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Paw Paw West Virginia
April 2001

The gentle breeze accompanied by temperatures in the mid 70s made Avalon in West Virginia the perfect spot to spend on Sunday, last April. The nude receptionist in the office smiled and processed our reservation for the day. The last three times we had visited a clothing optional resort or club, for whatever reason, be it policy or temperature, the receptionist had been clothed. My companion later commented to me that there is something especially welcoming about a nude receptionist. It sends the message that you are in the right place. With our day fees paid, and with the weather so beautiful, I had removed my clothes, and my companion had removed her top before we got back in our car. Avalon is clothing optional, except for the pools and the spas, where nudity is required.

We drove to the parking area and saw the new gleaming indoor facility. It consists of a meeting room, an indoor swimming pool, rest rooms, showers, two spas, a sauna, and an exercise room. Before we settled in, I stopped by La Belle Pomme, the well known restaurant in Avalon. Perhaps it was the season, or perhaps it was the loss of their long time chef, but, the dinner hours were short and later than we were able to stay. I felt great disappointment because the menu looked great, including a couple of offerings for those of us who refrain from meat. I know it is the custom of some, to dress for dinner, but to me, eating without wearing a belt or a waistband is a beautiful thing.

Avalon often hosts a variety of activities. On this weekend, a woman's workshop was going on. Had I the foresight, I would have taken an agenda from the office so I could have reported about the workshop topics, here. Neither working nor shopping was on our agenda, however, so we found a couple of vacant lounge chairs and spread out our towels. There were plenty of lounges available. The crowd never seemed to get above a dozen adults, and maybe about a half a dozen kids, with people coming and going the whole day. The structure is glass like, with sliding doors and ceiling spaces that open. Ceiling fans keep the air flowing. Beautiful plants decorate the surroundings. The new facility is lovely.

The shower area in the far corner is kind of primitive, with not a lot of space, and two heads in the stall. Turning on one shower can affect the temperature and force of the other, so be careful. Midway along the wall between the showers and the meeting room, one finds a door leading to a flight of stairs. This leads down to the exercise room. This room contained a treadmill, free weights, a complex looking weight machine, something that looked like a Nordic track, some sort of cycling machine, and several other pieces of equipment. If I cared to spend the time, I could have had quite a workout.

The swimming pool is three feet deep at either end, and five feet in the middle. It was perfect for the kinds of water exercises I do. Just beyond the pool are the two spas. One is warm. The other is hot. After a dip in the pool, I settled in the lounge chair and read the novel I'd been wanting to finish all week. As I drifted between reading and sleeping, I noticed Phyllis, the owner, emerging from the meeting room. She recognized us as not being one of the regulars, smiled, and asked where we were from. That friendly, welcoming feeling pervades Avalon.

In the course of the afternoon, I finished my novel, used the pool, sauna, and both spas, and went for a walk around the beautiful grounds. All too soon, we had to begin our long drive home. As we drove past the office, I glanced up and saw a smiling face, and a hand waving goodbye. The facilities combined with the friendly attitude of the owners and staff make Avalon a perfect location for a day of stress removal

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