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Collins Beach, Sauvie Island, Oregon.

August 13, 2000.

Bright sunny day at Collins Beach. Plenty of deep sand and water warm enough to swim or wade in. About 600-800 or more on the beach during the day. Some stayed fully or partially clothed, but about 90 percent were completely nude.

Greatest crowds were at pathways #2 and #3 at the volleyball area and just north of the volleyball area. Mostly small groups of 2-6 with a lot of singles laying out in the sun. Several boats moored near #2 area. Some were sunning nude on their boat, others were ashore chatting.

One couple next to me stood out because of their total lack of tan. The man was nude immediately but his wife stayed dressed for about an hour. Later she got down to her panties and a hat for a short while. It may have been their first attempt at naturism and they weren't too willing to talk. He did put some lotion on my back for me and we chatted for a minute. They only stayed about 2 hours.

Two couples and a teenage son set up on the other side and the boy and his dad tried out a wind surfer.

There were a few gawkers who looked like workers from the nearby farms. They caused no problems. Altogether, a very pleasant day. Quite, peaceful, and sunny. I will definitely return when the opportunity arises.

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