it, except it's boat or seaplane access only. Just north of Bell on the Cleveland Peninsula (also boat of seaplane access) is Bailey Bay Hot Springs with nude hiking and nude soaking. Look for our reports on nude use and nude hot springing The Last Frontier in an upcoming issue of NUDE & NATURAL.

You could spend a lifetime up there; it's a wonderful place and we'll be back.

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