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Avalon Resort, Paw Paw, West Virginia

Summer, 1998

The road leading up to the Avalon Resort in the hills of West Virginia is like something out of Beverly Hillbillies, pre-move to Beverly Hills. All bumpy and seemingly leading to nowhere.

This road less traveled, though, really leads to a paradise unlike any other "camp" or "resort" we've been to so far. Imagine getting up in the morning, naked, walking out of your room no more than 10 feet from the best breakfast you've ever had in a restaurant as good as the best country diners. That's what can happen to you at Avalon.

Imagine, too, going the other direction from your room and having the pool and social center only twenty or so yards away. That's what can happen to you at Avalon.

Imagine making that same walk from your room to a full-service bar and striking up the best conversation with some naked strangers who quickly become your friends. That's what can happen to you at Avalon.

And imagine hearing a live band rock the night away while several hundred naked people laughed, had fun and danced with one another. That's what can happen to you at Avalon. That's what happened to us last summer at Avalon.

We've visited some great resorts: Sunny Rest in Pennsylvania, Berkshire Vistas in Massachusetts, Paradise Lakes in Florida and Avalon. There's always something wrong with each of them that we can't say about Avalon. For Berkshire Vistas, it's too far; for Sunny Rest, it's not naked enough (at least not at night); for Paradise Lakes, it's too expensive ... but Avalon is close to Washington D.C., Baltimore and Philadelphia and the people there really now how to have a good time.

And most of them like to party "nekked."

One last word of advice: If you go, rent a car. Critten Owl road will kill your shock absorbers.

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