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Avalon Resort, Paw Paw, West Virginia

June 1999

I had the opportunity to visit Avalon this weekend on Sunday. A fellow list member Dan, made a gracious offer to drive down and take me with him. I was more than overjoyed to ride down in the rumble seat, and off we went!

The new Avalon is situated in the Shenandoah Mountains (Hills if you are from Rockiest land) and the landscape was spectacular. We arrived at 09:00 hours and proceeded to sign in and get situated. Dan took off and worked the hot tub-swimming pool-hamock circuit. I took off both literally, and figuratively, and explored the facility and trails on foot. The total amount of acreage meant that this took about an hour of steady walking.

I explored the camping area, and the trails which went into the mountain area behind the camping area. I was impressed with the tranquility, and untraveled nature of this part of the facility. After I explored (after an hour of walking I decided to take a break!) the natural scenery I decided to explore the developed facilities.

Avalon has a volleyball court, (of which was kept busy in the afternoon), a community center (which was used for a dance with a live band the previous night) a camping ground with built up camp sites (provide your own tent though), condos (which are still open for ownership) and lodges (which can be rented). There is also a nice sized pool and a hot tub which is around by the restaurant. There is also a horseshoe area, but most everyone said Neigh to that one!

The owners and the regular members and guests were all superb company. I never bothered to check the "gender balance" out. Nobody cared! There were a fair number of single men, as were married couples were there and everyone enjoyed the facilities, and the company, and the true balance desired was attained though a mutual respect everyone had for each other and their rights. There were a fair number of children ranging from toddler age to 18 or so, both male and female. There again everybody demonstrated respect for the rights of others and this is how true balance is obtained!

I would have no apprehension about taking a lady friend, and anyone else to Avalon, if they had never been to a nudist resort, or activity before. I see no risks associated with unacceptable people or social conventions.

Over all I recommend this facility to those in the Virginia area. Those on this list who would like to carpool should get together and do so. Overall Avalon is an under appreciated resource which should be visited by those on this list in the Maryland-Virginia-West Virginia area!


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