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Caliente Resort Report

May 2004

We spent Memorial Day weekend at the new Caliente Resort, just north of Tampa Florida. We are a family of five with three teenage children. Part of our mission was meeting up with some friends from Georgia, who also have two daughters, considerably younger than our own.

The resort is truly gorgeous. The crowning jewel is definitely the clubhouse with a restaurant, nightclub, boutique, and an amazing pool complex with a large waterfall fed conversation/play pool in addition to a huge hot tub, and a moderately warm conversation pool. There are other pools specifically for volleyball tournaments and the like. There is food and beverage service all around the pool area. Service was friendly and efficient, and the food was reasonable and good.

We stayed in the one of the condo units - very nice! Large master bedroom with a luxurious bath (complete with a bidet!), a fully equipped kitchen, and in our case, even a washer and dryer. Each condo unit has a small screened porch with a table and chairs, but we were hardly ever there so the living amenities were all but wasted on us. There is a walking path that encircles much of the resort, and we enjoyed an early morning walk one of the days - even got a glance at the resident gator.

There is frequent golf cart service to transport you to the clubhouse, though we usually chose to walk - about 10 minutes from the condos to the clubhouse. A bit grueling in the heat of the day, but the pool felt all that much better when we got there. There are motel units right next to the clubhouse, and small independent units called casitas out by the condos. There is also a pretty serious housing development going in with some beautiful custom designed homes. From what we could see, you could hardly go wrong with accommodations there. We simply chose the condo to accommodate a family of five.

Clearly, this is a first rate resort - though a bit questionable when referred to as a "family nudist resort," depending on what you might think that means. We have traveled extensively to naturist locations in Europe, and have visited several clubs and locations in the United States. I would say that Caliente has amenities on the par of Grand Lido Braco, with an atmosphere a bit like Paradise Lakes. The management seems to do a good job to keep "PDA"s under control, but at least when we were there, there were many dressed in rather seductive clothing even during the day. In many cases, this would simply consist of sexy bikini bottoms, high heels, or other accents that didn't actually cover much, but added a risqui feeling to the atmosphere around the pool. In that sense, this was much more an adult environment than we encountered at Braco, where nobody under 16 is allowed.

We are a bit hung up on the European brand of family naturism, where families simply vacation together "au naturel." Especially on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, it would be difficult to deny that there wasn't a bit of seductive energy in the place - but the predominant crowd was adult 30/40/50-somethings, so clearly we were the ones out of the loop. It was also interesting that they have a 'Lil' Peppers Club' to entertain the children during their stay. This seems something akin to the Kid's Clubs we've enjoyed at European resorts, though somehow different. Except for a brief time in the afternoon when the kids had a 10-minute floaty race in the pool, we never really saw the children. (Our kids, being teenagers, we're too old for the activities, and in fact, appeared to be the only teenagers at the resort that weekend.) The rest of the time, it seems the children were kept away from the adult areas of the resort (which includes the clubhouse and the pools.) Whether the intention was to keep them entertained away from the adult 'goings on,' or to simply keep them out of their parents' hair, was not clear. There were only a few children seen hanging out with their families near the pool, and most of them belonged to us. We're all about time away from the kids whenever we can steal it, but this had been intended to be a weekend to hang with the kids, not apart from them - we were hoping that Caliente would be a good place to make that happen. - - Trying to explain it to a friend the other day, it was something like taking your kids to one of the "family attractions" in Las Vegas like Circus Circus or the Luxor. Those places do everything they can to make it seems like a family environment, but at the end of the day, a roller coaster in a casino is STILL in the casino. The objective is keeping mom and dad happy (and their wallets open), not creating a venue for family entertainment.

I don't think we'd have second thought about returning to Caliente as a couple, but I don't see taking our kids again any time soon. It's a beautiful place with lots of amenities. Would be happy to answer additional questions about our stay there -- email us.

Paul and Carol

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