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Bolivar Beach, Texas

November 1998

Last week, I visited Bolivar Beach, located on the Bolivar Peninsula between Houston and Port Arthur, Texas. For those of you who are not familiar with this location, the beach is isolated as the result of storms that washed out access roads some years ago. It is now an ideal beach for nudists to visit, since no one "accidentally" visits there.

Until recently, access was a big problem, and in previous visits, I had to park my sub-compact car and hitch a ride of about 5 miles over very soft sand and other impediments. The good part about this, however, was that I met several friendly people; I never had a problem finding a ride either! At the present time, a company is salvaging the old telephone poles that run along the beach. To do this, they have plowed a very nice dirt road, and I had no trouble driving my car to the nude beach area. Great! Unless another storm washes this road out (and I am sure that this will eventually happen) access is excellent.

There are two rumors that I have heard about this beach. The first is that the beach is primarily a gay beach and that they harrass others. I have never found this to be true, and while the men at the beach have always been very friendly and pleasant, they do not bother others. Probably some are gay. Da! So?

The other rumor is that the local sheriff harrasses beach-goers. This seems to be true. While I have never seen anyone bothered, I have spoken with several people who have had first hand experience. The best advice seems to be to carry a legal cover-up, as usually only a warning is given.

Although these intrusions are troubling, the beach is wonderful. The water was clean, the sand white. In close proximity to a nature preserve, it is truly a place to visit, and an experience to remember.


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