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Blue Lake Club Report on Singles Status.

I was traveling through Illinois after leaving the first Musicfest at Turtle Lakes and found myself looking for a place to spend the night. Since I was going to Omaha, I didn't want to stop at Sunny Haven early in the day, so I called Blue Lake from Chicago and asked if I could spend the night there. I didn't arrive until after 10:00 PM, and was met by Arnie, the co-owner/manager for the day. Since it was Monday, the place was empty, and he offered to let me sleep on a couch on his porch, rather than set up my pop-up camper.

The next day, after I left, I had a major engine failure and ended up being towed back to Erie for repairs. I called Arnie, and he came to the garage, and took me and my camper back to the club. I ended up spending 6 more days there, and met many wonderful people. My van was unrepairable and I spent several days looking for a way home. One of the members drove me around all day one day, and traded a van for my camper so I could get home.

I believe their policy does state that they are not open to singles, but I met several singles during the weekend. I believe it's more a deterrent than a hard policy. My feeling is that a "real" nudist will be welcome single, but not someone without credentials.

My experience there was very positive, and I had nothing but good comments from everyone I met there. No one made an issue about my being there alone.


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