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Atlantic Shores in Key West, Florida, Report.
April 2002.

A few weeks ago my wife and I spent a weekend in Key West. It was our first visit and certainly not our last. It is a really delightful place with a wonderful ambience and character to it. We spent the early parts of our two days there shopping and sightseeing. We took a self-guided walking tour from which we learnt a lot about the history of Key West as well as seeing a considerable number of old and historic houses and other buildings. In the evening we ate at very good restaurants of which there are plenty! They are not cheap compared to the part of Florida where we have our winter home but the food was excellent and the service attentive.

We stayed at Atlantic Shores which is located close to the southernmost point of the U.S. This is an ideal location because it is within walking distance of just about everything Key West has to offer in the old town area. We parked our car when we arrived and just left it until we had to head back home. We found the hotel staff to be very wecoming, friendly and helpful.

Atlantic Shores advertises itself as catering to a full range of adult or alternative lifestyles including nudism. The attraction for us was the clothing-optional pool area and pier by the Atlantic Ocean. We spent our afternoons relaxing by the pool in the nude. As is generally the case in Key West there was a large gay crowd by the pool, some wearing swimsuits, some in thongs but the majority were nude. I would say the gays accounted for about fifty to sixty per cent of the people there. But there were plenty of couples too so my wife and I did not feel at all uncomfortable or out of place. With very few exceptions which usually involved the women wearing the briefest of thongs and nothing else, the couples were completely nude. It was a lively crowd and quite entertaining to be a part of it.

Our room was very comfortable and equipped so we could prepare light meals for ourselves. It was also very quiet even though it was located on the exit driveway from the pool area. Given Atlantic Shores' reputation as a party place, this was a pleasant surprise. For us the only downside was that while we were able to be nude at the pool and in our room we had to wear something in between. When my wife and I are on vacation we much prefer to stay somewhere where we can be nude at all times. We therefore checked out a couple of other places which cater to nudists.

A guest house called The Pilot House. This was very nice but we decided we would not be comfortable there. This was simply because even though the brochure says the pool area is clothing-optional when we dropped in every one of the ten or a dozen people by the pool was dressed.

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