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Bluebonnet Resort, Texas.

Summer 2000.

Visit to Bluebonnet Resort.

After buying our first RV from a private owner in southern Texas, we had decided to take a few days getting back to Colorado. After checking the NetNude list of locations, we found that Bluebonnet Resort was right on our way (on US 287 that runs from Amarillo to Ft. Worth.)

I had E-mailed for reservations and Steve Moss was expecting us. In fact, as we have been tied up with business matters and a death in the immediate family, we have been out of the "loop", unable to take our usual two weeks a year at Paradise. So when Steve came out to open the gate, wearing the "uniform of the day" - nothing - it was a breath of fresh air!

After signing in, and verifying our AANR membership, he led us to our site, which happened to be right across from the pool. After we had also changed to the "uniform", his wife, Lourdes, walked us through the clubhouse and restaurant (more on this), and then to the pool. And proceeded to introduce us to the ten or so folks there.

Across the drive from the pool and clubhouse is a sand volleyball court and a tennis court.

Bluebonnet has over 100 acres, 70 or so tent and fully equipped RV sites (some with LEVEL concrete pads and patios). As is the case of other resorts, folks are moving here to live full time and are building cottages which are adding to the permanent atmosphere rather than just a weekend resort.

There is even a nature trail, and it is possible to take a good long power walk on the property.

To say the least, it was the friendliest group of people I have had the pleasure of meeting and associating with in years. We were included in the conversations, questions on "where you from" back and forth, etc. It was very warm and relaxing. Quite a bit different that the crowds at Paradise. But then again, this is much, much smaller, yet with more acreage. And water volleyball is not a semi pro sport here.

The restaurant was unexpected. Serving Breakfast, lunch and dinner on the weekends and Holidays, the menu is complete and very reasonable. And the quality far exceeded the price. The chef even made homemade raspberry sherbet and passed it around the pool. The restaurant is the "secret" gem of Bluebonnet.

As it was 104 degrees during the day and still warm at night, the advantage of staying right next to a pool that is available 24 hours a day hit the spot at midnight.

Looking at the Event Program posted in the Clubhouse, there are activities every weekend of the year. As we were there on a Sunday and Monday night, it was pretty mellow, but the folks that were there now seem like old friends.

Bluebonnet is small, relaxing and wonderful. We will always plan on going back when we go to Texas.

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