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Cunningham Cove, Lake Willoughby, Vermont

2003 - 2004.

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Park smart at the South end of Lake Willoughby in Westmore, Green Mountain State, and walk West, past the beach nearest the highway to the second beach and cove. Be nude anywhere you find a spot you're comfortable with.


Maybe 1 moon? If there are many sober nudes there, FAR fewer dogs, and the beach experienced a five hour downpour in the last 24 hours, maybe 3.75 or maybe even 5 moons.


Pioneered for nude use in 1985 by the Maggie & Jim Cunningham family, this site on the state's deepest lake (300') has many pluses. The Cunningham's deserve lots of credit for their efforts to promote natural recreation here and at many other areas in Vermont. There are many miles of nude hiking trails amid one of the most pronounced examples of glacial scouring in the Northeast, designated a National Natural Landmark. Towering granite walls (watch out for rock slides--we witnessed a small one VERY close to us on the Mt. Hor side) harbor endangered species of arctic and cliff-alpine plants, including more kinds of fern than we've seen. It's also a prime nesting area for peregrine falcons which are occasionally seen soaring in the currents or diving the fastest of any living bird to capture its prey. What sights these are. This is an absolutely beautiful lake with absolutely beautiful scenery.

This isn't, however, a nude beach; rather it's an area where nudity is accepted on it's very narrow strand, in the water, and for hiking and camping. Being very charitable, we might say(after two visits) that the area is frequented by left over hippies.

Conditions on the beach may invite certain people (we Nomads included) to avoid the beach and: 1. Stay in the warm, shallow water with a nice bottom, but watch out for broken glass. 2.Stay on a water craft and go in/out of the water. 3. Use the large rocks East of the beach. 4. Sunbathe/swim at tiny beach pockets West and North of the beach. 5. Hike nude as we did in a group of six nudes varying in age from 9 to 53, all the way to the sheer cliff of Mt. Hor, an incredible sight where we found volcanic cinders of many sizes high upon the granite face. Then go back to the lake away from the beach to cool off. The one couple we met during the 90 minute hike obviously didn't mind, even smilingly approved of our natural state. 6. Enjoy nude tenting in the State Park directly adjacent to the South and West sides of the beach and use the lake or hiking trails, as above.

Convenient to all services, many just across the road at White Caps Campground. Breathtaking scenery. Clear, warm water. Additional parking 100 yds. South of the lake and 0.3 miles South on Rt 5A at South Trail parking area, both on the West side of the highway. It is said that a local campground owner calls the cops if an RV parks overnight near the lake; we'd park overnight at the South Trail parking lot without hesitation. We also parked overnight in both nearby Barton and Orleans near or during Labor Day Weekend, 1995 and slept well; after some 3,500 nights of motor home living, many times parking overnight on public land, we've been asked to move only about three times in fifteen years, hardly worth remembering.


Camilla and Bill Pennington
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