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Beechwood Lodge, Ashfield, Pennsylvania


Outside of Florida, you usually don't find two nudist resorts within five miles of each other.

However, Beechwood Lodge is the second nudist resort located within the county limits of Carbon in Pennsylvania - one of the smallest counties in that state. The other is the flourishing Sunny Rest Lodge located in Palmerton, Carbon County, just five minutes from Beechwood.

The two resorts are as different as night and day. As different as the neighboring resorts in Florida, Paradise Lakes and Lake Como.

As exciting and electric as Sunny Rest is, that's how laid back Beechwood Lodge is. As modern as some of the facilities at Sunny Rest are, that's how rustic Beechwood Lodge is.

However, we can say some nice things about our experience at Beechwood:

1) The owners, Mae and Dee, are as friendly as people can be. You can see it with the way they interact with the long-time residents at the camp as well as the newcomers.

2) The resort, unlike Sunny Rest, is open all year long. That's important for the nudist addict who needs a quick fix in the middle a cold winter.

3) The facilities are clean. They do have camp sites and they have a little restaurant, a parking lot, a clubhouse and rooms that can be rented.

We did find the resort lacking in the important area of nightlife. The dances are not held every Friday and Saturday night, as they are at Sunny Rest. They are not even held every Saturday night during the winter. They do not allow nudity in the dances. We find that kind of thinking neanderthal. As long as nudity is not allowed at their dances, that's the only age group you'll find at their dances - people from the Neanderthal Age.

A nudist resort, we feel, should be a complete nudist resort and support nudism everywhere and not draw the line anywhere. When you don't allow nudism in the dances, you are sending the wrong message about nudism elsewhere even if that message is unintended. We will not go back until we hear that nudity is allowed on the dance floor and a number of young couples like ourselves that we met both there and at other nudist resorts feel that same way. That a choice of nudity or not should be offered on every nudist dance floor.

The most free thing in the world is the most free country in the world is the privilege of dancing naked and, sadly, that privilege is withheld even in nudist resorts like Beechwood Lodge. Until such resorts get with the program, a lot of people like myself feel the ones who support nudity everywhere on their resorts should be supported with our vacation dollars.

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