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Paw Paw West Virginia
August 20 & 21, 1999

In the northeast corner of West Virginia, not quite into the eastern panhandle, and near both the Maryland and the Virginia state lines, not far from the little town of Paw Paw, WV, there is a wonderful resort where clothing is optional, the scenery is beautiful, the facilities quite nice, the people very friendly, and the hosts quite gracious. This is Avalon, owned and operated by Phyllis and Patrick Gaffney.

The property, which consists of 250 acres (including about 30 acres in the clothing optional area which have been sold for private residences) in the West Virginia mountains, was once a church conference center. Purchased about four years ago by the present owners, it has been enhanced and improved in many ways, and many more improvements are planned for the future. There is an outdoor swimming pool and an outdoor hot tub, which holds about eight people. Tennis courts, petanque, volleyball, and horseshoes provide sports activities. A short hiking trail is being equipped as a fitness trail, but this is being done by volunteer labor, so its completion schedule is uncertain. There is a lodge with nice rooms, condos, and extensive camping areas. The state has recently paved Critton Owl Hollow Road, and the driveway into Avalon has also been recently paved.

A massage therapist is available on weekends. There is a snack bar at the pool. The dining room and bar are located in the lodge. Dances are held weekly in the dining room, and other activities are available to help you meet new friends. Avalon sponsors an annual Folk Music Festival and this year had a Nudie Blues Festival in July.

I went to Avalon August 20-22, 1999, as a member of the National Capital Sun Club. When I first called for reservations, the fact that my wife would not be accompanying me caused some hesitation on the part of the person answering the phone, but when I explained that I was coming with the members of the NCSC no further objection was raised. While I was there, I saw families with young children, couples young and old, and singles. There was no apparent discrimination on account of marital status, and the families apparently had no hesitation about bringing there children of all ages.

Phyllis and Patrick were very gracious hosts. On Friday night, August 20th, Phyllis led an ice-breaker game intended to help us meet the other guests. All had a good time, and the atmosphere was congenial. The daytime, of course, was devoted to activities of your choice; most people lay in the sun around the pool, although some joined in a group game of badminton on one of the sand volleyball courts, and of course the hot tub was in use most of the time. Saturday night there was a Wild Wild West party with dancing, music provided by a DJ. The dance floor was rarely empty!

Avalon is a clothing optional facility, with nudity required in the pool and hot tub. Most of the guests were nude or nearly so (topless) the entire time I was there.

There are plans to build an indoor swimming pool. The exact location has not yet been determined, but Patrick told me he hopes to have it in operation within the next year. Also, he and Phyllis would like to purchase an additional 250 acres to allow more room for expansion, but as of now this is still just a hope. More condos are planned, and additional building lots for purchase will be made available.

I had a most delightful visit, and hope to return to Avalon frequently.

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