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Bolivar/McFaddin Beach Report

September 2005

My wife and I are new to nudism.

I had done some skinny dipping in my teen years but since haven't been nude in public at all. My wife is very shy and since having children and gaining a bit of wieght is very self conscious of her body (I still think she's beautiful). Anyway, we've been working on an old house we bought and the summer has been very hot. I started working in the nude trying to beat the heat here on the gulf coast and found it to be very comfortable and the best way to go. My wife came over one day and found me cooling off in the back yard and decided to join me.

From that time on this summer when we were working on the house we were nude. I thought well if this is so good, I wonder how nice it would be to go swimming nude again, so I got on line and typed in "nude beaches" and found some reports of beaches in Texas with Bolivar/McFaddin being the closest. I asked my wife would she be willing to try an adventure with me to a nude beach. After seeing some of the naturist sites and realizing that most of the people at these places didn't have supermodel bodies, she said allright I'll go as long as I have the option to undress or not.

So we went to Bolivar/McFaddin on labor day weekend and there were hundreds of people there with little or no clothing on. We found a place about 50 yards away from a group of couples, set up our shade, blankets, and chairs, looked around a bit then got undressed. Actually My wife decided to keep her swimsuit bottoms on because most of the women we saw were wearing bottoms of some type, mostly thongs. A large percentage of the males were in some kind of thong also but I decided to go completely nude.I think men look kind of goofy in those things.

What a feeling! To be nude at the beach with no one caring (except for a few gawkers driving up and down the beach). It was a little strange feeling at first to be so exposed, but folks walking up and down the beach were invariably nice and would say hi and some would stay and chat a little. My wife and I soon became quite comfortable and began sunning swimming and walking on the beach holding hands and talking to others. We saw there were all different body types there and our concerns faded away. We were also very pleased to see that on this weekend at least there were more couples there than singles by far. We had been concerned that all we would see there would be nude men and that that they might give my wife and I a hard time, but the opposite was true.

Needless to say, we had a wonderful time and are definately planning on going back. I'm even looking at some of the local nudest resorts in the area to possibly visit. I think my wonderful brave wife will be game to try now that we've had this experience. We both wish now that we had discovered the naturist life style while we were young and our two sons would have been raised this way (they are both in their upper teens now). Don't know how they would react but we'll probably tell them eventually.

One note: I took my son and some of his friends to Schlitterbahn water park this last weekend and the folks there were not nearly as friendly and out going as on the nude beach. Most weren't interested in conversation in the lines or at the picnic tables. They seemed to be more withdrawn with clothes on than the folks I met at the nude beach. Funny aint it. Oh well I'm off for now, I'll send in more reports as we do other things if any one is interested.

Oh yeah, I go by tallswede on the net. See Ya!

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