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Naturist Census, USA.


This report is old. Hope you enjoy it too. We wonder if things have changed substantially enough to make a big difference in these stats.


One can win many bets with these questions:

A. "Which state has the most proprietary Naturist spots based on population?"

B. "Which state has the most clubs based on land area?" One will never guess unless one is really savvy. The results are surprising.

California has the most--26--but then, California is the most populous and the third largest state. Florida is next with 19. Texas is third in nkkd (pronounced "neckd" very quickly and as only one syllable) parks with 8, but Texas is second in land area and third in population. So which state has the most clubs based on population and land area? California, Florida Texas? No way! Texas doesn't even qualify for either category; Texicans ought to love that! Give up?

A. Are you ready? You may have trouble believing this, but the answer is Vermont! Yes, Vermont is an easy winner of the most resorts based on population with one per each 0.25 million people.

B. Rhode Island is the correct answer, an easy winner with one resort per 1,054 square miles. Verily, all New England states place in at least one category; Rhode Island and Vermont place in two. It's no wonder New England is known as "The Cradle of American Civilization."

The top ten states:

Most Facilities Based On Population:

1. Vermont, the Green Mountain State, our favorite! 2--Forest City Lodge, Maple Glen. (And now Abbott's Glen)Because skinnydipping is a birth right in Vermont, it also has the most free beaches of any state, based on population or square miles. No other state even comes close! The "Freedom and Unity" State.One per 0.25 million people.

2. Florida. 19--Keiser's Landing, Shotzi's Naturist B & B, Away Haven, Old Town Naturist Compound, Chin Ka Pin, Miami B & B, and 13 clubs listed in the ASA Park Guide. Oregon. 5--Breitenbush Hot Springs, Inner City Hot Springs, Restful Haven, Squaw Mountain, Willamettans. One per 0.6 million people.

3. California. 26--Too many to list. See WORLD GUIDE & ASA Park Guide. One per 0.9 million people.

4. Idaho. 1--Bare Mountain Hideaway. Rhode Island. 1--Dyer Woods. Washington. 6--Lake Bronson, Forest Murmurs, Fraternity Snoqualmie, Kaniksu Ranch, Lake Associates, Goldmeyer Hot Springs. One per 1 million people.

5. South Carolina. 3--Carolina Foothills, Cedar Creek, Sunair. One per 1.06 million people.

6. Oklahoma. 3--Oaklake Trails, the largest U.S. park, Redbud Landing, Sun Meadows New Hampshire. 1--Cedar Waters, formerly the largest U.S. park. The "Live Free Or Die" State. One per 1.1 million people.

7. Maine. 1--Our Place.One per 1.125 million people.

8. Indiana. 5--Sunshower Country Club, Lake 'O The Woods, Sunny Haven, Tri-State, Fern Hills. One per 1.2 million people.

9. New Mexico. 1--Sun Tree. One per 1.3 million people.

10. Kansas. 2--Prairie Haven, Sandy Lane. Maryland. 3--Maryland Health Society, Pen-Mar, Pine Tree. One per 1.6 million people.

Most Facilities Per Square Mile:

1. Rhode Island. One per 1,054 sq. mi. Dyer Woods. Rhode Island could be twice as large as it is and still have the most number of parks per square mile.

2. Connecticut. One per 2,436 sq. mi. Solair, Sun Ridge

3. New Jersey. One per 2,489 sq. mi. Goodlands, Rock Lodge, Sky Farm

4. Florida. One per 2,850 sq. mi.

5. Maryland. One per 3,266 sq. mi.

6. Massachusetts. One per 3,900 sq. mi. Berkshire Vista, Sandy Terraces

7. Vermont. One per 4,496 sq. mi.

8. California. One per 6,011 sq. mi.

9. Indiana. One per 7,100 sq. mi.

10. Pennsylvania. One per 7,482 sq. mi.

Sources: WORLD GUIDE, 1985 Rand McNally Road Atlas, NUDISK, ASA Park Guide.

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