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Cypress Cove, Florida

January, 1998

Cypress Cove Resort
4425 Pleasant Hill Road
Kissimmee, FL 34746

I visited Cypress Cove for a short period in January 1998. I arrived on Thursday afternoon, January 29th, and departed about noon on Saturday, January 31st.

Cypress Cove is a beautiful resort, with permanent housing, mobile homes, spaces for RVs and a very nice set of motel-type rooms. There are also apartments for short-term rental, but I did not actually see those. There is a pool, a hot tub, an informal bar by the pool where some games are available, a game room by the pool, which has a ping-pong table and some magazine racks, a restaurant with a lounge/bar area, tennis courts, golf, volleyball, a convenience store, a lake with a nice swimming area, canoes, sailboats, paddleboats, a petanque area, and some tent camping areas, although I did not actually see these either. The facilities are very much family oriented. There is also a library of nudist books, magazines, and videos near the pool area.

The resort is located south of Kissimee, Florida, about 45 minutes from Disney World (although their Web site says 30 minutes, this is not likely unless there is NO traffic), and about an hour from Orlando International Airport. Take Bermuda Avenue South out of Kissimmee three miles to Pleasant Hill Road, then left seven miles to the gate on the left. From Disney area take U.S. 192 to Poinciana Boulevard, then turn south for thirteen miles to Pleasant Hill Road. Turn left one quarter mile to the gate on the right.

My stay was very enjoyable. Everyone was very friendly, and each time I was in the lounge sitting by myself some group of people would invite me to join them. I did have the impression that the majority of those there were middle aged and older. It may be because I was there primarily on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning, so that school prevented many families with school-aged children from being there, but I saw only three or four families with small children, and only a few teenages. There were a few other folks in the 30-40 year old bracket, but not many.

Cypress Cove increases its rates during the "high" season, which generally runs from February 1st through April 30th. The rates vary depending upon your membership status. As a member of AANR and TNS, I paid about $70 a day for a very nice motel room; this included grounds fees. I think the costs in general are very reasonable. You can see what the current rates are at the Cypress Cove Web site,

Nudity is encouraged but not required, except in the pool, hot tub, and lake, where swim suits are prohibited. Dress is not required for dining in the restaurant; in fact, to encourage nude dining, a free glass of wine is offered to all those who dine nude on Tuesday nights. Dress if required for the Saturday night dances, however. I found it quite comfortable being nude the entire time I was there, although the nights did get a little cool. Interestingly, a lot of people were wearing light clothing, especially at night, because of the temperature (I think the days were in the seventies, and the nights got down to the low sixties).

I will definitely visit Cypress Cove again.

Bob Porter

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