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NOTE: these are OLD reports and are probably out of date.

o Colorado First Time Report. Testing The Waters. September 2001. 2001 was for me a year of change, and awakening. Born nude and natural into the world forty years ago, I have been a practicing nudist now since September 2001. The best part of my experiences is that I am not alone, but share them with my spouse. Our first experience was on the property of a nudist couple. There we were able to spend a long weekend of relaxed contemplation, on a bluff above Montrose, CO.; the nights were just starting to have some Fall crispness in them, and the days were sunny and clear. Since that time we have met fellow nudists through the web, and even joined a non-landed club in the Denver area. We now enjoy a regularly scheduled swim, and especially enjoy day trips to The Well, a hot springs pool that is located near Penrose, Colorado. We tested the waters, of the pool, the hot spring, and the lifestyle, and found the water warm and inviting. Dai and Laura are new members of Rocky Mountain Naturists in Denver. Website: Thanks Dai and Laura for the report!
o Mountain Air Ranch Report. August 2004. Twenty Miles South of Denver, CO. Mountain Air Ranch is a Co-Op Club offering a family nudist environment. Amenities include: A large club house featuring reading material, pool table, restaurant, and Ice cream shop. A nice bath house with sauna and children’s play room. A 15’ by 30’ pool, 9’ deep. A hot tub with gazebo roof. A tree shaded conversation area near the pool. 2 bath houses. Tennis Court. Volleyball Court. 5 RV spots (30 amp), without water and with dump-station, and 5 rooms with queen size bed, Table and chairs, and heater. Hiking trails are available for exercise... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o Mountain Air Ranch Report. June 2002. While in Denver recently on business I was able to make 5 day-visits to the beautiful Mountain Air Ranch,, west of Denver in the foothills. It is about a 35 minute drive from I-25. Entry fees were similar to other AANR resorts. The resort is in a beautiful valley at about 7,000 feet. It includes a nice clubhouse, camping area with nearby new kitchen and covered picnic area, trailer spots, a well cared for pool at the perfect temperature, hot tub, and 10 miles of incredible, hike-nude trails. Yes, 10 miles! I believe I was able to cover about 9 of those miles during my visits. A truly aerobic workout at that altitude. There are hundreds of rock steps built into the trails to make the hikes easy and some beautiful views east through south through west. The most amazing view spot was from the top of a giant boulder accessed via a ladder. On top is a wooden deck chair lashed to the rock with wire. The network of trails and steps I was told is the result of years of labor by mostly one individual. Truly impressive! The staff includes the manager, Bob and his wife Kathy, and Nancy at the front desk. All were very friendly and helpful. The Lost Bikini Grill, open on weekends, had excellent food, 3 meals a day. I was told the dinners are particularly superb. Ice cream is served on weekends from the ice cream shop next door, where the proprietor was as friendly as everyone else and even introduced me to her mother. Bring your own food and drinks on weekdays. Around the pool I found the members to be sincerely friendly. It was truly a family environment also, with lots of children present enjoying the pool. The smoke from the forest fires south of Denver was clearly visible from the resort. This summer any visitor needs to be aware of the extreme fire danger in the area. The resort is very short of water and has limited use of shower and restroom facilities because of this. Even the pool is filled with water brought in from outside the resort. Let's all hope the wildfire season keeps its distance. This is, I believe, one of the oldest nude resorts around. Thanks Dave for the report!
o Mountain Air Ranch. August 2001. One of the most awesome places to visit. The regulars were extremely friendly and truly seemed to enjoy life. This is a great place for the more adventurous. The trails are very steep and challenging, rewarding once you get to the top. I'll definitely plan to stay longer next time. Thanks Drew for the report!
o Mountain Air Ranch, near Denver was my next stop. Neat place. If you like mountain hiking, this is the place. Miles of trails. I only did one trail (limited time). Just me and this other guy were guided along this trail by an incredible outdoor, woodsy, tree-hugging (literally) expert who had us lunching on various plants along the trail. I found out that if you are going to hug a tree, the only way to it right is to do it naked. He had me hug this one tree and I have to admit, its kinda sensual! 1999. Thanks Jon for the report!
o Mountain Air Ranch Report. August 1998. Mountain Air Ranch (MAR) is described as "Colorado's premier family nudist resort." It has been in existence for more than 60 years, so it is also one of the older clubs around. It was voted "friendliest club" by the AANR in 1995 and 1996 and they are very proud of that fact. I would concur--everyone I met was just terrific... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o Orvis Hot Springs Report. June 2002. Recently (June 2002) we went to Orvis Hot Springs in southwestern Colorado, north of Durango & Silverton. Nice Place. Well maintained. Orvis is a privately owned hot springs offering a clothing/optional natural pond that is very clean, an indoor pool that is clothing required until 6:00pm, private indoor hot tubs, sunning areas, camping, & rooms. The day we went, we splashed in the indoor pool for a while, then went out to the main pond. It's large (40ft) and very warm. There were about 10 people there, most nude. The water was quite warm, the sun was quite warm, & the air was also quite warm, so we didn't stay long. If you're in Colorado, in the Durango/Silverton/Telluride area -- check this place out! Thanks ayounguns for the report!
o Valley View Hot Springs and Orient Land Trust. 2004. We can't say enough good things about Valley View. The best of the best of the best. And Valley View has their own hydro-electric plant--they're not hooked to the grid at all--and will be using some of the extra wattage to heat some of the pools. The views at Valley View go on forever. O, O, what a place... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o Valley View Springs Resort Report. August 2004. Five miles south of Villa Grove CO lies Valley View Hot Springs. It is part of the Orient Land Trust, a non-profit group dedicated to saving the land from development. Seven miles from the main highway and at least 300 feet above the valley floor, Valley View offers 7 hot springs to soak in. The grounds are "Clothing Optional" and the management is nudist friendly. The main bath house has excellent facilities and is next to the sauna house with water fountain and the largest of the hot spring pools. It being a manmade 10 by 20 foot by 8 foot deep pool. Adjacent to the large pool is an 8 foot diameter by 2 foot deep pool that is heated to 106 degrees, where the natural pools range from 96 to 103 degrees farenheight. Trails next to the small pool take you up the hillside to the remaining 5 pools and as high as 9000 foot in elevation. Another bath house is available as well as a bunkhouse and 10 camping sites. There is room for small RV’s near the bunkhouse. Electric is available if you have a long enough extension cord from where your tent is. Hiking trails are available for exercise. There is a bat cave and a nightly watch as the bats leave the cave. It is best to make reservations by calling. Please make reservations before arrival; they may be full and not able to accept visitors... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o Valley View Hot Springs, Colorado, Report. January 2003. During a trip which took us to Colorado, we decided to check out Valley View Hot Springs. I called ahead to see if we could get accommodations. It is members & their guests only on weekends, but this was a weeknight. The answer was yes. The directions from Marjorie Gersh-Youngs 'Hot Springs and Hot Pools of the Southwest' were flawless. Valley View is located on the side of a mountain in the Sangre de Christo Mountains, at 8,700 feet above sea level, at the end of a well-established and much traveled yet unpaved road. Upon arrival, I went into the Welcome Center, which was staffed at the time by Valley View's co-owner, Teri, a very pleasant person. The Welcome Center also contains a lending library, a telescope aimed out big windows for the night sky, free coffee, and other treats and necessities to be paid on an honor basis. I paid for our admittance, was given a token for the gate, and we were off... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o Valley View Hot Springs in Villa Grove, Colorado. 1999. What a cool place! Natural hot springs on the side of a mountain overlook a beautiful valley. They have even channeled one spring into a large, long swimming pool so people have a place to layout and do serious swimming in a "heated" pool. There are other cement or natural "hot tubs" scattered around up and down the hillside. In the campground area some of the springs surface for a few feet and then go back under ground. That's neat because you can hear that great gurgling sound as you camp out. It took a while getting used to the communal bathroom/shower. I was trying to use the wall urinal while talking to a woman who was drying herself off after her shower. It must have taken four minutes of just standing there before I could just pee! I never knew I had such a self-conscious penis! Anyway, after my first communal pee was hurdled I found I could pee with the best of 'em! They must have several miles of desert/foothill type hiking trails. One goes to a cool bat cave where hundreds of thousands of bats come from as far away as Mexico to roost. (I did not go to the cave - just heard about it). Thanks Jon for the report!
o Wild Woods Resort. July 2004. Twenty five miles southwest of Limon CO, in the area of Calhan "was" Wild Woods Resort. From the best we can figure out, it was a privately owned ranch that was nudist. We attempted to call several times and left several voicemails, but it wasn’t until we actually caught the lady of the house home that we learned just how closed it really was. My significant other talked to her, but the conversation was short and sweet. "We’re closed" is about all she would say. From the web site it appears that it is still for sale. The web site requests serious buyers only, and that it goes to a nudist owner. We wish them luck. Thanks Pinky for the report!

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