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Cinquo Palmas Oasis Report.



From Brawley, California go 15 miles East on SR78, crossing Highline Canal. Take the second dirt right turn 0.5 miles east of the canal. Go 1.6 miles to Five Palms Warm Well Oasis. You're home.


Almost Five Full Moons. Enjoy!


We'll still keep searching for our ideal hot spring, but we couldn't have come much closer than Five Palms Warm Well, aka Palm Oasis Hot Spring, 13.4, p. 37; we were at home there. Through a three inch pipe, an artesian well delivers good tasting, clear 92 degree water to the large soaking pool, even in the dead of Winter, which really felt a lot better than we thought it would. The temperature is probably perfect in Summer. Like a true desert oasis, Five Palms is by far the most exotic and picturesque, a la a South Seas island, warm spring we've visited to this point. It's really a neat place with a clean sandy bottom and scenery that never ceases to please the eye. We pay a slight price for that though, because there are now five palms where there used to be three and the bulrushes are some eight feet high = with Mother Sol just a month off the Winter Solstice, very little shines on the pool. Were she to shine in more, it'd be much warmer, even considering that the temperature doesn't go up much higher than sixty on warm Winter days in that part of California.

Just East of the Imperial Valley's huge garden, there's lots of level camping space at Cinquo Palmas. Our 10.5 ton motor home became stuck; rather, we let it become stuck. The sand has a thin, dry crust on top in most places; if one's tires break through, one begins to be in trouble. DON'T SPIN THE WHEELS, and come prepared--shovel, sections of one inch plywood, and jacks. Two foot wide strips of heavy carpet work well, too. But we most often use the easiest trick of all, but be advised that it's necessary to have a good air pump (we have two); we let about half the air out of the tires, so they look fairly flat, rock the coach back and forth a bit, then just drive away. Your vehicle will act like a dune buggy after that. Just remember to put enough air back in before doing any high speed pavement driving.

Nude is the norm in AND around the pool, a pleasant contrast to some hot/warm pools where those coming out hide wet bodies behind dry cloth so quickly that one would think theirs is different than everyone else's. (Theirs isn't, in all cases we know of.) Good nuding on the Highline Canal five minutes walk due West; non mineral drinking there too. Free 14 day nude camping on below sea level BLM land; the limit isn't enforced, according to the two clean Winter residents we met. Now if only someone would transplant or drastically trim back all that vegetation to let some sun in....

We couldn't spend enough time at Five Palms, but we promise the kind memory of our Geothermal Guru, Jayson Loam, to whom this Hot Springs NUDISK IV is dedicated, that we will be back. And the next time, we won't become stuck and we'll stay at least a couple of days. O, the memories... One hasn't lived until one has been nude in the desert at Five Palms. We walked and relaxed nude for hours; we were where we belonged!

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